It’s Thursday and I am going to try to stay on topic as promised and bring you more hand lettering resources + how-to’s.  The lovely top image above is by Quill & Fox,  a very nice specimen to discuss the currently wildly successful lettering trend of brush lettering (I don’t know if that is its ‘proper’ name). I am sure you have heard of a little company called Rifle Paper that utilizes this ‘painted’ script very well, as does Meg Gleason of Mogela. I think this sort of imperfect hand adds a wonderful charm to your project.  I searched the interwebs hi + low and had a very hard time finding what types of brushes, paints to use etc. I even tried some samples of my own with less than favorable results.  Then I came across a wonderful resource for you from the Open Library a book (available to view for free on line) called The Art of Show Card Lettering. The book is copyright 1922, so it is a bit older, but it still has great specimen charts like the one on the lower right, with stroke direction (very helpful). It also has tips on brushes and how to hold them to get the most desirable outcome. It’s not modern by any stretch, but it’s still a wonderful resource for those wanting to delve into script with a brush. Amanda of Wit & Whistle has been trying her hand at hand lettering with gouache (the same medium Rifle Paper uses) and she chronicles her results here. I am all for trying new lettering techniques and this is definitely one of the styles that I would like to be able to master. If you are looking for more inspiration I have a TON on my hand lettering board on Pinterest, where I have been pinning away like it’s my job (wouldn’t that be a cool job?).  Let me know if you have any tips on this style of lettering, I would love to know more!


I know we are coming to the end of summer, but I just love this peachy, melon-y, light coral-esque color. This is the new diamond monogram with three letters a wonderfully classic shape, a little preppy but graphic enough for those that like modern lines. I have a two letter version and some alternate variations of this shape coming. I used the technique I mentioned last week of running the ink pad along the envelope flap for a hint of color.  I think it would be pretty to create a suite of stationery in multiple tones of the same hue, so a lighter version and darker of this ink.  I believe if you have your stationery at the ready you will be more apt to write that spontaneous note or send your thank you as needed. Did you know that it is never too late to send a thank you?  It’s true! I am so happy with how these monograms are coming along, it adds a touch of elegance to your world. You don’t have to use these for just letter writing, you could print your monogram on cloth napkins (make sure to heat set), get a special one made to use for embossing cookies, personalize your coffee mug for the office, the options just go on and on. The winner of this monogram is Mrs. Maria Elizabeth B., congrats!
P.S. If you want to try to win your very own monogram, check out this post for details, good luck!


I know the copy on my photo could be misconstrued so let me rectify any potential misunderstanding and let you know that ‘Falsies’ is the name of the mascara that I am loving.  I bought it prior and liked it, but that was when we were vacationing in San Francisco. Back in the City of Angels it didn’t work as well, but here in the deep country of the Carolinas it’s working mighty fine (and it is H-U-M-I-D here). I don’t have a need for extra long lashes in my remote corner of the world, unless of course to try to keep my shirtless husband attracted to me, but he actually likes me without mascara (go figure?). The truth is I like having Daddy long leg-like lashes, it makes me feel prettier and that has to count for something right? Now if I could only get rid of the back fat, I would be golden. I have recommended a lot of mascaras in my time and you may wonder what this one does that the others don’t, well it gives a little curve to the ends and it both thickens and lengthens. It’s super inexpensive for such a good mascara, horrible name (but gets the point across) and I could do without the purple and aqua packaging but it’s deep in my make-up drawer so no one has to see it but me and my long lashes.


I wanted to try something different when I showed off the new monogram designs here.  This is my version of a monogram to room inspiration board. I feel like this monogram is modern yet glamorous and the platinum ink fits with the design effortlessly. The person who chooses this monogram would like both traditionally glam items like the antique french mirror but also appreciate modern design. A monogram by nature is classic, but in this shape it gets an update to the 21st century. This monogram belongs to an individual who prefers sleek to frou frou, but has no qualms about something with a little sparkle. It’s unique and not everyone would have it and that’s exactly how she would like it.  The winner of this monogram is Michelle P., congrats Michelle!  
P.S. If you are wondering how you can win your own monogram you can visit here


I love this illustration to the moon and back. I saw it on the interwebs and went on a mad hunt to find the brilliant artist who created it.  I wanted a print for my office ‘like yesterday’, alas when I finally found the source the artist had sadly passed away last year of breast cancer.  I don’t know why, but I felt such a hollow feeling in the pit of my stomach that someone so incredibly talented could not be with us anymore. I love this image and the sentiment and it will forever hold a sweet spot in my heart as I don’t think there was ever an image as charming + motivating as this one.