It’s been a sad time in the world and I hope that instead of bringing on a collective depression it brings about great change and rallies people to feel more proactive. Every person has the ability to make a difference.  
The Fancy told me Saturday that Knut the famed Berlin Zoo polar bear that I had featured on my Blahg + blog more times than I can remember passed away.  I had one of those heart sinking feelings and almost got pulled down a hole of despair when I decided that now is not the time to feel sorry for myself and what I can’t do for baby polar bears and nations affected by disasters but what I can do.  I can make sure that I am thankful for what I have (love, a roof over my head, running water, food) and I can make sure that the ones I love know that I do.  I hope on this Monday that you make it a point to share your love with someone, it can be as easy as a smile, a sincere thank you or just a hug, it is what we all have to give and how we can band together when it seems like everything else is out of our control.  So with that I bid you a fine Monday and if no one else tells you today, know that I think you are amazing, special, creative, smart, funny, beautiful and I love and appreciate you. 

8 thoughts on “GOOD-BYE KNUT

  1. Thanks, I live in Christchurch, NZ and I can tell you that one thing we are in need of right now is a big dose of positivity from the rest of the world. I hope more people react to these dark hours the way you are!

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