Digital darkroom experiments


Michelle and I have been working on something very cool (if we must say so ourselves). We have been building out our digital darkroom offerings for Foto Rx, previously we had concentrated on work flow and just getting your photos in ship shape, which we were wildly excited about, well, as wildly excited as you can get about photo editing and being behind a computer. With this whole focus concentration in full effect we decided to add more creative tools to the digital darkroom arsenal, we really wanted to release an offering that wasn’t already widely available and something that wouldn’t read as cheesy, which can easily happen when you are working in Photoshop, or any digital medium. We took a traditional darkroom technique that has been used for hundreds of years and re-envisioned it for a digital age. When we had our beta testers try it we didn’t expect the results that transpired, they started experimenting (our fave part) and came up with results and techniques of using our set that we hadn’t even considered prior. It was one of those times that we were doing happy dances in our desk chairs. Michelle promptly did some experimenting herself and came up with the image above, an abstract seascape which was actually once a photo of the sky, she was so thrilled with her results that she actually did test prints (this never happens). We will be launching the new set on October 31st, and won’t be as cryptic as we are now, about what the offering will be, be the first to know and get some goodies here!

On another note, this whole focus thing has been such an eye opener for us, things seem to have finally started to fall into place and we have put together a major three year plan. What?!  THREE YEARS?!  It’s not all done of course, but for the first time instead of having seemingly 400 ‘diversified’ projects in the works, we have a streamlined plan that is cohesive and is actionable. This our friends is such progress and we definitely will share with you how we arrived at the focus and all the steps we are taking to make our goals a reality. We are excited to share some of our epiphanies with you, the obstacles that have occurred and how to not let those halt your forward progress. We know that if we could get to this place, two individuals that are habitually excited by pretty much everything than we think that you could do it to! Of course, we will need to schedule those posts into our big picture;)

P.S. We already mentioned this, but we are launching a FREE autumn toning action set, be sure to get yours, we are launching it to our list this week!



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