I think if you read Raleigh-Elizabeth’s comment you wouldn’t ask me why I chose her, but how could I not? It’s her 30th birthday on this fine Friday in October, she’s moving down South getting hitched and has a whole ribbon/banner theme for her wedding, it was meant to be, no? I do hope she is able to use the stamp for her thank-you’s, I love the idea she suggested about changing the colors out for his + her thank you’s, so sweet + clever. Miss Raleigh-Elizabeth I am hoping you come back and show off your finished goods. I am going to throw in some flats of our ultra thick signature cardstock just so you don’t have an excuse that you didn’t have anything to stamp on.  Happy Birthday + Congrats!
P.S. I am shooting a tutorial on how to center your stamps, it took me forever to figure it out and my solution is so simple that I can’t believe I didn’t come up with it sooner.


Danielle from the aptly named blog ‘A love affair with paper’ is today’s winner of the ‘Fig. 1′ wood handled stamp. I am a bit obsessed with this stamp as it was one of the first designs in the collection and as noted prior it took me an obscenely long time to locate the perfect antique typography for it. I have been looking at this stamp for over three years now (as it certainly has taken me a long enough time to launch this project). Of all the stamps I created from the start I have never tired of this design, in fact I think I love it more with each day. I am happy that I kept the size petite so I can stamp pretty much everything with it. Danielle, I hope you enjoy your new stamp as much I do and are inspired to create many beautiful things with it. Congrats! Everyone else you still have a chance to enter to win here and here.

STEVE JOBS 1955-2011



I am admittedly having a grand time with the giveaways, my only regret is that I can’t give everyone that enters a prize, I want to, yes I do. Please don’t fret if you haven’t won yet, I do plan on making the giveaways from Besotted Brand a regular part of the blog as I release new designs + products, so if you are feeling lucky odds are you will be soon.  The winner of the Pretty Parcel is Miss Hope Wallace Karney!  I drew the names at random and was happy to see Miss Hope’s name come up.  I had Hope in one of my Souvenir Foto classes and was very touched by her kindness + thoughtfulness.  Hope has her own stationery goods shop Paper Relics filled with vintage inspired designs and also teaches a few very successful journaling e-classes, that look like they are a ton of fun (she does great hand lettering).  I truly admire anyone that has the fortitude to sit down and either scrapbook or journal, I am hopeless at both. Congrats Hope! For those that want to be winners you can still enter here and here. Good luck!


I had completely forgotten to add this the other day to the giveaways (I’m good like that). I ordinarily wouldn’t stamp in pink, I am so dreadfully predictable with my ink/color choices either neutral or shiny (I love metallics). I was inspired when I put together a package for one of my favorite bloggers and knew I couldn’t even think of sending her a parcel without it including pink, thus this shot was from a practice run to make sure the pink and the stamp were just right. This stamp is hopefully going to save a lot of people from not having a spare thank you card around, because you will be able to make as many as you can find paper to stamp on, really though why stop at paper?  You can stamp on ribbon, glass, wood, whatever you can dream up.
I did get feedback the other night that the stamps when wet dissolved the ‘adhesion’ from the lucite base.  I am so happy I got this note because I had been taking for granted that people know more about rubberstamps than they might. You do know what good it is to assume right? Please reference the Bad News Bears for that lesson. For the record Besotted Brand stamps are not permanently adhered to their base, they stick via static (the rubber is backed with a special cling material) which makes them removable for easy storage and to be able to create your own designs. I was assuming that people would know that but I guess I was wrong.  What I would love to know from all you creative + crafty folk (and your answer will enter you in the giveaway) is what I should be letting people know about how to use and care of ones rubber stamps, any tips or tricks? For those that don’t know much about the wonderful (and highly addictive) world of stamping is there a burning question you might have?  I will announce the winner on October 7, 2011.  Good Luck!
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