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We usually don’t post on a weekend but when I saw that Magpie Paper Works launched their new modern calligraphy font, I had to make an exception!  I had the pleasure of beta testing this font, I do believe it was years now, yes, that’s how long it can take for the ever meticulous Jess to create her beautiful font families. This has long been my most favorite of hers, it feels very effortless and reminds me of Betsy Dunlap’s gorgeous hand, but of course it’s a complete original, I am just crazy about it.  I have used this many times in my designs and I have never been disappointed and like I mentioned it has been years in the making and I have not tired of it. I am so proud of her and so excited to be able to introduce this font to you finally! If you add it to your collection we would love to see how you use it! You can get it here.

P.S. I used the bonus ‘matte’ action in our Foto Rx | First Aid Kit to get the matte effect on the 2nd photo (the first one had it already). I know it’s a trend right now but I am really loving the way it looks, made me think that maybe a ‘mini matte action’ set might be in order?

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