Photo prompt :: An object study

Our prompt this week is ‘a study’. Take an object (animate or inanimate) and shoot it from multiple angles/perspectives, shoot it in different lights, really get to ‘know’ your subject. We chose a floral study and shot it at it’s prime and even when it was fading, each stage offered a new photo-op. This is a perfect creative exercise for those days when you feel you don’ t have anything to shoot.

Insta_floral_study_1cIt’s not too late to start your Foto Rx 52, shooting consistently will be the fastest way to becoming a better photographer. Follow us on Instagram for more inspo and edit examples. Shoot this week’s prompt and use #fotorx52 so we can find you and cheer you on (also feel free to borrow our hashtags so other people can find you!).


Photo I shot with Canon 6D | 50mm lens Photo II IPhone 6

Image edited with Stockholm | Clean x Minimal Photoshop actions

Edited in Photoshop CC

Some inspiration for studies in both art + photography:

Karl Baden took a selfie every day for 27 years

Eadweard Muybridge motion studies

20 ways to photograph the same subject in the same lousy location

Teil Duncan Figure Studies

Untitled Figure Studies from rear

Leonardo Da Vinci Horse studies

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