Besotted with…Our current faves


I. Michelle just finished ‘The Little Book of Talent’, 52 tips for improving your skills, she’s giving it a thumbs up so I am downloading tonight! This is the 2nd in a series, here’s the first one.

II. Instagram has announced IGTV, basically it’s Youtube in a vertical orientation filmed on your mobile device, here’s the ultimate guide to IGTV.

III. After working relentlessly for over a year, Foto Rx is going to roll out our first set of professional Lightroom presets for photographers. If you want to up your brands visuals you are going to want to get in on this!

IV. Are you using Instagram Stories?  You can now add GIFS (the rotating images) to Insta Stories with this tutorial.

V. I LOVE podcasts, but I don’t usually have time to listen except when I am cooking dinner, this also happens to be the time my daughter likes to hang out with me. I was looking for a podcast that we could both enjoy and stumbled upon this great one by NPR. We have listened to the one about water and owls vs. bats (which is going to be made into a new child friendly debate podcast). They are filled with interesting fun facts that we can later discuss or delve deeper into if she is inclined.

Besotted with…Friday Faves

Jessie James by Trish Chong Tealily

Happy Friday friends!  Just a little of our current faves, hope you find something that delights you!

I. A Swedish filmaker captures tulips in a surreal ‘dance’, a must watch!

II. This is what the internet was made for, a highschool girl petitioned her fave band to cover her fave song.

III. If you liked the last link, then you’ll love this one.

IV. If you are ever in Vancouver, Canada, you need to make  a pit stop here!

V. Two of my fave Australian creatives have teamed up for a thoughtful look at local makers, it’s called Practise Journal and I can’t wait to read more stories!

VI. Have you seen Thomas Darnell’s giant floral paintings?

Besotted with…Friday Faves with some madness thrown it

madnessplanner via besotted

We are throwing in a little madness this Friday with our favorites, there is a method to it so stick with us…

I. First up is the Madness Planner, a quarterly planner for ‘the mad ones’. Here’s a quick look at the inside. Thank you to Ez for introducing us to this one!

II. Speaking of mad, this quote from Jack Kerouac should light a fire under you.

III. Michelle knows my love for face oil runs deep, she recently tried this oil and loved it so much she picked up a bottle for me too! It’s light, emollient and is a great multitasker-hands, cuticles, even stray flyaways! I’ve used their silicone-free dry oil spray and LOVE it!

IV. I’ve been doing a 100 day project (100 days of botanicals), here are some of my favorite 100 day projects I have been enjoying: 100 days of tiny still lifes | 100 days of memory colors | 100 days of stolen minutes (she does these in 10 minutes!)

V. The incomparable Jen Gotch (social media mega personality) has a new podcast and it is hilarious. Yes, only Jen could take a subject so serious and taboo and make you laugh so hard your mascara  will run down your face, have a listen–Jen Gotch is OK…Sometimes.


Besotted with…Friday Faves


Oh, hello there! Super excited to share some favorites this week, real treasures and an extra dose of creative inspo for all the artists (and wanna be artists) out there, you’re welcome…

I. We discovered a master silhouette artist, a trail blazer for her time, you need to take a look at her little animated film and be wowed how on trend it looks. Note all the animation is actually stopmotion, which means she had to create cut outs for each minute frame by frame, pure magic!

II. Are you looking for an eco-minimalist villa to rent in the Italian countryside? Me too, try this one.

III. Just when you are bemoaning all the good ideas are taken for an art series someone comes up with something so clever that you slap your forehead and say, ‘why didn’t I think of that?’

IV. Many moons ago we did a Pinterest curator feature with this talented lady, now she has gone to eclipse even the most popular of social media superstars and is sharing her business secrets and so are her legions of friends in a new podcast call Raw Milk, totally worth a listen!

V. I am loving this summer dress, a little spendy, but if I amortize the wears I’ll get out of it?

P.S. Image featured from my 100 day project, I am on 40/100 and still going strong!

Besotted with…Friday Faves!

Dead rose i by tristan b.

If you love art, mystery and an element of surprise do watch Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable, DO NOT read or watch a trailer, Michelle and I loved it!

An underwater museum with positive ecological impact? Inspired!

Michelle recently received samples from this line of mineral makeup, you add your favorite oil to the powder to get a great a liquid foundation. I loved the idea and decided to try it with my current mineral makeup and guess what?  It works!  I am so excited by this discovery!

We just got this book in for my Little and it’s just wonderfully illustrated with lots of little flaps to flip, a great book to gift!

Aaron Brother’s is going out of business and many of their art supplies are up to 60% off! I just got two brushes that I have wanted to add to my watercolor arsenal for a while now (a filbert and straight brush). You will need to go directly to a store as the sale does not extend to on line purchases.  They are also doing a 1 cent frame sale, their last one so load up on those frames!

P.S. Image shown is for my 100 day project, still going strong! Edited with Foto Rx Co. Stockholm | Clean x Minimal. I use this editing action set more than any other for my Instagram feed, get muted tones and bright whites, adjust to your taste to make it your own. I added a ‘crushed whites’ layer from the set to get that filmic look and added grain from our new B+W Fine Art Set and done!