I hope all that celebrated had a happy Thanksgiving, for those that didn’t I hope it was a beautiful Thursday!  I was thankful for a lot of things yesterday, but what I was most thankful for was seeing this little face under the table at Thanksgiving dinner.  Yes, her tongue sticks out like that, she has teethe so the vet says it’s just a tick. It always makes me laugh when she sits there with her little pink tongue hanging out, “Please, please, please drop something, anything,” it demands. When she bats those eyelashes at you it is near impossible to resist, try as I might I found myself ‘accidentally’ dropping some of our feast down to her grateful little self.  I am so happy she is back to ‘normal’, physically; mentally she may always be a bit off (like me).  I know these Thanksgiving’s with her are numbered, it’s life, but I am so thankful that she was with me yesterday and will be sitting at my feet today.  Your well wishes for her speedy recovery were so appreciated, thank you from both of us.


Are you on the Besotted Brand mailing list?  You aren’t? Your email is stuffed to the gills?  I get it, I do. I don’t email that often, pinky promise. I refrain, even though I would love to email you more, (I think I have a tinge of stalker in my veins) but I  control my impulses well.  I always do super deals (twice I have offered 50% off the entire shop!) I know I Besotted over killed this here blog this week, forgive me, I am on a holiday high.  I wanted to wait but the rest of the world wouldn’t allow it, so I am caving in and totally getting into the spirit.  
Last year I launched  a Holiday Concierge service as an after thought, it was something that I wished other retailers had, but didn’t so I figured I would just put it out there for you, it was a huge hit!  The idea is I will wrap any of your purchases you desire in either kraft paper or round kraft boxes (depending on size of item) add natural twine and some glitter silver bells (tres chic), I will also send directly to your recipient so you don’t have to (in the States you will even receive a tracking # so you know when it gets delivered).  The best part is I will type a personalized note or tag for you, it’s effortless gifting!  I have also been putting together a ton of custom sets for the wood printers tray, you tell me your budget and we work together to fill it with items within your budget.  It’s such an amazing gift, it’s really useful and your recipient can paint it or stain it, etc.  I use these to house my stamps, plus I have one on my desk for pencils, paper clips, labels, nibs, twine etc.  The boxes are nice and slim so they don’t take up much room and they stack well.  If your New Year’s resolution is to get organized this is a good start–hint, hint. Okay, enough, I will lay off the shop for a bit, thank you for indulging me!


Are you dying?  Have I completely killed you with the cuteness that is this stamp set?  This is the ‘signature’ of a very sweet little girl named Coco. This dear girl believes she is a kitty and is completely and utterly obsessed with them, so much so that she adds ears & whiskers to one of her ‘o’s’.   My friend T. requested it and had Coco’s mother scan her signature hi-res for me.  I knew as soon as I saw it that it would translate well, it’s such a special gift, what little girl wouldn’t want this?  I have to find a pink stamp pad as I don’t have one in the shop, but once I do this will be sent off to little Coco to enjoy. 
Almost, Thanksgiving here in the states.  I am working on my gratitude list for tomorrow, do you ever do that?  It’s a nice little tradition, I highly suggest it.


Are you feeling just as frantic as I am?  I am seriously in a tizzy.  My in-laws are coming to town for the holiday which will be our first time hosting Thanksgiving. My husband is the most amazing cook so I am just on cleaning + decorating duty. The problem is I am certifiably insane when it comes to cleaning. Yesterday I was cleaning and my husband asked what I was doing and I told him I was ‘pre-cleaning’, he just nodded his head and left me to my insanity.  I will probably stop working a couple hours early to re-clean everything I cleaned yesterday. I know it doesn’t make sense, it’s just how I am. In the midst of my hyper-obsessiveness I did receive a very happy email; Erica sent me a snap of my snowy owl giclee ‘in situ’ (that’s editorial speak for in the wild/room/what not). I LOVE seeing the owl in it’s new home, so pretty against all the white and organic elements. Maybe it’s because I am just nosy, naturally curious, but I love getting a peek into other people’s homes, don’t you?  I am going to pop back in later today because I have to show-off the world’s cutest stamp set, it wasn’t my idea, it was my smart + pretty friend T. (not me), she’s obviously a genius.  It’s such a thoughtful sweet concept, that yes, I wished I came up with but lucky for us we can copy her.  See you back here soon!


Our new wood boxes for this parcel of pretties are on route to the studio as I type this!  I am so excited to offer this for holiday, it is all the best sellers of this past year!  It is also all my very favourites (the Queen’s English of course).  The small parcel tags in the cutest oval kraft hat box, it’s not just a pretty item it’s so functional to be able to have this sitting on my work station when I am wrapping up parcels; before the tags would be strewn across the table and would get bent or have ink all over them and now they are housed in a perfectly delightful vessel. The tiny twine which I can’t get enough of, I wrap all my smaller items in it, it’s so delicate but still rustic.  The Archive labels are a perennial favourite, they are just classic with their pitch black border, slightly off white color and wine label worthy paper stock, sigh.  I have been in love with this imported deckled-edge paper since I was first introduced to it, rumor has it that the company created stationery for Napoleon and Josephine, it has a very royal lineage. It’s just very luxurious and what I use when I am sending something extra special. The monogram handled stamps are by and large your favorites so I put one in this set, but running a close second in favorites are the antler and now the striped bow (my new love) and if requested the monogram can be substituted for either one.  The best part is I made the box to fit perfectly into a Priority mailer, which means that you or your recipient can get it in no time, it will ship immediately if you don’t get a custom monogram! Great for all the last minute shopper, but you aren’t a last minute shopper are you?  No, of course not!  This is a pre-order item and will be in December 5th, if you order now until 12.15.12 you can get it for $25 off the listed price, only you, because I love you of course.  It will ship free in the U.S. (so sorry my overseas friends!), just use the code BESTOW at check -out, you can order it here.