I know not everyone wants to create their own stationery and I do have a few hand-printed options in the shop but there is always room for new designs for the clients that prefer to collect rather than create. For you wonderful people with the most discerning of tastes I have created the Gilded Collection.  This is the first of two sets, this is the simple ‘hello’ in a very glamorous font.  The cardstock is even heavier than my traditional cardstock, which may be hard to believe for those of you that have felt the weighty loveliness of the standard Besotted Brand stock. The little extra of these simple beauties is the beautifully subtle gilded edges, it’s a small detail but adds to the high society feel of this set.  The second set which I shall be photographing shortly is a mix of sentiments so you’ll be prepared for the impromptu thank you, or the ‘just because’.  I paired these with the blackest of black envelopes, that are super smooth and take these white pens perfectly. I am so happy with the way they turned out and have been randomly including them in some of my more recent orders. They come beautifully boxed in kraft with a jet black double satin ribbon.  Only the best for you my dear, only the best.  Because I adore you, please use the code GILTY at check-out and get a hefty discount!

4 thoughts on “NEW! GILDED NOTESET I

  1. I am in love! I want to wait to see the 2nd set, I’ll probably buy both instead of just the one. You’ve got me pegged too, I collect stationery. I never use them either unless I have doubles. Oh who am I kidding – I rarely use them even then, they’re too pretty to give away. I’m addicted!

  2. Naomi why is that? I am the same way, lol! Especially with notebooks, which doesn’t make sense at all. I do like to have stacks of good ‘thank you’s’ but I send so many so I always need more and need them to be different. I really should use one of those notebooks and write down which ‘thank you’ I have sent so I don’t double up.

    Lynne thank you for the kind words, much appreciated!!!

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