The fate of Besotted…


We have mentioned the seemingly end to blogging, we have watched as many of our blogger friends have shuttered their virtual blog doors and some without so much as a good bye. When Michelle and I started to reconsider our minimal time and what we would devote it to in order to grow our fledgling enterprise, the elephant in the room was Besotted, neither of us really knew what we were going to do with it. The thing that would make the most sense would be to acknowledge that we have had a wonderful time writing the blog and we have made so many incredible connections, but it may have run its course. We decided to push the decision off for a few months while we focused on bigger tasks in front of us (and oh, do we still have an Everest size task list in front of us). The more we thought about it the more it started to make sense that we should phase Besotted out, that it didn’t fit our ‘big picture’, but again neither of us was willing to pull the trigger, give an end date like we had been doing so effortlessly with everything else. Maybe it was sentiment, we certainly never achieved the status of other bloggers that had started out when we did, we always did try to put out new and interesting content and all that jazz, but then both Michelle and I had an almost simultaneous brain wave happen and in that decision all was right in the world again, we released an audible sigh of relief (decisions are so very hard, aren’t they?)  We decided that we would keep Besotted as our personal blog (for now), just like the old days (except I wouldn’t be whining about my evil boss). We’ll keep it casual, if we don’t write one day that we had it on the schedule, then no biggie, we won’t mentally flog ourselves. We want this to be an inspired space and not something that is a chore.  We will write about whatever we fall in love with and whatever interests we have. Taking the blog back as a personal project will allow us to write about what we want, as random as it may be (I have a whole library worth of kid lit books I have been dying to share).

So, that’s our big decision! For those having a hard time focusing and making decisions, just know that not everything has to be forever, that little nugget has helped me enormously lately, I think that I had this huge fear of making a wrong decision (about anything) that I was paralyzed by indecision, now I talk myself through but letting myself know that the decision doesn’t have to be permanent, even if I make a bad decision, hopefully I will learn from the experience and move forward. Wishing you all well and be sure to know if we ever do decide to stop writing Besotted that we would never just leave you hanging wondering where we up and went to.

Miss Tristan B. is the co-creator of the world’s best + easiest product photography editing tool-Foto Rx | Shopkeeper’s Helper and one of the writer’s of this delightful blog. Her lofty goal here is to make this a creative resource repository and to inspire you to fall truly, madly, deeply in love with your life.

Books to inspire adventure!


Does it seem to anyone else like half of Instagram spent October traveling to exotic locales? I must admit to being a teeny bit envious, but do love living vicariously through their beautiful photo streams! In addition the flood of travel images in my Instagram stream, Tristan and I are working on editing photographs (for a very special client) filled with majestic Kenyan elephant herds, lions lazing about in savanna grasses, and intently grazing zebras. Gazing at these awe-inspiring animals from half a world away certainly sparks the imagination! While I’d love to hop on a plane tomorrow to go sip a cafe au lait in Paris or photograph an elephant in Kenya, the chances of that are slim (but not impossible – nothing’s impossible right?), so I’ve been devouring books that can take me around the world without having to pack a bag…


The Little Paris Bookshop

A man who’s closed himself off to the world faces his fears and begins to live again. Recommended to me by our friend Sanae, this is an easy, pleasant read with boats and books and a main character you can root for.


Circling the Sun

Literary fiction chronicling the extraordinary life of Beryl Markham. This is a polymath story to sink your teeth into! I was so enamoured with this book, Tristan received a play-by-play on an almost daily basis. Perhaps I should have asked her if she wanted to read it before giving everything away….

West with the Night

Since I was smitten with Beryl Markham’s story, I dove into her autobiography. Given all of her other accomplishments, I was floored by her writing talents, an opinion shared by none other than Mr. Ernest Hemingway (!).



A folk tale that takes place in a remote recovery center for disabled children may not sound like a trip you’d like to take, but the pure imagination and fluid writing style make the journey more than worthwhile!

Time Travel

The Lemoncholy Life of Annie Aster

A mystery that requires time travel to solve it sounds pretty fantastical, and it is, but the characters feel real, as does the imagery. The story won’t give you a toothache, but it’s a quick read I felt was a treat!

P.S. To get a taste for Ms. Markham this podcast will get you itching to learn more!

Author / Miss Michelle P.

Miss Michelle P. is a photographer, and the co-creator of Foto Rx Premium Photoshop Actions. She lives in the Pacific Northwest. Her muse is light.


