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I mentioned I haven’t been able to do anything lately for any length of time. A movie?  No way.  A shower?  Sometimes.  I have been watching some snippets of TV in the wee hours of the night and earliest morning hours and I thought I would share with you some of the shows I have really enjoyed.  My husband and I enjoy the Food Network very much, you?  Any food related show reels us in. I had mentioned to my friend Michelle a while back about a new (to me) show called Cut Throat Kitchen and she said that her and her husband were enjoying a show called Master Chef, we decided to check it out, we got hooked.  Better than Master Chef though was Master Chef Junior, if you are interested in the culinary arts this show should blow your mind, it’s all under 13 years of age chefs, some as young as seven and if you aren’t duly impressed, I am not sure what will impress you.  We watched these shows on On Demand, but I am sure you can look on line to see where you can see the shows.

My mom has been wanting me to watch Shark Tank for ages, I finally acquiesced and was so glad I did. This show has made me re-evaluate my entire business and how I go about running it–game changer.  I thought I knew how to run a business, but there are so many unanswered questions and missing pieces in my company that I need to address and yes, this epiphany was from a TV show, go figure?  It has become my resolution to tighten up my ship for 2014.  Shark Tank even has an audiobook that you can download for free right now! My mother-in-law is a television addict and we usually defer to her to introduce us to new shows, she turned us on to Luther a British detective show that we binged on.  It says a lot that my husband would watch it as he hates British television, so there’s that.  It’s very heavy and dark, so if you have a sensitive disposition, skip the show.

Portlandia, okay it’s not always funny, but it’s the majority folks.  Since you are reading this blog, I am going to suppose you know a little about blog culture and I feel like they nail the bloggy world so well.  You’d have to watch to see what the heck I am talking about even the location of the show is blog centric to me (the blog world has definitely made Portland seem like utopia).

The last show rec is The Walking Dead, yes it’s zombies but gosh is it seat of your pants suspenseful.  Everything about this show is impressive to me, the writing, the acting, the make-up, etc. It’s just a really great show.  I wouldn’t recommend watching by yourself in a dark house, but if you are snuggled up close to your loved one(s) than it’s a great show to share. I was actually sad when they broke for hiatus, I am still missing the show.

Have you seen any of these shows?  Do you agree or disagree with me? Let me know if you have any recommendations, as you can see I am pretty varied in my tastes so I am open to hearing your thoughts and suggestions!

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Author / Miss Tristan B

Miss Tristan B. is the proprietress of Besotted Brand and the writer of this delightful blog. She recently re-located to sunny Seattle with her handsome husband and two pups, they just welcomed to the world a baby girl. Her lofty goal here is to make this a creative resource repository and to inspire you to fall truly, madly, deeply in love with your life.

20 thoughts on “GOOD TV? PERHAPS…

  1. Oh Miss B, I love Luther! It’s certainly dark, but also really engaging. I happen to be a ridiculous fan of British television, so perhaps this wouldn’t suit the husband, but I think Sherlock is another fantastic BBC production. It’s not as dark as Luther, but still pulls you in with the mystery element.
    Either way, happy watching and loving on your little babe!

    1. Oh, good Anna, I was a little worried about mentioning it as it is dark but it’s so good. I really liked the Sherlock series, I think it’s a clever take and I think the actor for Sherlock is someone I wouldn’t have originally seen as Sherlock but is perfect after you watch a couple shows!

  2. If you like Luther I bet you would really enjoy Scott and Bailey, another great British crime show. It’s on PBS in my area, but it’s also on Hulu, and I think Netflix. So happy for you that you have a sweet new baby, soak it up, it’s a precious time!

  3. Master Chef Junior is the only reason I have taken up cooking again! After a delicious marathon weekend, I decided if THEY could do it, so could I. To the astonishment and disappointment of all of my family members … because … I can’t cook like a 6-year-old (from Master Chef Junior) …but make a big mess like a 6-year-old ;). I am NOT giving up. (So I keep watching the reruns)

    1. Kim, I agree, it is a motivator, right? I honestly can’t believe how ahead of their time those kids are but are still kids that they retain their innocence, just a real feel good show!

