1. Hi! Thank you for making these vintage bookplates available for download. From looking at another comment, it seems the reason I cannot download it may be because you surpassed the bandwidth for the month. I’m just writing in case it’s possible to send these to me by e-mail? I’m planning to post a book-themed sprinkle (small baby shower) for a friend on Thursday and am thinking about getting some bookplates printed for that. Thank you so much for your consideration ~

  2. Hi there! These bookplates are so beautiful and I’d love to be able to download them for my own library. I have the same question as Rachael above had. I’m unable to download these at the moment. Would it be possible to receive them by email? Thanks for considering!

    1. Hello Elise, at the beginning of each month our bandwith resets and you should be able to download then, let us know if you are still having trouble downloading:)

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