Pirelli 2017 Calendar photos by Peter Lindbergh


I got this free font in my email today (don’t worry I will share the link!) and I was looking to put together a cool graphic to show it off, it’s a really nice brush font, because it has a little masculine edge which I was drawn to. It’s always nice to be able to have a variety of fonts to serve different purposes. I don’t often collect free fonts because they are usually poor quality and hog up a lot of precious memory on my computer so I try to keep to higher quality fonts, but this font isn’t always free and seems to be pretty well built! I was creating a comp that wasn’t coming together and then I spotted a preview for the new Pirelli calendar and was blown away. The calendar is known for it’s history of sexy glam images but last year with Annie Liebovitz’s take it shifted gears, this year the amazing Peter Lindbergh (one of my fave photographers) continued in Ms. Liebovitz vain, he said, “I aimed to create a calendar not around perfect bodies, but on sensitivity and emotion, stripping down to the very soul of the sitters, who thus become more nude than naked”. 

The calendar also will not be retouched, what the what?  That’s pretty awesome and that’s coming from someone that loves her some editing programs. The thing is I love simple and that includes a simple edit, I also love emotion in images,. I want to be moved in some way, I want to feel something, that’s when I think photos have the most impact. One of my photographic goals is to be able to capture more ‘moments’, even when editing, I have started asking myself ‘where is the moment?’ and edit for focus on that. It’s a process, everything is right? But if you want to become better at something besides spending more time doing the thing you want to get better at, I think a good question is to ask yourself what you want to accomplish from doing X, Y, Z?  I would love for people to look at my work and feel something, hopefully it’s love, because who doesn’t want someone to fall madly in love with their work? But I digress, you want a free font right?…


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Brush Font (once the promo is over)

Pirelli Calendar 2017 behind the scenes

Annie Liebovitz Pirelli calendar

Peter Lindbergh

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