It certainly was an enjoyable week for us here, we love to talk books, design and food! Michelle and I usually have a few projects going at once so being able to theme are weeks here has allowed us to still pop in but also keeps us focused (it's our daily challenge-focus), it works for this … [Read more...]

Around here…

What a week it has been for us! We are still recording and editing for our class which we seriously thought we would have ready yesterday. In the midst of all our preparation we uploaded our video files and then found out that we had made a bitty (okay, big) error, you couldn't see our screen … [Read more...]

Around here…

I hate to be one of those people that resorts to weather for small talk, but it has been seriously gosh darn beautiful around these parts, we are feeling very grateful. I asked Michelle last week if she had anything to add to the 'around here' post and she sent me the items below, I told her they … [Read more...]

The Myth of Overnight Success

I’ve never been (and will likely never be) an overnight anything. For the most part, I prefer the winding path because it affords time for creativity and contemplation, which are two of my favorite things (see Action over Analysis post for possible side effects). This is not to say that I’m content … [Read more...]

How to install Photoshop brushes

The other day a friend of the blog and a self professed newbie to Photoshop had downloaded our aqua skies action and had a bit of trouble loading, we directed her to our videos we have which we hope are easy peasy. That Friday we gave away free flourish Photoshop brushes and she emailed an S.O.S. … [Read more...]