Find photo credit


One of the most frustrating things on the internet is finding photo credit for an image. I know for some it doesn’t matter and trust me there are days where I seriously wish I didn’t care, because trying to find photo attribution is usually a pain in the rear and takes time I don’t have away from me. Alas, I stumbled upon a little plug-in that has not only been a saving grace, it has also helped me find new work based on the similarities in my target images I am searching, that is a total win-win because I LOVE a new discovery! Best part? It’s only a little one click deal. Here’s my quick tute, hope it helps you!Read More

Digital darkroom experiments


Michelle and I have been working on something very cool (if we must say so ourselves). We have been building out our digital darkroom offerings for Foto Rx, previously we had concentrated on work flow and just getting your photos in ship shape, which we were wildly excited about, well, as wildly excited as you can get about photo editing and being behind a computer. With this whole focus concentration in full effect we decided to add more creative tools to the digital darkroom arsenal, we really wanted to release an offering that wasn’t already widely available and something that wouldn’t read as cheesy, which can easily happen when you are working in Photoshop, or any digital medium. We took a traditional darkroom technique that has been used for hundreds of years and re-envisioned it for a digital age. When we had our beta testers try it we didn’t expect the results that transpired, they started experimenting (our fave part) and came up with results and techniques of using our set that we hadn’t even considered prior. It was one of those times that we were doing happy dances in our desk chairs. Michelle promptly did some experimenting herself and came up with the image above, an abstract seascape which was actually once a photo of the sky, she was so thrilled with her results that she actually did test prints (this never happens). We will be launching the new set on October 31st, and won’t be as cryptic as we are now, about what the offering will be, be the first to know and get some goodies here!

On another note, this whole focus thing has been such an eye opener for us, things seem to have finally started to fall into place and we have put together a major three year plan. What?!  THREE YEARS?!  It’s not all done of course, but for the first time instead of having seemingly 400 ‘diversified’ projects in the works, we have a streamlined plan that is cohesive and is actionable. This our friends is such progress and we definitely will share with you how we arrived at the focus and all the steps we are taking to make our goals a reality. We are excited to share some of our epiphanies with you, the obstacles that have occurred and how to not let those halt your forward progress. We know that if we could get to this place, two individuals that are habitually excited by pretty much everything than we think that you could do it to! Of course, we will need to schedule those posts into our big picture;)

P.S. We already mentioned this, but we are launching a FREE autumn toning action set, be sure to get yours, we are launching it to our list this week!



Free Photography Workshops!


Just thought we would pop in really quick to let you know of an amazing (AND FREE!) opportunity to watch some great photographer’s teach their workshops LIVE today through this weekend.  We have mentioned Yan Palmer before and I am SO excited to watch her workshop (hope they stream it), ordinarily you would pay thousand’s of dollars to attend one and even to attend the conference she’s featured in (Click Away was in that range as well), so FREE sounds a whole lot easier on the wallet. I have been part of the Clickin’ Mom’s forum since it started, long before I was a mother, (I would cringe at the name but they have finally renamed their umbrella company Click & Co, which is easier to share with you;). You don’t need to be part of the forum to watch the streaming!

If you don’t have time to watch everything they are offering a pre-buy to get a video of the conference at a discounted price is available.  I am going to try to catch the live workshops in between toddler wrangling.  I am super excited to learn some new things from some photographer’s I admire (especially the film ones, because I SO want to get better at it!).


Free LIVE Streaming workshops (starts today at 9am Pacific)

Join an AWESOME community of photographers

P.S. The photo above is by a wonderfully creative photographer and teacher-Brooke Shaden (she’ll have the free live workshop this weekend!). Brooke has some great courses if you miss the Click Away one, her style of teaching is very easy to comprehend, here are some of her classes: Transforming a Photoshoot for $10 or lessFine Art Portraits | Fine Art Photography

Foto Rx Fall Tone Photoshop Actions-Free!


Fall is in the air big time in the PNW, leaves are changing, crispness to the air, all the good warm, cozy feelings that come with the arrival of Autumn. Michelle and I have been studying the way films are toned, we both love a cinematic image, they always seem to evoke more feeling and depth than a S.O.O.C. (that’s straight out of camera*).  Although we both feel strongly about getting it right when you shoot (Michelle is much better at this than me), I have started striving for it as well, since I no longer have copious amounts of spare time to fiddle in Photoshop. With that idea in mind that neither of us wants to be sitting in front of our computers editing longer than we have to, we created a mini set of Photoshop actions to quickly (one click) tone your images for a more fall ambient feel, we chose a cinematic technique to create the actions that we are super proud of discovering. We haven’t released any post processing tools prior that are toning specific, we wanted to make sure that any effect we created maintained the integrity of the original image and was just an enhancement–subtle, simple and beautiful. The best part?  We are sending one of the actions to you for free!  That’s right! Sharing is caring and we are all about the share. We will send you the Autumn Tone Evening action as soon as we are ready to launch. There is a small catch, it will only work in updated versions of Photoshop CC 2015.5.  We both have subscriptions to the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan, its only $10/mo. and you also get Lightroom CC and all the future updates free (unlike the previous model where you had to pay a ransom to upgrade). For anyone editing images on a regular basis, it’s a tiny investment to make, to get the latest and greatest from Adobe (insert heart eyes here for me). Click here to have your action sent to you soon!

We will pop in again this week!

*I do have to add here Michelle has a mirrorless Fuji and her S.O.O.C. images have that beautiful Fuji film quality, and seriously have me contemplating giving up my Canon. I think I am going to be renting one first to give it a go, Michelle says the focus system is really powerful and though I love me some blur, I admittedly am getting frustrated by ALL the missed focus images I am getting from a toddler that is constantly in motion. There’s so much to love about this camera and it is quite good looking to boot!

Creative Experimentation

Dinner plate dahlia via besotted blog

Michelle and I are finally on the other side of our focus angst (we promise to share the step-by-step on how we got here). One of the most exciting results of this is that we have freed up a ton of mental bandwith and you know what? We are both feeling more creative than we have in years! I have to say being able to pour our creative energy into one thing instead of spreading it amongst a million little things has been an eye opener. I have always succumbed to my every interest and whimsy and they have been far and wide with no real connectors except for maybe me sharing them here on the blog with you. We have been doing a ton of experimentation with different techniques, just trying to think as outside the box as possible and not worrying if the results will be a success. Happily we have had a bunch of little victories and it makes us feel like we are ‘on to something’. We even have a new Foto Rx Photoshop action set that we think will bring out the inner artist in you, we can’t wait to share it! We just finished the first beta action on it today, we were giving ourselves high fives all around (in our new studio space that is oh, so very beautiful, thank you very much). We hope we are not being too evasive with you right now, we definitely will share our focus decision soon and we do hope that we can help others that are struggling as well to find that mental sigh of relief.

P.S. If you want to be the first one to know about the upcoming new FotoRx Photoshop action release (it will be a goody) and be privy to amazing freebies and tutes than sign-up here to be in the know!

P.P.S. We will be giving away free sets to a few lucky winners on our mailing list when it’s closer to launch date!