Lovely, lithe script font

a nice monoline font via besotted blog

Michelle found this font and asked me what I thought and I think I may have squealed.  The String family by Maximiliano Sproverio is one of those finds that makes you want to go and design something so you can use it. This font would look great on everything from invites, to your holiday cards even a fun brand identity. It has a casual feel with a dash of fancy added, if it were an outfit it would be jeans, a white button down with a sparkly statement piece added. I am partial to the holes version, it reminds me (a teensy bit) of the beloved Mr. Boddington hand (now if they ever came out with a font I would be one of the first on line).

Let us know if you use it in a project, we always are up for some eye candy!

Author / Miss Tristan B

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2 thoughts on “Lovely, lithe script font

  1. Holiday! Yes! It reminds me of that cartoon where figure skaters write holiday wishes in the ice with their skates.
    …Just tested out Winter Wonderland – looks perfecto!

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