Besotted with…Friday Faves!

Dead rose i by tristan b.

If you love art, mystery and an element of surprise do watch Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable, DO NOT read or watch a trailer, Michelle and I loved it!

An underwater museum with positive ecological impact? Inspired!

Michelle recently received samples from this line of mineral makeup, you add your favorite oil to the powder to get a great a liquid foundation. I loved the idea and decided to try it with my current mineral makeup and guess what?  It works!  I am so excited by this discovery!

We just got this book in for my Little and it’s just wonderfully illustrated with lots of little flaps to flip, a great book to gift!

Aaron Brother’s is going out of business and many of their art supplies are up to 60% off! I just got two brushes that I have wanted to add to my watercolor arsenal for a while now (a filbert and straight brush). You will need to go directly to a store as the sale does not extend to on line purchases.  They are also doing a 1 cent frame sale, their last one so load up on those frames!

P.S. Image shown is for my 100 day project, still going strong! Edited with Foto Rx Co. Stockholm | Clean x Minimal. I use this editing action set more than any other for my Instagram feed, get muted tones and bright whites, adjust to your taste to make it your own. I added a ‘crushed whites’ layer from the set to get that filmic look and added grain from our new B+W Fine Art Set and done!

Besotted with….Five faves!

White orchid via besotted

Well, Friday came and went and I forgot to put up our Friday Faves, what the what?  I’m human, and my brain is on vacation even if my body is not.

Be back in 5 minutes series by art royalty Sophie Matisse is wonderfully creative. Matisse re-creates famous works and leaves out the main subject (ie. Henri Matisse’s famous goldfish painting sans the goldfish).

I am so in love with this ongoing project by photographer Mary Jo Hoffman. I want to start doing something similar with my daughter since she is my little naturalist.

Michelle just came back from a quick trip to wine country for her and her husband’s birthday. They stayed in a quaint little town called Healdlsburg. If you visit Michelle said not to miss Shed.

I keep getting recommendations for this book.  Have your read it yet?  Everyone is raving, AND one of the mom’s at our preschool just launched her 2nd book and I thought I would mention in case you are looking for another read, because it’s so exciting to know an author, am I right?

I loved this little guide to best beaches to visit each month of the year.

P.S. I am still going strong with my 100 day project (100 days of botanicals both drawing and photographs) the featured image is 25/100. This was edited with our beta B+W presets. Yes, we are finally working in presets for Foto Rx Co.!

Besotted with…Friday Faves!



I. Michelle just watched the most delightful French documentary about a young indie street artist JR and French Noveau film maker Agnés Varda. I already have plans to watch as well. Watch the trailer here.

II. Another documentary on our list is Bombshell : The Hedy Lamarr Story. A gorgeous actress that also helped invent the  technology that lead to cellular technology, amazing!

III. Michelle spotted these sandals and I’m thinking they should be mine NOW.

IV. You must visit this artist and watch some of her amazing time lapse videos, just wow!

V. Did we mention these sweet pigs before? If so, it’s worth another mention, no? And if not, you are going to LOVE this!

VI. I thought I’d share my ‘minimal rainbow’, my favorite color is clear, (white and nude run a close second). I painted this with sumi ink (note DO NOT use watercolor brushes with sumi ink, it’s near impossible to paint). Cleaned + digitized in 3 secs flat with Lettering Rx (separates the white paper background so I can choose ANY color I want for my artwork and background!)

Besotted with…Friday Faves!



I. We have been doing a lot of moodboarding lately, gearing up for new projects, we did this one for our Rare Bird Font Foundry and loved how gorgeous Specimen II, in Karla Lim’s hand looked, such an incredibly elegant font and a must add to any designers script font arsenal! If you love mood boards too these two ladies have got the mood board down, such eye candy!

II. Everyone is raving about Sony’s new mirrorless FULL FRAME camera, gah, could this be the best of both world’s?

III. Speaking of gear, this podcast ‘Your camera is better than Ansel Adam’s’ really struck home for me and Michelle (we still want new cameras, but….)

IV. Are you wanting to go camping, but not quite into glamping? Well maybe these expedition vehicles are a happy medium!

V. We are so dreaming of being able to go to any of the Coqui Coqui hotel locations, all of them are located in paradise and seem extremely photogenic!

Besotted with…Friday Faves!



I. Getting the itch to write, but don’t know where to start, what about doing some Literary Taxidermy?

II. If you ever wanted to write concise and with the punch of Hemingway, now you can with the Hemingway App, just paste in your words and get feedback on how to make it more Hemingway-esque!

III. The current world climate can feel turbulent at times, especially for those who have brought children into the world (like myself). It’s nice to consider all the wonderful, inspiring and beautiful things about this place we call home and to foster all the good things we want our children to strive for and become. This little magazine for children, is such a special little package of triumph, exploration and bravery. The illustrations are the icing on the cake!

IV. One of our fave illustrators Maira Kalman’s new book is about Cake and her love for it or in her words ‘a visual memoir of eating cake’.

V. Hey, hey, we launched a new Fine Art B+W editing set so you can make print worthy black + whites. This set is for you photographers, artists and designers. My current fave editing set to date!

VI. I am on day 10 of my #100dayproject and feeling the crush to post on a regular basis (who has the time?), I just read that Later now allows an auto-publish, this is a huge win for social media scheduling!