Oh, what a week this is going to be for me-BUSY!  I decided since it will be such a whirlwind week that I would dedicate this entire week to lettering (thus getting myself a bit organized).  I am getting SO many emails with specific questions and I can’t answer everyone individually (although I would love to). I will be covering dip pen nibs that I have been using, books, resources, new to me lettering artists, favorite calligraphy/hand lettering fonts and of course some downloads.  I hope you enjoy this week and it answers some of your many questions.  I will be back to my usual chaotic blog next week!


I often times feel like the internet is nirvana for my every whim + curiosity. If one day I am interested in classic book endpaper patterns or the next I am curious about Venetian glass pens I can very well find someone waxing poetic on those seemingly obscure subjects.  If I want to know the secrets of how a famous make-up artist makes my favorite models and starlets look flawless well that’s usually a little harder to find, until that is I discovered the fantastic+ talented Lisa Eldridge. Lisa has decided to share her over 20 years experience as a make-up artist with us mere mortals via video tutorials. She herself could have easily been one of the starlets she works on she is that captivating. I stayed up the previous evening watching every one of her videos until my computer decided to call it a night at around 3:00 a.m. This morning in an excited fervor to try out some of the techniques I learned I went a bit overboard. My cheeks were a little too rosy and I was a little heavy handed on the eye shadow (I never wear it so I suppose I need some practice).  When I was walking the girls with my husband this morning I saw him giving me quizzical side glances. “What?”, I asked, “Do you love my new make-up?” He scrunched up his nose and pushed his glasses higher on his bridge before he answered, “I think it’s a little much,” he answered matter-of-factly. Wherein he circled the area around my visage with his pointer finger to indicate exactly what he considered was ‘too much’. I ordinarily would have stormed off even though I know that he is often right about these things, but I just laughed.  I knew I was a little too enthusiastic with my new found beauty knowledge.  With any new skill, it takes time, although Lisa does make it look very simple. I think once I have come down off my internet high I will be able to actually re-create some of her ‘no make-up, make-up’ looks,  which is her signature and which I would like to be mine. I would love for people to think I have naturally flawless skin, long lashes, a pretty pout and a rosy glow, wouldn’t you?  My favorite part of the video series is she tells you exactly what cosmetics she uses to achieve the look and what tools she uses, she’ll even give you alternate options to make them easier to find. I am crazy for this resource and hope you will be too. Have a happy weekend!


I was a little pre-occupied today completing a tutorial for another blog (not my own), that I neglected to work on the lettering post I had planned.  In a perfect world I would be incredibly organized and have posts written weeks in advance, but the world is not perfect, nor am I.  I am sure it will come as no surprise to you that I write my posts on the fly each day.  I like to think that I am being spontaneous but really I am being lazy. The whole not having a particular subject on a particular day has kept me in ‘fly’ mode, but I think that this year, maybe even this month I plan to get a little more organized here.  I thought I would start with Thursday being my Lettering post day, but obviously today I failed you and myself.  Not to fret, Friday is upon us and I shall write a nice big one tomorrow with loads of links!  These photos are of a rogue pond off the side of the road; a road that my husband and I take to get to the grocery store. It’s so odd that it pops up out of nowhere. The pond is sandwiched between two houses and nearly abutts the road. I always worry that someone (hopefully not me) will accidentally drive right into it. I have been wanting to get a shot of it for awhile, but asking my husband when he’s on a mission to get somewhere to pull over on the side of the road so I can take photos is usually futile. On Monday he was feeling generous with his time and acquiesced but kept screaming, ‘be careful’, which only made me feel jumpy and ill at ease. Standing in front of that pond is scary, it’s as large as a lake and I don’t know the difference except I don’t think lakes are covered in lily pads. I saw a movement in the water and my husband said it was probably ‘crocs’. I know he was just teasing but being that close to the pond/lake with the potential for a giant fanged dinosaur- like creature to pop its head out of the water and eat me for breakfast didn’t sound like a good time. So, I turned on my heels and ran back to the car, until next time when I am feeling a little more brave.


