The word on the street is that Swedish stylist (and one of the many Swede’s I stalk, follow), Lotta Agaton has opened her shop.  Why is this such thrilling news for me when there is not a Swedish jaunt planned anytime in my near future?  A girl can dream….


I used to sell something similar in my Etsy shop (many moons ago).  I missed having a stamp like this at the ready for my parcels so I made one for moi and knew it would be great for a wedding detail (think stamped favor bags) or for a small business.  I made this one with a weathered vintage vibe (taken from an actual early 18th century postmark), but a clean, crisp version will be forthcoming. I never know how my ideas will translate as stamps, so it’s nice when an idea actually works like I intended.  You can pick yours up here, but if you are feeling lucky let me know in the comments why you might need/want a stamp like this and I will choose a winner on Friday, December 23, 2011.  Good luck!


One of the sweetest girls I’ve ever met is Miss Danni Hong (actually a Mrs., but you know I love a good Miss, right?) recently opened up a delightful shop called The Wanderlust.  Danni’s shop is a as sweet as she. There is a lot of vintage inspiration going on–think Anthro meets Japanese stationery shop. Danni, whom is also generous gave me these darling scissors, I already owned a pair of embroidery crane scissors so I think I now have the beginnings of a new collection!  Danni suggested I use them for props, for someone like me that has been struggling with my product photography I was so appreciative for the thoughtful gift.  The little compass, well that’s just so apropos for a store dubbed ‘wanderlust’, it came as a topper on the gift she gave me, when you have a gift that has a miniature compass attached to it you know it’s going to be good.  Danni’s shop is closed for the holidays, but keep it on your radar, it won’t disappoint.


I don’t have a need for a desktop telescope, who does?  Actually, if you know someone that does, I’d like to be introduced; now that has to be an interesting individual, right?  This was on One Kings Lane today for a hair under $50.  I considered buying it even though I don’t usually succumb to trivial purchases, but it’s darling.  I love anything presented as a ridiculously smaller version of its original incarnation. I have no idea why this is, but that’s who I am, I am owning my peccadillo. 


I sent my lovely friend Jules these candles the other day as part of her birthday gift, they are test candles for the upcoming launch of the Besotted Brand apothecary offerings. I made a batch for a charity sale I committed to a few weeks back. When I agreed to participate I was under the delusional impression that I would be able to launch a new business, get married and create an entire line of apothecary offerings in 8 weeks. Unfortunately, math has never been my strong suit. I wasn’t ready for the sale, or as ready as my perfectionist self would have preferred, after all it took me three years to launch a business that I thought I would launch, uh, three years ago, I wanted everything to be perfect when I launched when I know (perfectly) well that nothing is perfect. I have been playing with variations on the packaging, I sourced the best glass it’s thick, really thick (completely recycled), I am sure the mailman thought I was sending Jules an anvil or something. So you have this heavy glass with over half a pound of the finest hand-poured natural wax in each container and you have something that is going to cost you a gold eye-tooth if you want it sent internationally.  There’s also over an ounce of essential oil and parfum grade fragrance oil in each pound of wax, so that makes them too expensive to sell retail. Sigh.  The concept for the first offerings of the apothecary are nature identical scents, I have worked tirelessly for years (yes, years) to create some of these offerings.  I am pretty convinced that you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between my tuberose fragrance and a cut tuberose if you were blindfolded and walked into a tuberose sniff test. My gardenia needs work, but it’s not too bad as far as scents go, it needs to be creamier but it’s this close. One of the candles I made was Meyer lemon, it’s really fresh and doesn’t have that synthetic note of cleaning solution that you often get when trying to work with lemon. I am coo coo for Clementines, that smell to me is the equivalent of happy, it’s one of the only essential oils that I work with that actually smells like the source it came from. Rose is eluding me, one day I shall conquer it and make something bright and fresh and in one fell swoop dispel the ‘old lady’ reputation that rose parfum has. It’s a process my friends, Rome wasn’t built in a day and if I was in control of that project, well Rome would still be just a twinkle in Italy’s eye.
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