MAYBELLE IMASA-STUKULSI am sure a lot of you that are calligraphy/lettering enthusiasts are aware of Maybelle Imasa-Stuklus. In this niche world of lettering she is considered the ‘creme de la creme‘ of lettering artists. Her work has been featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, Sunset magazine, Victoria magazine, too many blogs to list and she’s even had her own beautiful project with Chronicle Books.  I have had the immense pleasure to get to know Maybelle a little bit over the past month and I can attest that she is as kind as she is talented. It’s very refreshing to ‘meet’ someone (albeit virtually) that is as great as you have imagined they might be.  I am hoping that Maybelle will be inclined to let me interview her for a future post so if you have specific questions you want me to ask her, you may want to leave them in the comments (I know I have a boat load I want to ask her).  I wanted to feature Maybelle today for all the lucky people that are on the West Coast, specifically Northern California as Maybelle is teaching at the newly launched Makeshift Society a course she developed called Calligraphy in the 21st Century. If you have been wanting to dabble in this discipline and you are in the area then I highly suggest you jump at this unique opportunity. Oh, how I wish that I could be there!

P.S. Tomorrow I am going to announce my new Foto project, so stop by so we can motivate each other. I know I am going to need the support since I have failed two years in a row (ouch) and obviously want to publicly humiliate myself for a third time. Viva 2013!


  1. I had to comment// she is nice & talented! Her work she did for us is timeless…….{was a delight to work with}
    After realizing that I have quite a collection of vintage nibs + holders and all sorts of other ephemera that relate directly to artsy writing……I asked for a calligraphy class for Christmas. Cannot wait to start— I saw yesterday on instagram her class sold out–not surprised at all!

    I love your new blog—-and the Foto project? No worries, you have your ducks in a row & then some in your creative endeavors! {my ducks are flying all over the places—eeek —serious ADD}
    Happy New Year!

    1. Kara! I told Maybelle that you had introduced me to her work! She’s very kind + professional and I love that she does illustrations as well. How incredible that you found all that wonderful calligraphy ephemera! Steel nibs are very sought after items as they write very smoothly and last much longer than modern nibs (check out Ebay to witness the furor). Are you taking a local class or will you be taking Melissa’s on-line class?

    1. Hi Pearl, thank you for the kind note! It would be a lost art if not for these amazing individuals that are keeping it alive and even re-inventing how we perceive the medium.

  2. Oh! Delightful Maybelle! She is a sweet one for sure. We were in calligraphy class together, just once, but her energy is lovely. In addition to her class with Makeshift, she is doing a 3 hour class at Once Around in Mill Valley~perhaps there is room there to sign up? I don’t see it listed on the website but you can call the store for more info.
    Thanks also for a beautiful blog! I’m here for the first time and I’m not leaving any time soon :)

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