GUS_BESOTTEDBLOG.COMI have mentioned in the past how I am the reluctant blogger, I despise the term it sounds like a blase jogger–blah-ger, (you must read that like a bored teenager), but since I have yet to coin a more clever term, I do suppose it would be the most relevant descriptive of what it is I do here.  When I was working on this re-design I knew I wanted the site/blog to have more functionality.  I also knew that I wanted it to become a resource/destination/repository for creative information.  I don’t usually visit blogs on a regular basis (I am already prone to procrastination), I say my ‘hello’s’, ‘how are you’s’ and ‘don’t you look pretty today’ via Instagram and Twitter. When I am on line I am looking something up that I want to learn (which is always a laundry list long). For inspiration I will head on over to Pinterest or Flickr, if I am having a particularly sleepless night I will use my Stumble Upon plug-in which will ensure hours of more sleeplessness.  So, what I realized is I really wanted to create a space that I would want to visit where I could learn something new, where it would be easy for me to find what it is I am looking for instead of searching through hundreds of archived posts. I have created The Directory | An A-Z Compendium of Creative Resources which will enable you to (hopefully) easily find supplies I mention (like nibs, brushes, camera equipment, props, etc.) books, classes/workshops, designers and much more.  I am still working on it so it will be a work in progress. I will always be open to suggestions so feel free to let me know if you think I should be adding something.  Downloads are now available in a gallery format and soon the DIY + Tutorials will be too. I know in the past I have sort of been working on the ‘junk drawer of blogs’ methodology wherein I have just put in anything and everything and call it a post.  I am hoping that this year I can make it more organized here for both you and myself.  I have narrowed down some topics that I want to cover on a regular basis, you can find them under ‘features’ both below my shop graphic and in the top navigation drop down.  I will continue to do giveaways which will fall under Bestow (thanks to Jen for that sweet name), Hand Lettering will be interviews  + introductions with lettering artists, tips + tricks, and of course my continued commentary on my journey with this endeavor. The Curator will be my feature on Pinterest Curators that I admire and hopefully get a chance to introduce you to for the first time (so I don’t have to be deep in my Pin addiction alone). I do plan to do a once a month ‘week of” which I am tentatively calling ‘Theme’ because see the first sentence, I am obviously not great at coining words. I think Foto, DIY and Tutorials are pretty much self explanatory. I plan to try to rev up the beauty quips here as my obsession has hit a fever pitch. Unlike most creative individuals I do very well with a little structure in my life, the more ‘loosey goosey’ (technical term) my process is the more apt I am to procrastinate, so my hope is that this newly organized plan makes for a spot on the interwebs that is the equivalent of finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow on beams of sunshine and butterfly wings (or something like that).

And lastly, my ultimate goal is to feel like I am having a conversation with you while you are here instead of me sitting up here flapping your eyeballs off or talking to myself.  So what do you think?  Does it sound like a good plan? Is the site easy for you to navigate?  Any suggestions to improve it? Or are you in a tizzy because I changed?

P.S. I have photographs of Gus the Polar Bear (by moi) up today in honor of my stats which denotes the most searched word to find this here (new) blog is–Polar bear. Random? Indeed…

Author / Miss Tristan B

Miss Tristan B. is the proprietress of Besotted Brand and the writer of this delightful blog. She loves (like wants to marry) Photoshop and also enjoys taking a photo or two. She recently moved from the city to the country with her husband and two pups.


  1. Tristan- I love the simplicity and functionality of the new blog. It looks really great and I look forward to exploring it. I’ve been reading your blog for some time and I have to say that I love your take on the whole endeavor. Thanks for your posts on podcasts, I’ve been trying out some of your recommendations and I loooove The Memory Palace. I find that many blogs are not really about learning and/or inspiration, but rather to sell you stuff, stuff, stuff. There’s only so much you can read until it becomes a site I no longer dare to visit. So, thanks again for putting out thoughtful content. I look forward to visiting your blog often.

    1. Hi Jennie! Thanks for the visit + kind words:) I am thrilled that you are liking the podcast suggestions, Nick Demaio (Sp?) of the Memory Palace has such a great storytelling voice, don’t you think? Have you tried the Radio Lab series? It’s like ‘This American Life’ but science focused (which I can’t get enough of). I hope I don’t disappoint I have been doing this blogging thing for many moons and just now have figured out what I want this spot to be;)

  2. beautiful blog redesign, tristan! i absolutely love it. also think your new categories (and their names!) are superb, i look forward to what you have to share in 2013!

    ps where does Gus live? those are incredible pictures btw.

    1. Diane! So happy to see you here! You like the names? It’s so not my strong suit, so I appreciate that you commented on them:) I am going to try to get a lot more of the stamping + crafty tutes up this year because I know you like to get creative:)

    2. Duh, and Gus. Oh, Gus how I love him so. He is the world’s loneliest Polar Bear, he lives in Central Park. I shoot him every time I am in NYC:( Thank you for the compliment on the photographs, I want to be able to get a really stellar one (one day) and blow it up for my studio, so far I have been a little too shaky in the low light and they don’t allow tripods.

  3. Great list. I have a photoshop/lightroom action site for you. It is called Visual Supply Company, or VSCO. It is the only one I have seen that does the film thing right. Since it is getting harder to buy, shoot, develop film this seems to be the wave of the future, edit your digital so it looks as close as possible to the wonderful film aesthetic. Here is a link:

  4. I love the redesign! It’s clean and easy to read. I’m super excited about the Directory. I’ve recently started dabbling in calligraphy and your site has been an invaluable resource, especially when I’m down on my own attempts and I see you working on improving, too. I love all the resources for calligraphy and hand lettering, too. I’ll be here often! :-)

  5. Oh your new “home” for Besotted is perfect Tristan! Congratulations on (and thank you for) creating such a gorgeous space for us all to fall in love with. xo Ez

    1. Thank you sweet Ez! I hope that I can make it a useful space so I am not just sitting here blabbing (per usual). Happy New Year!

  6. I can’t believe I’m so behind. :/ My ‘dear’ old Bloglovin’ failed to mention to me that you had resumed posting and imagine my (happy!) surprise when I not only happen upon a weeks worth of missed posts but a beautiful new blog design as well. This is awesome and so organized – which I love. I’m off to spend a happy time catching up on your posts.

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