Besotted with…


They say there is no time moratorium on saying thank you. I am going to apply the same concept to blogging, we come, we go, we blog (sometimes). I jest, we have been busy, per usual. Me, I’m nursing a broken heart as my beloved pup passed on. The hurt is unreal right now, but I am trying to focus on all the happy with her and keep my mind occupied, so here we are with are current favorites…

I. We are thrilled to congratulate our friend, and calligrapher extraordinaire, Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls on her new book, ‘The Gift of Calligraphy’. It’s a beautiful 215 page, hardcover project based book. There are so many great projects to try, I don’t know where to start. Maybelle has truly out done herself with this offering.

II. Another exciting Maybelle related favorite is Melmoth by Sarah Perry.  Our Rare Bird font Specimen I (in Maybelle’s hand) was spotted on this soon to be released book cover. It’s not out yet, so Michelle and I downloaded the Serpent of Essex by the same author, which also has rave reviews (we’ll keep you posted).

III. With our Frenchie passing, we wanted to find ways to ease the pain with our 4 year old (death being a very hard concept for a Little). We have been reading this book and this book to her. We also ordered this Frenchie stuffie, a character from a fave book. The company that makes it also creates stuffies for other beloved characters such as Olivia and The Day the Crayons Quit.

IV. October is around the corner and I am going to participate in Inktober, it’s 31 days of drawing with ink and posting to share your work. I will be sharing on both my Instagram and Lettering Rx instagram. Is anyone else joining in?  There are daily prompts, but I think I am going to go with another daily theme. I still have on my goals for this year to draw a realistic face. I can draw ONE realistic eye and that’s about it, my progress is slow going, but we still have a few months left. The founder of Inktober is also a partner in the Society of Visual Storytelling which has a plethora of drawing classes including one on how to ink!


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