Create Brush Lettering with a Nib!

create brush lettering with a nib

Michelle and I have been doing a ton of prep work for our soon to launch ‘Photoshop for Lettering Artists’ class, we have taught many on-line classes in the past but we have never filmed one (insert nail biting here). I of course the sleep deprived and harried mama who was supposed to be in charge of lettering supplies for props and demo for our trailer brought the wrong paper, I just grabbed a pad that I thought would be fine–well it wasn’t. We then proceeded to go through stacks of paper that Michelle had on hand and had a very serendipitous discovery!  Michelle handed me some smooth matte paper, it’s actually a fave or hers for printing photos and I went to work, what happened was nothing short of magic for me, the ink bloomed when it flowed from my nib and gave me a beautiful ‘brush’ effect. Why is this such a happy accident? Well, for those like myself that have tried unsuccessfully to work with a brush this gives you the control of the nib but the organic lines of a brush and it dries nice and matte which is perfect for scanning or shooting with your Iphone! We created a couple of Photoshop brushes for you so you can use them and see the texture of the lettering, it may not translate as well in the photo, but trust me you would be hard-pressed to be able to tell the difference.  So here’s to happy accidents!  Have fun experimenting and enjoy the free Photoshop brushes (I like to think of them as digital rubber stamps).


Matte photo paper for project

Free XOXO Photoshop brush download

P.S. We cleaned up and created the Photoshop brush in 2 secs with our Vitamin L25| Photoshop actions set. You can still enter to win a free set here!

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3 thoughts on “Create Brush Lettering with a Nib!

  1. Yay for happy accidents. Is it just me or is the first link to the paper not workign though. :(
    And thank you for the free brush!

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