JenHuangGuideCoverI don’t spend my budget on many ‘things’ anymore. When I ran my bi-coastal fashion PR/lifestyle firm all I did was collect the latest shoes, bags, accessories, etc.  I felt like I needed these things to be able to do my job and that was partly true (fashion can be cut throat), but even though I loved helping individuals build their dreams, I felt lacking in the fulfillment department. By nature I am a minimalist and all the ‘stuff’ eventually weighed me down. I left that life behind for a more calm less ‘stuff’ driven me. I hardly shop at all now and when I do I feel like I invest rather than buy things that won’t enhance my life and I can enjoy for years to come (I am always up for a bargain though).  One of my major shifts is what I spend on is investing in my continuing education–I love to take classes, workshops and buy books on whatever subject of the month I have an interest in. It’s a lot less expensive than designer shoes (more comfortable as well) and I never feel buyers remorse like I used to. A few months ago, I had the opportunity and great pleasure to attend photographer Jen Huang’s film photography workshop in Santa Barbara. It was pure bliss for me; I loved the location, the people I met both the behind the scene players (make-up, artists, stylists, etc.), my fellow participants and of course learning from a talent I truly admire. I learned so much in such a short amount of time and will always cherish the experience. Many of you emailed me and asked about the class and wished you could have attended/afforded it especially those overseas. Lucky for us Jen has decided to package her workshop up at a fraction of the price of her live workshops. You can learn all her ‘secrets’  like where she develops her film, what film she prefers, cameras, lenses, and much more.


The workshop-in-a-box comes with a 200 page book filled with beautiful images like the one above, indicating all the settings Jen used to create her beautiful images. If you have been wanting to delve deeper into fine art photography and film than this is a tool I highly recommend to assist you getting to the next level. If you have looked into film photography workshops, you’ll know that they are a pricey investment, this is a true gift to be able to take this workshop from your own home, anywhere in the world at a price that you can most likely recoup in your first client film session!


Let me know if you have any questions about her live workshops, I am happy to answer. Are you taking any classes/workshops this summer? Have you learned something new lately? Read a book on how-to do something? I am always curious about so many subjects and I figure that you are too!


  1. Hi! :D Oh wow I know this post was about 3 years ago but I just happened to discover Jen Huang the photographer and I’m so loving her work! What sort of stuff did you guys do at her workshop? Were there customers that you guys were able to ‘practise’ on?
    I totally agree with your thoughts on spending money on things that are investments/enhancers of life experiences rather than purely material goods. Am slowly trying to edge away from that. Books are my absolute weakness. X) Because they do always educate don’t they? My excuse for yet another book!

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