This is the love of my life. The life of my love.  My end all be all. My ball and chain.  My future groom. He makes me laugh a lot.  Yesterday we had lunch together, something we haven’t been able to do in weeks because I have been gallivanting across the country.  I mentioned that I needed to make my appointments for my test run hair and make-up for the wedding (in a couple weeks!).  He didn’t quite understand this concept but I explained that I wanted to make sure that my hair and make-up were how I imagined prior to d-day. I went back to work after lunch and was busy in my studio when I heard the Fancy call, “Hey hon, I just did my test hair for the wedding”. I walked into the other room and the above is what I saw. I nearly pee’d my pants.  He thought he looked very Great Gatsby.  I thought he looked like a gigolo out of the 1970′s. I had the camera around my neck and asked him to give me some sexy model poses and he was only too happy to oblige. Yes, this is the man I am going to marry. Sigh.


Since 2004, fashion photographer Koto Bolofo has been shooting for Hermes and has had carte blanche access to all the ‘behind the scenes’ magic. This image is from one of those moments. Can you imagine how inspiring it would be?  For those (like myself) that don’t have a backstage pass to the Hermes empire you can always buy Bolofo’s book La Maison. I’ve seen some excerpts and Mr. Bolofo does not disappoint. This has reminded me that I have not been shooting lately, well for the shoppe but not for my soul (gosh that was corny), but you get my gist.  I am going to pull together a Souvenir Foto School class sooner than later, because I do believe the holidays are the perfect time to start a SFS class and start capturing memories.  If only the holidays included me and a horse ranch…


I have much to write about on this Monday morn, but to tell you the truth I had no idea it was Monday until 11:55 p.m. last night and I realized in a state of panic that I may miss my Monday a.m. post.  No can do. I will be at a photo shoot all day (again not for me) and will have spotty reception so I will have to come back to my train of thought here later or catch the Tuesday train as the case may be.  I had an amazing weekend filled with International orders, a couple stateside but exotic domestic locales like New Orleans, which ought to international since it has such flair. I was feeling so grateful, ecstatic (and maybe a wee bit exhausted) on my drive home from the airport on Friday night that I  just started crying big unattractive tears that left my heavily mascara’d lashes dripping on my cheeks, so pretty. These were not tears of despair mind you but of complete elation.  I am so grateful for all the support from everyone, even the postal workers were being supportive of my new endeavor.  To say I am happy would be a gross understatement I am over the moon thrilled.  I wasn’t even sure I could be this happy without shoes or baby bunnies being involved. Who knew?  So please accept this post as a small, but sincere thank you.


I am certainly as exhausted as I have ever been.  Tonight will mark the last event for my ‘old’ life and in a way ring in my new one. I am pretty excited about the latter, the former well it is all very bittersweet. This is a huge event in terms of time and toil and I do hope it goes smoothly for my own sake, yes, you have to look out for numero uno, especially when the people that hired you for said event don’t give a flying frock about you. Speaking of frocks, I am having a fashion melt down.  I wish I was wearing a number like the one pictured above, but alas I am wearing a rather boring black sheath for the zillionth time and have to forgo a manicure.  Chipped nail polish looks quite lovely on the likes of the Olsen twins, but looks quite hideous on moi. I don’t have enough hours in this day to fit in a quickie and am hoping that the room is dim enough that my hangnails don’t upstage the rest of my ensemble.  I find it rather amusing that I actually thought I would be able to meet some of the people I stalk on the internet  while I am here in San Francisco like Melissa of Reverie Daydream, Anne from City Sage or the genius behind Divine Twine–Whitney, let alone my God parent’s.  I barely had a chance to eat last night. I have a very warped sense of time, almost like a time superiority complex, I think I have all the time in the world and then realize I don’t have any at all and am basically a time pauper.  The reality of it is quite jarring, sigh.  So wish me luck tonight, I will need it, to keep my sanity in check.  I think I may be able to manage as there is a light at the end of this tunnel and it looks like it is quite bright….


This image has absolutely nothing to do with what this post is about–my new favorite lipstick.  I am such a control freak, that if I couldn’t shoot the lipstick I didn’t want to showcase it here, but I will share the color-Bare Again, Sheen Supreme by MAC.  It was a fluke that I got it, because I haven’t been in a MAC store since ‘Nam (that’s Vietnam for all you post 1990 babies, it’s funny, trust me).  Anyways, I had that event in NYC last month, humid as all get out, my make-up melted on the cab ride to the event, a MAC store was across the street from said event and viola I am the owner of a new lipstick that happens to be AWE-to the-SOME. I’ve got many a compliment so I know it was worth the one hundred times what it was made for, which is what I paid-a one hundred plus mark-up.  So worth it. Here’s a preview on lips that are not mine. I like that it has the consistency of a lip balm, not waxy or sticky at all, with a hint of color.  It’s like your lips but better, I am so in.
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