Find photo credit


One of the most frustrating things on the internet is finding photo credit for an image. I know for some it doesn’t matter and trust me there are days where I seriously wish I didn’t care, because trying to find photo attribution is usually a pain in the rear and takes time I don’t have away from me. Alas, I stumbled upon a little plug-in that has not only been a saving grace, it has also helped me find new work based on the similarities in my target images I am searching, that is a total win-win because I LOVE a new discovery! Best part? It’s only a little one click deal. Here’s my quick tute, hope it helps you!Read More

Bloom where you are planted…

bloom where you are planted via besotted blog

I thought I’d pop in and give you a quick update and perhaps a little pep talk on this whole ‘focus’ journey, if you too are in the same boat and wondering if change is possible. Firstly, it’s been f’in! hard (and you know I don’t like to swear!)  I have successfully trimmed a bunch of ‘fat’. It seems I had more interests that I pursued in some form (even if it was just research), more than I would ever know what to do with–ever. An example would be hair bows; they are inordinately expensive for something that your toddler will inevitably pull out of their hair and lose within minutes. I decided one day I’d make my own, I researched for hours, got my supplies and then got down to business. I made 2. I lost hours of my life, literally hours that I can’t retrieve ever again. I now am asking myself before I try something, if the effort to pursue something is worth my time (for me time is money, especially with such a shortage of it). It would have in essence been a lot more cost effective for me to order a few sets of bows than waste those hours. Lesson learned.  I decided that since I have limited time, if I did pursue a hobby (that seems laughable), but if I did, it would need to enhance my life both personally and professionally, since I can’t afford for those to be too separate and honestly I don’t need them to be too disparate. I asked myself what I would regret in 10 years if I didn’t do it and didn’t try to master (and that is a goal of mine to obtain mastery) and it was shockingly, hold on to your seats, not lettering. I loved it and enjoyed myself immensely discovering and exploring technique, but I have no desire to be a lettering artist professionally and the more I practiced I got farther away from the wonky hand I like. I will now admire from afar, as I actually have been doing for quite some time now, but being able to let that go feels very freeing. When I asked myself what I would regret the most if I didn’t do it, it would be documenting my life and it’s ‘wild imaginings’ (as Michelle put it) via photography and writing. I was on cloud 9 when Michelle and I wrote our novel, I felt like I was on creative steroids, it’s one of my most proudest personal achievements. I want to make more time in my life to write, not for the pursuit of anything but for the sheer pleasure it gives me. If I am making toddler hair bows, or whatever shiny thing I see that day I can’t spend time getting better at something that would truly enhance my life. These are all very huge lessons for me! The photography, I am a little embarrassed to say this, I wasn’t shooting, because I was bemoaning what I didn’t have and what I thought I needed to make the shots that I was envisioning. I was seeing all this great work and I wanted my images to look like that but I have a totally different environment and instead of embracing it, exploring it and experimenting with it, I was avoiding it. Completely. I decided to just shoot and see what happened. You know what? It’s not like what I had wanted, it’s polar opposite in fact, but it’s not half bad, just different, and I am enjoying the process and starting to feel like maybe, just maybe I could make it something. Michelle, that sage woman said, ‘bloom where you are planted.’ I guess I never really realized what that meant until now.

The business part we are discussing, dissecting, dreaming, etc. we are getting closer and closer to something that feels more authentic to us, makes sense and has lots of room for growth. We are really trying to cut out whatever doesn’t make sense and does not enhance where we are trying to go. We discovered so much about ourselves in such a short period of time. Not all of it has been great, but Michelle and I are eternal optimists and if we get knocked down, even if we knock ourselves down, we are pretty darn good about brushing off our hands and getting back up again. We shall continue to keep you posted!

What about you?  I know a lot of you have felt like you are in the same situation with multiple interests and not a ton of real success. Have you started to take action as well?  Anything working out for you? Feeling worse than before you started focusing? I can raise my hand on that one…


This is for everyone that is multi-passionate that wants to stay that way!

This book keeps on getting recommended as a life changer, I have a request in at the library for it

I am taking this class, a photo journalistic approach to photographing family

If you are an Austin Kleon fan you’ll love this interview

Around here…

henri matisse quote via besotted blog

It’s been a while since we did a little round up of random things we are doing, liking etc. so how about right now? Sounds good to me!

Michelle sent me the above quote and I loved it! Even though Mssr. Matisse felt this way it did not stop him from his passion of painting!

I am really loving this drugstore mascara. You can either wear it natural or bring on the glam and I haven’t had trouble with racoon eyes-Win!

I haven’t had any success with adding new summer frocks to my closet, but a couple ladies I follow have suggested these great finds 1 | 2 | 3. I am super tempted to order the Amazon dress, I would never consider Amazon for clothes, have you?

A few of you suggested some books to help focus and I thought I would share them here 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

A client of ours read the focus post and said that meditation helped her hone in on her dream and sent me this link.

I have been taking an Instagram class, it’s not a social media outlet I feel I really understand and certainly not one I truly considered for our business. Did you know that if you find an account you like and start going through their feed and liking a bunch of photos that may be considered weird and stalkerish?  Me neither!  I have done it on many an occasion.

We have a boatload of unclaimed prizes from our brush lettering week, if you played please check to see if you won. We will give those winners until Friday, July 22, 2016 to claim prizes and if they don’t we will give it to ONE winner!