    1. I don’t know Hell on Wheels and I totally forgot about House of Cards, we started it before our move and I think we just forgot about it, but thank you for the reminder!!

    1. Oh, I keep forgetting about Damages, that is supposed to be good. And your grandma hooked on the show?! That says a lot about how good it is, right?

  4. Gah! Master Chef Junior! Did you notice how they all genuinely cheer for the kids who win & cry when other kids leave? A lesson in humanity for sure!

    Our holiday binge has been American Horror Story (2 seasons are on Netflix). Scary!!

    1. Oh, we cried many times it was so darling! I was wondering if that was scary, we have had it recommended a few times but I am a wimp with anything scary, not too bad?

  5. I don’t watch a lot of TV shows anymore, but I do like Top Chef and its spin-off Top Chef Masters. I actually know someone who was on this last season (5, maybe?) of Top Chef Masters as a sous chef. It was wild watching someone I knew in real life on TV, let me tell you.

    1. Hi Brandi I will check it out, I am a bit obsessed with the cooking shows. I never used to watch either but there’s not much to do at 2a.m. when you are feeding your baby or trying to get her to understand it’s not play time at that hour, lol. I am secretly hoping that Elle will be a little Junior Chef, that would be amazing. I think it would make it even more exciting to know someone on a show, I’m a little reality chef star struck, hah!

  6. Parenthood. My husband and I are faithful viewers. We have been from the start. I have a close friend and sister, watching, too. Not every episode is my favorite, but there is always something thought provoking that leaves us all talking about it for quite some time. It’s all about the relationships. Happy New Year! And awesome mention in February Country Living!

    1. Kathy, I actually binged watched this show. I know it would be too mushy for my husband, lol. I started it because I liked one of the actors in it from 5ft under (gosh, he plays the polar opposite of that character!) Thank you for the congrats, I am still reeling from the thrill!

  7. I love Cutthroat Kitchen! I’ve been slowly making my way through the last few episodes lately and while it’s not great sit down and watch TV it’s perfect as a get things done at the same time TV. If you have to miss a few minutes of it, you’re still good to go. I’ve also heard Top Chef is highly entertaining but I haven’t watched any episodes yet. Chopped is another favourite of mine that’s close in format to the Cutthroat Kitchen. I’m sure you’ve seen some if you’ve been perusing the Food Network in the late hours of the night. :)

    My husband and I have been big into Once Upon A Time and it’s spinoff Once Upon A Time in Wonderland. The Wonderland show is not nearly as good as the original but they’re great for suspense. I’m really not a drama TV sort of girl, but the fairytale characters and settings help me get past that.

  8. i am such a tv junkie! when the kiddos go to bed, the husband and i have our version of “date night” on the couch and catch up on our dvr’ed shows. cannot agree more about shark tank– that show constantly makes me rethink my business model! love love love breaking bad, scandal, girls, walking dead, game of thrones, and newsroom… and that’s just to name a few, ha! going through withdrawal now that breaking bad is over. since you like walking dead, i think you’ll really like breaking bad. that AMC, they have some good television!

  9. I remember when Avi was a newborn, I ended up watching all of the Law and Order : SVU episodes. It was the only long show on Netflix streaming at the time that I knew I liked and had the patience for. I swear, Olivia Benson saved my sanity!

    And Portlandia….oh my Portlandia! Anyone who watches it wonders if it’s just making fun of the city, but if you live here, you witness examples of the honesty. Like, so many of the jokes that occur are SO DAMN TRUE! It’s ridiculous and I love it!

    I’ve started Brooklyn Nine Nine, which is hilarious. And Downton Abbey, The Daily Show and The Colbert Report….I also have really enjoyed the shows like Kitchen Impossible and Bar Rescue and the like. It’s always inspiring to see the “mean guy” come in and be a brat and by the end of the three or five days, he is so sweet and inspiring and their business has gotten back into order.

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