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I did it!  I watched my FIRST documentary since my daughter was born (2.5 years ago), yes, it has been that long. This must be what it feels like for an athlete to make a comeback. I need to watch a movie next, it’s on my goals list (open to suggestions). I was actually going to watch another one that was suggested by Michelle, but it wasn’t available on Netflix, but when this popped up I knew that I wanted to watch it, we have written about Ms. Maier a few times and I find her story endlessly fascinating. The concise version– Vivian was a nanny and an avid street photographer who not only shot  extensively but did the very odd thing of never developing her film. One day a young man bought her storage locker of film, developed it, showcased it on his blog and Vivian became viral. The most interesting thing of the documentary to me was that the young man that discovered the undeveloped film rolls, his story is equally as fascinating. It’s just really thought provoking and if you love photography, a good treasure hunt and/or a feel good story, I think you’d enjoy this doc!


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  1. I saw this doc when it came out in the artsy theater downtown. I absolutely love her photography, but found the documentary (or maybe just her personal story) very sad and a little disturbing. What a shame she’s no longer around to explain things. She had an incredible eye for catching the decisive moment.

    1. Thanks for the note Cathy! I agree, it is disturbing, unfortunately, we don’t know what is truth and what is hearsay. I feel the documentary is equally about the young man that made the discovery and that is completely inspiring to me, he turned something that was trash into a treasure. He’s a modern day treasure hunter. I don’t know if anyone else I recommend this doc to will feel the same way, but I came out of it being a huge fan of his as well. Anyone that has such an intense focus and passion, is admirable to me, especially at this crossroads in my life!

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