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I usually don’t write about beauty on Monday’s but I felt this deserved to be shouted from the mountain tops a.s.a.p. My friend Mary used to be a make-up artist many years ago and always has the best tips, always.  I even begged her to do a series of ‘before & after’s’ here so we can see her in action, but alas she declined. This latest tip was too good not to swipe from her arsenal of goodies. Let me segue, I recently was photographed by a majorly talented and lovely photographer, more on that soon.  I wanted Mary to do my make-up because she excels at that flawlessly natural look I love, but again she declined because I am super picky and she knew how important this shoot was to me and that I wanted to look like myself (but a heck of a lot better).  I am not too shabby at putting on my own make-up (I have had many years of practice), individual lashes and all!  At the end of my application Mary pulled out a nude eyeliner and gave me my “finishing touches”.  The nude eyeliner works to make you look less tired (something this very, very tired mama-to-be needs).  In the 80’s the rage was white eyeliner to make your eyes bright and pop, it never worked for me but the nude is like an instant miracle worker and is a lot more natural looking.  It was applied to my tear line both upper and lower, but I won’t recommend that unless you promise not to sue me if you poke your eyeball or get an infection or something, I didn’t tell you to do that…She blended with a cosmetic cotton swab and voila! I looked like I actually had some sleep (you try sleeping with an oversize beach ball attached to the front of you).  It’s subtle but enough of a difference that I had to stop the presses and mention it here.  I ended up getting the Smashbox kohl eyeliner in nude, I love Smashbox and the eyeliner is both waterproof and self-sharpening!  When you choose your nude, make sure it’s not too light or too dark, both cases will probably look odd and remember to blend, blend, blend! For those wanting a less expensive option both Rimmel and NYX have a nude eyeliner for under $10! If you do not do a thing on yourself but this, it will make a huge difference!  I have some future new recommendations I can’t wait to share, but they will have to wait until next week.

Let me know if you have tried something like this before and if so do you have a nude eyeliner that you recommend? Btw, this would be an amazing gift for all new mom’s out there since sleep deprivation is inevitable and this will at least make her look like she’s not a zombie (which she probably feels like).

P.S. If you have a beauty recommendation or a deceivingly simple beauty tip, feel free to email me at besottedblog@gmail [dot] com, I would love to hear about it and if it works I will absolutely write about it!

P.P.S. We are in need of a videographer that needs to get their name out there in the Seattle area, if you have any leads or friends or even if you think YOU can do it, please email a.s.a.p.!

Author / Miss Tristan B

Miss Tristan B. is the proprietress of Besotted Brand and the writer of this delightful blog. She recently re-located to sunny Seattle with her handsome husband and two pups, they are expecting a baby girl in December (possibly November). Her lofty goal here is to make this a creative resource repository and to inspire you to fall truly, madly, deeply in love with your life.

16 thoughts on “NUDE EYELINER? OH, HECK YES!

  1. Oooo great tip, thanks for sharing!

    And before I even clicked on the link to what photographer you recently got to work with, I thought, “I will be so crazy jealous if it’s Elizabeth Messina!” and TA-DA: JEALOUSY ;) hahaha. But seriously, I cannot wait to see what you did together!

    1. I hadn’t either and it works so well! Just be sure if you try it to blend well or else I think it looks too harsh (at least on me with my dark eyes), Mary has green eyes and she didn’t need as much (if any) blending as I did.

    1. I didn’t know nude eyeliner existed either, it’s a make-up artist secret for sure! I realize that it works so well because when you are sleep deprived you tear ducks can turn almost a reddish purple, not pretty, but the nude brings them back to ‘normal’. I think a dedicated concealer could work in a pinch! I like the Smashbox because it was waterproof for me it lasted all day and I am a lazy beauty addict, I want easy!

  2. Ooh, I am tempted to go to Sephora and check if the color’s good against my skin!
    Simple beauty tip, I love using jojoba oil to wipe away my eye makeup…works wonders :-)

    1. Priscilla that’s a great tip! Jojoba is actually getting quite expensive right now though since there is a shortage, sigh…

  3. I’ve heard of doing this before and I definitely would like to try it out! Has anyone tried any drugstore brands of nude liner that they can (or do not) recommend? After my latest foundation splurge, I can’t really buy a nicer liner right now.

    1. Hi Katie! I can’t speak of the quality, but I am sure it’s good (I liked some of the mascaras I tried from Rimmel) and Ulta has a great return policy if it doesn’t work for you and NYX might have one as well:

      I’ll add the link to the post later so others can experiment! Let me know if you try it!

    2. I bought the Rimmel version while I was out grocery shopping. Couldn’t resist. :P It’s definitely a few dollars more expensive up here and we don’t have an Ulta, but for under $10 it would have to suck pretty badly for it not to be worth it. Looking forward to trying it tomorrow morning!

      1. Please let me know what you think! This young girl did a video and discusses nude liners and the Rimmel eyeliner:

  4. I’m going to treat myself to an afternoon of shopping, and buy this! I’ve tried the white before, and it just looks well, alien weird. Sidenote: Do you have a maternity full body pillow? I found this made a huge difference in my comfort level towards the end. I also used about a half dozen regular pillows to prop myself up just so. Don’t worry, at least for me all of the pregnancy aches and pains went away instantly after giving birth (seriously, right away, it was miraculous). Good luck, almost there mama!

    1. Sarah, that sounds like a fun day! I agree the white is too harsh, but if you can find a good nude it makes a big difference. I noticed my tear line is so red from lack of sleep and the nude liner just makes the biggest difference, but if the nude is too light I think it would have the same jarring effect as the white!

      I have seen the pillow and coveted it, lol. I am using all of our pillows now (my poor husband has to do without). It’s just all around uncomfortable now and I guess she’s pushing on my diaphragm/lungs so even basic breathing is difficult, I am almost there though!

  5. I didn’t know Smashbox had a nude eyeliner – Might have to check that one out! I’ve tried the Tarte nude eyeliner (called EmphasEYES Inner Rim Eye Brightener —> here is the Sephora link: and that one was pretty good. However, the one I had ended up breaking off inside the pencil casing so unfortunately into the garbage it went as I couldn’t get it to work again. :( I have seen the Rimmel one so might give that one a try next, since the price is a bit lower.

    1. I’m a Tarte cheek stain fanatic, I do love their line! I liked the Smashbox because it was self sharpening AND waterproof which I thought was good for the tear line and I have to say the line is aces. I mean I don’t love the packaging on some items (the brushes are bright red?!!!) but if a product is great and ugly packaging I would still use it, lol. Thanks for the tip and Rimmel seems to be getting high marks, especially if one is looking for a little darker nude, I need a medium one as too light is weird on me and too dark is also an awful look, lol!

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