This tutorial seems so silly in its simplicity, but even the most simple projects can be wrought with disaster–I know this from first hand experience.  Our favor boxes are made of a recycled kraft material that is more heavy and dense than the average kraft box so it can take paint, glue, stamping, etc. pretty seamlessly.  I can’t promise you will have the same results if you used a different substrate but you can try (never any harm in trying, right?).  I used a gold paint, but you could use neon pink (super trendy right now), white, black, aqua, etc.  It’s the little shot of color that keeps this project from looking too ‘crafty’; I love crafts, but I don’t like when things look too crafty.
Your supplies will be:
-Substrate (in this case the Besotted Brand favor boxes)
-Martha Stewart multi-surface gold paint
-Foam brush or small flat edged paint brush
Usually I would say that most supplies could be easily substituted, but I tried masking, artist and green frog painters tape for this supposedly simple project and each one stuck to the top of the box and ripped when I removed the tape. The washi tape was amazing, it came off no problem and had the perfect amount of staying power so no paint seeped underneath–love this stuff! Martha’s new multi-surface paint is amazing truly and the gold has a beautiful sheen to it.  I tried using a liquid gold leaf (extravagant) but it just seeped into the fibers of the box and looked like I picked it up with greasy hands after devouring a bag of French fries. I would suggest a flat edged paint brush over the foam brush (I have SO many of the foam brushes I wanted to use at least one). The flat edged brush offers a more even and opaque coverage.
All you need to do from here is start painting!  The paint will dry fairly rapidly, but since I am the most impatient individual ever I put the boxes in front of a desk top fan and they dried in minutes.
Done & done.  You have a simple + modern unique box to house your favors, gifts or even supplies!


Oh, this stationery stamp came out just darling! It is the perfect size to use on a 1″ circle punch-out and tie around your favor boxes or add some double-stick tape and you have a sweet envelope seal.  It looks great stamped in pretty much every color, but I especially loved it in the gold.  Gold + kraft–a sublime combination.  I love metallics in general, they are just shiny neutrals to me. The winner of this is Kathy (and her husband Doug), they have been married for 26 years and they deserve a big gold star for that!  Can you believe I have even MORE prizes to announce?  That’s crazy talk and a whole lot of photographs to be taken, I’m fanning myself just thinking about it.  I was so motivated + inspired by the gold that I did a simple d.i.y. tutorial (if you can even call it that) and will be posting it later this afternoon.  For this week only you can get the above stamp for 1/2 off (because I love you) by using the coupon code :: SSO3 at check-out.  Stay tuned for more winners to be announced soon!


As soon as I saw the comment left by Claire S. for the stamp contest with a request for Belle & Beau I knew I wanted to use the double initial design for it; the names felt so retro and the double ‘b’ was just what I needed. I hate to toot my own rubberstamp designer horn, but I am quite fond of how this design came out as well. I think it has a vintage tin automobile sign feel to it, something you’d see at a country gas station from the 40’s. I figured naming each of these stamps will start to get confusing so I am going with the numbering model for streamlining and assist with my current stamp naming writers block.  It happens to the best of us.So Miss Claire S. you are the winner, email me and I will send your stamp off to you!  Again, if you loved this design and didn’t win it you can nab it this week only for 50% off! Just use the code SS02.


My husband never forgets anything; it is both a blessing and a curse for me.  I reap the benefits because he always knows what I like and want when it comes to gifts, food, basic comforts, Netflix, etc.  His elephant like memory is a double-edged sword when it comes to arguments, that’s when you wish your spouse with the good memory had a bit of amnesia.  In passing I mentioned a couple times that I would like him to wake me up extra early the next time it was foggy out so I could go shoot by the lake.  I said it like one would say, “I would like to stroll around the streets of Paris one day”. You know things you say out loud when you think no one is really paying attention; things you say so you can remind yourself that one day you will do those things, but maybe not in the near future. On Saturday morning before the sun had risen I rolled over in my very warm and comfy bed, my French bulldog resting flush against the back of my legs, as cozy as I will ever be.  My husband shook my shoulder and said “Good morning, I love you”.  I was jarred from my slumber and snapped, “If you really loved me you would let me sleep.” This is the point where I haughtily made my head into pillow taco filling and smooshed the sides against my skull to keep the noise (my husband) and light away. He calmly answered, “I do really love you that’s why I am waking you up so you can go shoot at the lake, it’s foggy outside.” I knew that I wouldn’t regret getting up, so I grumpily got out of bed, threw jeans, t-shirt and sandals on, grabbed our dogs and the cameras (both digital and film of course) and without coffee to make me ‘human’ we drove the short distance to the lake in silence. It was gorgeous.  It was better than any coffee–I drank in the view instead. The fog dissipated fast as the sun rose and the water went from dark blue to hues of gold and blue again. It was magnificent and I was so grateful that I didn’t sleep through seeing the sun rise on the lake.  I was right I knew I would never regret getting up.


With blistered fingers I have cut four more sets, for you my dear, anything and everything for you. It only took me nearly 24 hours to complete, it seems like a total good use of my time, no? I have uploaded the listings to Etsy and they are there for the taking.  Each order comes with an additional goodie bag of stamps that I am too lazy to shoot and let you know what they are (I promise they are awesome).  I love a good surprise, you?  After these sets are sold I do have more sets with a different configuration of stamps and some already pre-mounted on cling cushion!  I was going through the inventory and I was shocked to find these rogue stamps staring up at me and asking, ‘what about us?’ I need to take a cutting break and then I will start again and get to shooting the next round.  There will probably be more sentiments and less motifs, but I won’t know until I dig in and at this juncture I am completely overwhelmed by the task at hand. First world problems folks. Enjoy!
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