When Danni of Oh, Hello Friend asked me to be a guest at her Lovely Package Workshop I immediately said yes. Then I got ill thinking about driving on the highway (not my favorite part of living in the City of Angels), then I got excited to be able to hang out with Miss Danni for the evening (she’s like Tinkerbell come to life). Lauren Elise of the Lauren Elise Crafted blog will also be a guest and I am always up for getting some new packaging chops, you?  This is what you will learn from moi, to cheat.  Yes, cheat. Not in a bad way in a glorious way. I am wrapping challenged so I have created ways to present a package/gift that people will be wildly impressed with but will be no sweat off your pretty little nose. Heck, bring a couple things to wrap, so you can get that off of your holiday to-do list.  It should be a ton of fun.  I hope to see you there!



I didn’t think there was going to be a 2011 edition and was beside myself when I found out the rumors were true and that Gifted magazine was arriving soon.  Well it has arrived and it does not disappoint. It’s a well curated Gift Guide (of all gift guides) from the amazingly creative Ez of Creature Comforts. I don’t want to waste time flapping my gums, because that could be time you could be spending perusing this wonderful treat of a magazine.  So don’t let me stop you go visit it, you won’t be sorry. *Warning*, your wallet may be a little lighter afterwards there are some truly AWESOME finds.


First let me announce that I found my wedding shoes!  They are almost identical to the photo I had posted on the blog last week. You know the shoes that were about eight hundred U.S. dollars?  I won’t tell you how much mine cost, I want you to see the photos first and then we can talk amongst ourselves. My dress arrived as well and it is more beautiful than my target dress, but and this is a big but there is a little technical difficulty at the bustline.  I wasn’t expecting the dress to be perfect but to find out that it visually is and that I can’t wear it ‘as-is,’ is heartbreaking.  Please note, I blame myself for rushing this dress, my seamstress is aces in my book, a virtuoso of sewing to be sure.  I am hoping a tailor can fix, there were no tailors open this Sunday waiting for a crazed bride-to-be to race into their shop with an insane request, so I am hoping Monday a willing tailor will have a brilliant solution.  I have both a Plan B & Plan C in regards to the lovely dress, I don’t give up that easily. I shall keep you posted whether you are interested are not.  I am good like that.
In other news, I am gearing up for holiday in the shop.  I am adding this set of token bags to the shop. Yes they are technically muslin bags, but muslin isn’t as pretty a word as ‘token’.  I am hand  printing them with the ‘special delivery’ stamp and you will receive ten 4″ x 6″  bags in  a larger 6″ x  8″ bag, it’s like the matryoshka doll of token bags, only better. I love any easy way to wrap a gift (I am challenged in the wrapping department) and it really doesn’t get any easier or cuter than this.


It is no secret my love of animals, it is also no secret my adoration for Sharon Montrose. Sharon is fully aware that I worship her bordering on stalkerism. We’ve talked about it and she is okay with it.  You see? What more can a fanatic ask for? An understanding object of their affection.  I wanted to be the first blogger to write about her new book-Menagerie, I certainly thought I was the first to Tweet it alas there was a whale fail when I tried. No matter, better late than never, correct?  I placed my order and you?  I urge you to get this for any animal, photography, or design enthusiasts on your gift list. I plan one day to have this book and many of her prints all over my future child’s nursery. If I have a future child, if not I have started my collection and will wallpaper my studio walls.  I have the deer and pig (a gift no less from my stalkee). I really feel you need ahem a menagerie to complete your look, or maybe one gigantic blown up moose or bunny. Anyways that’s for you to decide I am having a hard enough time deciding which ones to get next as it is.


I have mentioned previously my struggle with my product photography.  I am not used to being so literal with my photography, I usually take great liberties with my photographs and virtually re-create an image. To see something and shoot it as is, so not my strong suit.  I have learned some tricks by trial and error, but my shop is up and running, I don’t have the luxury of experimentation right now.  That is why when Nicole Gerulat offered her Tabletop Photography class in October I signed up the first day.  Due to technical difficulties they had to push the class back to November 1st, which for me leaving next week for my honeymoon is not exactly great timing but there is no time to whine, I need to learn some skills like yesterday. I’ve taken a few of Nicole’s classes both live and on-line and I can attest to her skill as a teacher. The classes have lots of examples and answered many questions (Nicole after all is a professional working photographer for magazines such as Real Simple). If you can afford the small investment I don’t think you will be disappointed.  
I also was sent this link on product photography from Etsy, I am a fan of Miniature Rhino (best company name ever) and it was great to see her ‘behind the scenes’.  I am still a little confused on what lens I should be working with, I shoot everything now with my 50mm 1.4 but it’s not very conducive to the type of shots I am trying to re-create. I will be renting some lenses to see which one will be best for my images (but I am open to any tips in the comments, hint, hint). I do believe with anything the more you do it the more honed your skills become.  So I am going to keep plugging away and I promise to share any great epiphanies I have (if I have any).
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