My husband and I recently moved cross country, we arrived safe + sound our bed frame didn’t– it was in dire straits (it cracked in half). Instead of replacing the frame the mattress and box spring have sat on the floor looking like they belonged in a frat house instead of my abode. To remedy this situation on a budget I tried a few traditional bed skirts but they were ill fitting and useless; I even tried a fitted sheet on the box spring which looked equally as unkempt then came my light bulb moment.  I initially was going to just upholster the box spring (which I still may do), but I am a decor commitment-phobe so I started with this super easy, no-sew bed skirt project. Let’s start with the supplies you will need to get started:
I chose the drop cloth because I wanted a linen fabric, but since I didn’t know if this was going to be a d.i.y. gone wrong I figured I would use it as my ‘dry run’ material.  It’s great to get the linen look without the linen price. I also chose it because all the ends are finished (they are hemmed) and that would mean I wouldn’t have to sew anything.  Sharp fabric scissors are your friend, especially when working with thicker cloth. Upholstery pins look a lot like tacks but have twisted bottoms, if you don’t know about them, they will change your d.i.y. decor life, you will be ‘re-upholstering’ everything you can get your hands on. The iron you can use or not, I did as I wanted my drop cloth to look crisp.
I wanted this project to be quick + easy, I didn’t even bother to measure! I held the drop cloth where I wanted it to hit on the floor (the finished edges on the floor side) and cut it straight across just to where you wouldn’t see it when the mattress was on top. I repeated this step on three sides. I had my ‘skirt’ just touching the floor, because I wanted to give it a really polished look. The upholstery pins twist easily into the wood frame of the box spring and you can remove them just as easily without any visible damage. I just twisted them along the edge of the inner box spring (but far enough back that when the mattress was on top you wouldn’t see them). The corners were a little bulkier, but I folded the edge over and added a couple more pins to keep it in place and keep it looking finished.
This is a super easy fix to an ugly box spring and just think of the possibilities! You could do faux pleats, add a sleek ribbon trim border, do stripes or florals or…?  You will never buy an ill-fitting bed skirt ever again. You could take this one step further and use furniture staples to wrap the cloth all the way around the front of your box spring for a faux upholstered bed look. I like the idea that I can change this out at my whim.  Enjoy!
photo by tristan b.
Author / Miss Tristan B

Miss Tristan B. is the proprietress of Besotted Brand and the writer of this delightful blog. She recently re-located to sunny Seattle with her handsome husband and two pups. Her lofty goal here is to make this a creative resource repository and to inspire you to fall truly, madly, deeply in love with your life.


This is Jenny Batt the mastermind behind the blog Hank + Hunt.  You may have already pinned a zillion of her D.I.Y.’s she’s pretty clever + crafty (and busy).  I have wanted to recommend her blog previously, not that I am in the habit of recommending blogs, but Jenny’s got a great voice and is just so darn creative.  When I went to do this last time it looked like Jenny was going to stop blogging and then I thought, what horrible timing I have.  She since has continued her blogging journey and I am so glad she has! Look at that photo, why wouldn’t you want to read a blog by such a pretty, happy lady?  One of my favorite things about her blog is how honest she is; she shares her sources, her secrets and frustrations and it makes her so much more real and accessible. It reminds me of the bloggers of yore who let you in on their lives so you didn’t feel like they had everything perfectly ‘together’.  I have no idea why this industry has become about the ‘Jones’ who can do bigger, better more whatever, but Jenny brings it back, makes the D.I.Y.’s easy enough that even the novice crafter can partake and have success. I read an interview recently from a big blogger that said blogging is dying, that it’s a chore for her and the blogging world is over saturated, she wouldn’t recommend anyone start a blog now.  When I read a blog like Jenny’s I am glad she doesn’t subscribe to this ‘big bloggers’ philosophy, because I think everyone has a unique perspective and I am grateful that people like Jenny are taking the time to create interesting and exciting content.  It’s fun to discover a new favorite blog and want to Pin or (bookmark for the old school) every.single. post.  I hope you go visit Hank + Hunt and add it to your weekly reads, it sure would be nice to have her stick around a wee bit longer.
P.S. Jenny just added a visual search to her blog for her amazing DIY’s!