I am really excited to let you know that I am doing a giveaway on the darling Dandee blog! If you have been pining for a custom monogram stamp (of your choice) than I highly suggest you visit. I just placed some huge orders for holiday and am anxious for products to come in and to start merchandising, I love, love, love the yuletide season.  Isn’t it crazy to think it’s almost here?  In the interim I have added a few new items to the shop as requested by clients-a box of small parcel tags, glassine bags (almost every time I included these in an order I would get an email about them) so I am happy to be able to share. The Jane Austen inspired silo which was so popular on the bookplate download is now available as a handled stamp (perfect for making your own stationery) and I also have a hand lettered ‘merci’ stamp.  At my Etsy shop I am offering free shipping for the month of October if you use the code treatnotrick31. I am feeling festive already!


Today’s Pinterest curator is Suzonne Stirling.  I met Suzonne last spring wherein she became my ‘Pin pusher’ getting me immediately hooked. Suzonne is a professional crafter, yes, she gets paid to craft for a living and she is worth every penny as her crafts are insanely beautiful + original. She is an excellent stylist creating the most magnificent vignette’s and is a world class curator.  Suzonne’s pins are rich in texture and history and I find myself gasping with delight whenever a new pin pops up on my radar. I wanted to feature her in October because I don’t want you missing out on all her chic Halloween goodness. Have fun looking through her boards, I know you’ll find plenty of eye candy to gawk at and be sure to take a look at her blog as you’ll find yourself pinning nearly every post like I have.


Okay, I admit that wild boars have nothing to do with CSS Pretty, but wild boars do make you stop and look, right? They are kind of like the nature version of a car crash on the highway, you know you shouldn’t be staring but you can’t help yourself (for the record, I don’t stare at car crashes, maybe sometimes, I always feel awful though and  hope no one was injured). Back to CSS Pretty, I have had a few false starts in trying to learn anything to do with coding. I was convinced that my brain must be too old to process this new fangled technology as each book I read or site I visited about this subject left me with my mouth open, drooling and a wha?!?! expression on my face. That is until Katrina of Pugly Pixel announced her CSS Pretty course.  I will admit I am not going to be designing websites anytime soon, but that’s not her intention with this course, it’s to give you a basic overview, which in turn empowers you. Yes, I wrote empower. Anyone that has ever dealt with a coder and knew nothing of the behind the scenes working of the code knows what I mean, as you feel completely powerless and out of your element. Katrina gives you the tools to get your code on, she does this via video tutorials (short & sweet), all very organized and uber professional.  My only complaint is that I wish she did this sooner, but she probably wasn’t even a twinkle in her parents eye when I embarked on my web journey. Katrina also gives two options a d.i.y. version and a workshop one.  I think if you learn at your own pace than go with the d.i.y version but if you have a ton of questions (like moi) than go with the workshop version. If you are a ‘try before you’ buy sort of person, than check out her free sample video, it’s what really sold me, it is beautifully designed + easy to follow. I am so happy I found this course. If you have an online presence but don’t know the first thing about code and are anxious to learn than this course should be perfect for you!
As for the above boars? It’s a photo from a wonderful day spent at the museum of Natural History. They are as scary on the wall as I assume they are in real life…


I haven’t had a cute animal photo on a Monday for ages. One of the main reasons for this is not because I am over cute animals (never), but I was having the hardest time finding credit for the photographs and couldn’t keep adding cute animal images without credit without huge amounts of guilt involved. When I came upon Li Ward’s work I knew I wanted to show it off. Even better is that Li is not only a photographer (lifestyle, pet + wedding) but a calligrapher!   It gets better, really, truly. Li pens a little blog that is honest + funny. Word on the street is people aren’t reading that many blogs anymore, but if you want to be inspired I think Li’s blog is worth a look.  Let’s talk inspiring, shall we?  Li armed with a computer science degree joined the industry, was bored (she gets bored often) so she started photographing her rescue cats, kudos and compliments ensued– Li ended up becoming a full-time photographer. Li liked to doodle and wanted to learn calligraphy, she took a two day Copperplate calligraphy class and within a year (a year!) she was voted Boston’s #1 calligrapher. I know there’s a ton of stock put into people focusing on one pursuit and you’ll become a success ot’s usually a good rule of thumb), but sometimes there’s that rare individual that has many interests and succeeds due to the passion they put into pursuing those endeavors. Did Li possess magic powers? No, she worked at it and then worked at it some more. She networked and wrote about her journey and I think these are all valuable lessons.  So, on this Monday morn I highly suggest that you consider following your heart, no matter how far fetched that may seem, you never know where you may end up.
P.S. I highly recommend you check out the links above so you can see how far Li has come!


I once read that one of the top five annoying conversation starters of all time is, “I had a dream last night…”. Supposedly, the idea of sharing your dreams with people is the mental equivalent of scratching your nails on a chalkboard–irksome to say the least.  I don’t know if those same people that get annoyed at hearing dreams would feel the same way if Brin Berliner told them his dreams. Brin and I shared a school bus for years, if you need to know, yes we were on the short school bus, we were in a special school for young scientist, which as you may gather from that previous admission Brin was not prone to hyperbole (I am). His dreams were so fantastical that any one of them could have been made into the world’s greatest children’s book or blockbuster movie.  I would listen intently for the almost 2 hours it took us to get to school each morning (traffic in Los Angeles is serious). Brin had dreams that well, I could only dream of having.  The other night I had a very, odd dream, it was odd on so many levels but the most predominant feature was that I was in horrible physical pain. In my dream a woman was tattooing something on the bottom of my foot. I tried not to writhe in what was excruciating pain, she promised she was almost done, I allowed her to continue. The part that’s even more odd than getting the bottom of my foot tattooed (although if you have a young daughter that wants a tattoo that seems the smartest place to put it) was that I had no idea what was being tattooed on the bottom of my foot. All I knew, beside the pain was that I was getting very anxious that it felt like whatever was being permanently adhered to my person was going to be larger than I had anticipated, and it was…When the tattoo artist was finished and I could finally examine my new tattoo I turned my foot over tentatively to see what was now a part of me, it was one word in script it read, ‘trust’. I woke up. Granted, this dream is nowhere as exciting as Brin Berliner’s dreams were but it has stuck with me all week and perhaps will stick with me longer still. I don’t usually put much stock into dream interpretation, but this one has had me Googling variations of the dream when I have a free moment.  Have you ever had a dream that just stuck with you? Do you believe in interpreting your dreams?  I am always impressed with people that can either A) remember their dreams or B) keep track of their dreams. Here’s to a happy weekend and happy dreaming!
P.S. If you like the font I used in this little graphic you can download it free here.

P.P.S. Designer Rachel W. of Benign Objects did a super cool post+ download that I loved and think you may like as well!