Happy New Year friends! Welcome to my new virtual home. I love it! It’s like a farmhouse of blogs, nice and airy with plenty of space to spread out and get work done. I promise I will get into all the details this week of who helped me create this little beauty and why I am so excited to have been able to add so much more functionality.  I am so happy that it’s finally complete (well, it’s a work in progress, I have more to do) but I am still thrilled to have you here today.  I missed you all, truly I did and I can not wait to come back tomorrow and hang out with you. I’ll see you soon!

Author / Miss Tristan B

Miss Tristan B. is the proprietress of Besotted Brand and the writer of this delightful blog. She loves (like wants to marry) Photoshop and also enjoys taking a photo or two. She recently moved from the city to the country with her husband and two pups.


I love beauty products so much, like I would marry them if I could.  I started off my once illustrious career in PR/Branding in the cosmetic industry so I know the ins & outs and can speak of quality products with authority (I also am a beauty big mouth so let me have at it).  Above is my new beauty/make-up regime, these are the products I have been using everyday so I won’t scare my husband or the neighbors–it has been working.  I recently ran out of my Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, it’s pretty spendy so I thought I would try a drugstore option that has been getting rave reviews–Garnier BB Cream. I have mentioned BB creams prior (I am a fan), I liked the Smashbox offering but I am in between shades right now so its been benched for the season. My skin is dry, so if you have oily skin this BB cream may not be for you,  it has a very emollient texture, in fact I put it on in the morning without putting on any other moisturizer. BB Creams are different from a foundation or a tinted moisturizer (sort of in between in texture/consistency) so getting the feel for how much to apply may be a bit tricky at first, use a light hand and build. I am using the Light/Medium, it looks much darker right out of the tube (the very large tube), but it’s deceiving, it matches my skin quite well. It’s sheer but has good coverage. I have been using the Neutrogena Night Retinol cream and have been having good results with it lightening the hyper-pigmentation on my cheeks, I don’t think I would have been able to get away without concealer if this was a couple months prior, but today I am happy to say I just use the BB Cream (great because I have been both lazy & busy). Like a regular moisturizer you are going to want the product to ‘set’ before applying the rest of your make-up. I usually put it on and then make my coffee and come back to finish the rest. I have been foregoing the mascara–shocker and just curling my lashes, it’s easy and makes me look more awake than I feel. I think most women could use a little blush, it’s the easiest way to get an ‘insta-pretty’ look, it’s also the most wrongly applied cosmetic or the one one that women skip all together, gah!  My motto?  ‘No one blushes mauve’ so stay away from colors that look dusty, browny pink, they aren’t usually flattering. Tarte makes the best sheer cheek stains that will make you look like you have naturally rosy cheeks (this product will last you forever too). The best way that I have found to apply is with a brush. I learned that trick after seeing this gorgeous make-over and this video, I couldn’t replicate her results with that type of brush but was able to do so with the foundation brush shown above.  With the brush you get sheer, luminous natural looking rosy cheeks. Lastly I swipe Burt’s Bee’s Honeysuckle over my lips, it’s a sheer nude lip tint, it feels nice and moisturizing without the stickiness of a gloss or lipstick. Altogether I take about 4 minutes tops (maybe) to look natural and like myself but without scaring anyone. If you have any questions ask them in the comments I am happy to answer them!


I don’t usually get the pleasure of seeing where the stamps I make end up.  I assume they all go to good homes and are kept clean, happy and are honored to be of service to their new owners.  So, when I do get an email that proudly displays their new addition in its new habitat I am immensely proud like any Mama would be. Juley is the owner/brainchild behind the newly launched MCRN Bar, “an online, subscriptions-only baking company that delivers monthly Southern-inspired French macarons”. Is that genius or what?  I think it’s a sweet idea indeed.  I love the packaging and I am sure the macarons are every bit as delicious as they look, perfect timing to launch in time for holiday! Macrons seem to be the Blogista’s dessert of choice so I am sure we will be seeing MCRN Bar all over the blogosphere soon; I will be delighted to know that Juley’s new stamp will be working hard behind the scenes to ensure that her packages look that much prettier. Congrats + Big Thanks to Juley!

Okay, so what have I got baked up for you today?  I think you should have your own custom stamp with your own artwork on it, don’t you?  Yes, I do believe that would be a grand idea!  To enter to win let me know if you won this prize what you would want your stamp to look like, what would you be putting on it? And why?  Would it be a logo? A Bookplate? Return address? Your childs artwork?  Your artwork? A fave quote?  Leave a comment below or re-pin, tweet, FB Like (or whatever it is FB’ers do).  I am going to make you work hard for this one as I need to get you in ‘shape’ for the next giveaway (a big one).  This prize is (as always) open worldwide, good luck!  I will announce the winner next Monday, December 17, 2012.

P.S. And the Winners are… Last week’s winner is: Lois (she sent me a photo of what she wanted to do, now that’s motivation). And because I can never make up my mind I am going to give prizes of the flags to Michaela, MellieMel, and so you don’t think I am just picking people with ‘M’ names, Susan Hwang. Thank you all for playing!


I usually don’t like to post a d.i.y. that I didn’t create myself, but this one by Angela Ligouri (if you haven’t seen it) is so simple + beautiful that I felt it warranted some attention.  This would be a perfect project for a gift (if you are stumped or stressed), it doesn’t take a long time and most of the supplies are readily available at your local art store.  I always give gifts of photographs to people that are hard to shop for or have ‘everything’ already.  I take photos over the year and get massive complaints of never seeing the images and then I gift them on special occasions.  I don’t like to frame, because I think that interior design decisions are best left to the individual, it’s so personal and I would hate to get it wrong, but an album is a great way for the recipient to re-live the experience.  I love to see the wistful expressions that emerge, when they flip through the photos (a.k.a. memories).  It’s such a thoughtful gift and if you make the album as well? Not only would it be that much more special, it will also keep you on a budget.  On Angela’s album she featured some of her vintage stamps, but I do think the addition of (shameless plug here) a custom postmark stamp would be a nice touch too. This is a beautiful and easy project (Angela Ligouri herself assured me).  You can find it in the latest issue of Martha Stewart and can also find it on the Craft’s Dept. blog.  Have fun!

Below I made a little list with links so it’s easy for you to find the supplies for the project.


Paper for the inside
Cutter or
Sharp Craft Knife (for cutting the sheets)
Waxed thread
Bone Folder
Glue Stick


Vintage Postage Stamps 
Postmark Stamp


I love this piece by Illustrator Amy Borrell, the palette is exquisite but it’s the lettering that had me at hello.  Look at that ‘B’, it’s so cheerful and floaty, like a champagne bubble of ‘B’s.  It’s apparent that she is loaded with both talent and keen wit and I think you should leave me now to pay her portfolio a visit as it will delight your eyeballs to no end. Visit Amy’s site Cake with Giants or buy some of her amazing prints at her shop with the same sweet name!