CANTONI FONT BESOTTED BLOG III think a few of you may have heard of my friend and wedding font superstar Debi Sementelli, no?  She is of the Bellucia font fame (in my humble opinion one of the most beautiful and elegant calligraphy fonts around) and the equally gorgeous Dom loves Mary, both fonts have a very authentic hand to them and are perfect for projects that require a true calligraphy look. Debi always packs her fonts with extra glyphs and illustrations so you are investing in a true creative suite.

Thanks to you (I am sure), Bellucia and Dom loves Mary both shot to the top 10 rankings on my fave font shop and I am hoping that we can do the same for Debi’s latest font Cantoni!  Where do I start on this one? It’s a lot more casual than the previous fonts, perfectly girly (but not too sweet) and I think it works for a myriad of projects such as –Baby showers, Sweet 16’s, holiday cards (they are just around the corner) and anywhere you could use a cheerful calligraphic hand.  It is seriously packed with glyphs–1265 of them to be exact.  Seriously, Debi has worked overtime on this font offering! I think one of my very favorite touches is the inclusion of Roman numerals, who doesn’t love a great Roman numeral?

Like most good fonts when they launch there is an incentive discount and if you get yours soon you can get it for 30% off!  Oh, wait, you are a friend of mine so you get an additional 10% off!  Just use the code besotted at checkout and Cantoni is yours for a steal! Where is my head?  It’s Monday isn’t it?  I like to try to get a good Bestowal in so why don’t we give some Cantoni away?  Just answer the following question by Sunday, September 1, 2013 to enter to win and remember if you feel like really, really helping a fellow creative out spread the word on Debi’s new font, it would be so awesome if we could knock this one into the top 10 too!  What do we get out of it?  More fonts of course! Debi is on a roll and I know she is going to be bringing lots more goodness to us in the near future.

Who is your favorite female fictional character?  If that question is too hard to answer then let us know–

What is the first project you will be using the Cantoni font for if you win?

Good luck!

P.S. If you buy Cantoni this week and end up winning Debi will give you a full refund! This truly is win-win!

P.P.S. The winner of  Molly’s new book Modern Calligraphy is….Ingrid (such a touching story!).  I do have to say I LOVED reading your favorite words to write and everyone (as always) had such thoughtful answers. Molly even emailed me and said she wished she could give a book to everyone that entered, I wholeheartedly concur!

Author / Miss Tristan B

Miss Tristan B. is the proprietress of Besotted Brand and the writer of this delightful blog. She recently re-located to sunny Seattle with her handsome husband and two pups, they are expecting a baby girl in December. Her lofty goal here is to make this a creative resource repository and to inspire you to fall truly, madly, deeply in love with your life.

24 thoughts on “WELCOME CANTONI!

  1. My daughter is having a baby in March and what a lovely font to us for the shower invitations! Thanks for the chance to win.

  2. I can’t possibly pick a favorite female character as there are just too many to choose from. I do think the first project I would use this beautiful font for would be to make some book plates for Christmas presents. (Hope I win!)

  3. My favorite female fictional character is Elizabeth Bennett. I would use this beautiful font for my birthday party invitations!

  4. This font is gorgeous! I foresee using this one for all sorts of lovely projects!
    My favorite female character is, without a doubt, Elinor Dashwood. She is strong, intelligent, and kind.

  5. One can NEVER have too many fonts to choose from! So many letterpress future projects to list. The National Park Service will always be in my blood and reading mysteries is a love too…. Anna Pidgeon from the Nevada Barr mysteries that take place in National Parks of course!

  6. On a side note…. I just noticed that all my previous comments never showed up all these past 2 weeks since my brand new website had been hacked while I was in Peru….. I am still trying to get it all functioning again!!!

  7. I agree, Bellucia is so beautiful – one that I never tire of. I’ll happily share this one, too! As far as female characters go, in my next-life, and if I could not be killed, I would be a spy – so I’m secretly impressed by the wit, street smarts and charm possessed by the rare female spy. On the other end of the spectrum, I so enjoyed The Guernsey Literary and Potatoe Peel Pie Society. Juliet remains one of my favorite characters.

