I have had an assortment of some of my favorite ink colors in inventory for months now, but no time to shoot the images. On a particularly rainy Thursday I went ahead and finally did an ink photo shoot, sounds exciting, no?  I love this minty ink, perfect. I confess I did more ink testing than should be legal, it could be why there’s a deficit in my current budget but I wanted to offer the best colors and quality possible.  This light blue/green color is just right.  As you can see from the image above it is nice and opaque.  Pick up your minty ink here.


And we have another winner….The soon to be Mrs. Kuhn, (one of the wittiest lasses on the interwebs).  I do find this stamp to be extremely versatile, depending on the angle you choose it can look like a simple retro banner or at a 45 degree angle a ribbon–cute, cute. I used black here but this works well with most any color. I have a whole white ink comparison coming up using this stamp. Of course, as per usual if you wanted this beauty and didn’t win, you are still a winner to me and can pick yours up for 50% off with the coupon code SS06 (for this week only) isn’t it great to know people? Yes, indeed.


Happy Monday!  I am so thrilled to be back, last week was like an odd space + time continuum.  It seemed since our Independence day fell on a Wednesday the entire world decided to throw caution to the wind and take the entire week off.  I considered it, but I know myself too well, time off is a slippery slope for me, one day off and I am eating the entire refrigerator contents of life and not exercising thus suffering the consequences of gluttony and moving swiftly into sloth.  I need a solid schedule and place to be or else I might as well be a girl gone wild.  Most people would find a schedule constricting I find it liberating.  I was feeling extra creative last week as it was crickets here and at the shop, there was not much for me to do but stare out my window at the pond and look for baby bunnies on my property. I did indulge in my calligraphy class and tried in vain to learn WordPress over a 4 day period. I need more days; I am not as smart as I look.  As I was packing prizes and getting ready to announce more winners (plenty more this week!)  I was looking at my double initial seal and thought there should be a stamp that looked a bit more like an actual wax seal and promptly went to work creating one.  It seems my stamp factory was busy doing nada as well as they sent me back my design in a day–a day?!  I am so pleased with the results.  I used an italicized version of an Anthropologie-type font for the initial, which I feel keeps this design from being too stiff & serious.  I am considering trying different fonts which is where you come in of course. This wasn’t on the roster for the giveaway but it’s here now and I would love to do a couple custom wax seal stamps with different font variations.  The catch?  I want to do them sooner than later patience is not my virtue.  So for this Monday morn if you would like to try to win a version of this stamp (with an alternate unknown font), please leave a comment with the initial you would like and what you would use this for.  
If you are like me and can’t wait feel free to stop by the shop and pick up your wax seal stamp and use the code WAXSEAL to get it for 1/2 off this week.  I will choose a winner tomorrow, yes tomorrow and will announce said winner(s) as soon as the sample stamps arrive!  How is that for almost instant gratification? 
This week is going to be amazing, pinky promise.  Besides the giveaways, I am doing some cool d.i.y.  I am thinking of doing a ‘Craft Camp’ for the rest of the summer and I do hope you join me and of course I haven’t forgotten your tutorials on product photography so stick with me this week it will be a good one.


I am moving slowly, but I have added another set of unmounted stamps. This one includes motifs that are mounted with foam + an alphabet set that is cut + mounted (trust me that’s a whole lot of cutting + mounting). It’s a little more than the previous unmounted stamp but well worth it. These sell super fast so if you have been looking at these and wondering if you should buy, do it before they are all sold out!