  8. Miss B,
    Thank you so kindly for sharing news of my latest Cantoni font! This one was based on my upright style of brush lettering ( though it was done with pen and ink) and is named after my very large Italian family who has an extensive list of characters:). It thrills me to no end to see how people use my fonts and I have to say, this one in particular is going to be a fun one. I’d love for your readers to know that I included a darling baby buggy in the ornaments for use with a baby shower invitation. Good luck to all in the contest!
    And thank you, from all my whole Cantoni family, for spreading the word and especially if you should choose to purchase.
    All the best,

  9. Another beautiful font. I have no immediate use for this but I know it would make up for my own lettering inadequacies many, many times in the future. :P
    While I do love a good Jane Austen lady, I somewhat bashfully have to admit that I am a fan of Rebecca Bloomwood of Shopaholic series fame. There, I have officially spilt it to the world. Sometimes there’s nothing like a good fluff book with a flawed main character worse off then yourself. Ha!

  10. Thank you for sharing this with us – it is such a beautiful work and with so much love in it. I will be buying it even if I don’t win it, but still try :) I got lucky once with you :) My favourite female fictional character is Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I could imagine she was writing her letters using similar lettering as Cantoni, how fun :) wish we lived in those days and all practice calligraphy in school.

  11. Cantoni is gorgeous! Can’t wait to use it for invitations for an upcoming baby shower I am hosting… and holiday gift tags… ahhh, the possibilities are endless! Hard to choose a single favorite female fictional character, but if I must, gonna have to go with Jane Eyre.

  12. I am just starting up my own stationery design company waaay down in Melbourne, Australia and I know many of my clients won’t be able to afford a calligrapher for their invitations, but this is an absolutely perfect substitute. I can’t wait to get designing with it and show my clients that things don’t have to cost the earth to look special. Thank you for sharing it!
    Ashleigh xxoo

  13. My favorite character is the little mermaid because she can sing and swim effortlessly. I want to try using Cantoni for my new logo. We will see, but I will definitely be using it on my next wedding client. =)

  14. WOW, it is really cute! I may have to buy it today. Of the moment my favorite actress is Rachel Weiss, I liked the Mummy movies too bad she was not in the last one. I plan on personalized stationary for starters.

  15. I just fell in love with this font. Butterflies in my stomach kind of love. Feel like I’m kinda cheating on my husband kind of love. Ha!! I can’t pin down a favorite fictional character so the first project I would use this on would have to be designing this year’s Christmas card. Yes, it’s only August. No, it’s not too early.

  16. My very favorite character is Emma from Jane Austen’s Emma. I have always found her to be a character I could relate with; I also find her absolutely charming and hilarious. I would love to use this font for my sister’s upcoming bridal shower invites! Thank you so much! xo

  17. Oh my goodness! This typeface is all sorts of pretty. I want to grab it and wrap it in a warm hug.

    Favorite fictional character? I’m going to geek out here and say that Buffy was the first one that came to mind. She’s strong, funny, kicks ass but also sulks and falls on her butt. Then she’ll always get up and beat the bad guys out of the Hellmouth. Plus, she gets Spike *melts*.

    I’m planning to set out a collection of wedding suites. Setting up a design store has always been a dream. I would love to use this in one of the suites! It would surely be stunning.

  18. My favorite female fictional character is Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games trilogy. Her strength and creativity to solve things during critical moments are just admirable. I also fell in love with the Cantoni font the first moment I saw it. I am planning my wedding right now and I would be more than happy to use this gorgeous for the invitations! Thank you for this opportunity!

  19. My favorite female fictional character would be Stephanie Plum of the Plum Series by Janet Evanovich because she is funny, brave and she has an awful lot of spunk. I wish I could be more like her! Although the movie ruined it for me. I wish someone else was casted in the lead role. I love Katherine Heigl, but I didn’t like her as Stephanie :(

    I love, love, love Cantoni and would love to win a copy! I will be featuring this font next week on my design blog, and I will be more than happy to make several picture quotes using Cantoni for my Pinterest boards!

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