I suppose it wouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone if I told you the #1 search term to find my blog right now is pygmy hippo. The runner up is baby polar bear. I need to take a screen shot one day for posterity. 
I hope you all had a great weekend. I finished my DIY desk.  I can’t wait to get some photos up for you this week.  The project which I had mentally planned out, (because it’s not like I don’t own piles of papers and pens to write down my concept), came out surprisingly well. It could have been a big ol’ DIY fail, it has happened to me a lot lately which crushes the DIY spirit. I don’t know what is wrong with me, but I was under the misguided impression that it would only take me a couple hours to prime my walls, paint them two polar opposite colors, build a desk, sand it, stain it, finish it and install it all without measuring or knowing how to find a wall stud (I even have a stud finder, useless in my hands). When I was finished I had my friend come over and help me with Besotted Brand orders.  The one thing she kept asking me was how? How did I figure it out?  I don’t know. All I know is that I needed this desk and counter (Oh, did I mention that I built a counter?) I didn’t have a budget for what I wanted so I built what I needed. I did ask for help, I had a handyman come in, but a handyman is handy, not quite a carpenter. He figured out studs, but left a lot to my own devices (not always the best plan). We are planning on moving sooner than later (me and my husband, not me and the handyman) and the pieces aren’t particularly mobile, but I’ll cross that bridge when the time comes. Until then I will revel in my success.  I am so darn excited to have a shipping area that I don’t have to hunch over and develop a hump in my back.
P.S. This pygmy hippo image was politely stolen from a new to me blog called Weird Animals a.ka. the Ever So Strange Animal Almanac.


This image may sum up perfectly how I am feeling right not–like I am alternately walking on air or walking on a tight rope in cute (albeit impractical) shoes. I had plans to post this earlier, but as luck (or incompetence) would have it, I neglected to take my post from draft to scheduled. I have actually done this on several occasions since I moved to this new blog home. It seems it takes me longer than 6 weeks to establish a habit. I have been thankfully very busy with Besotted, which is the walking on air part, but I am also working a freelance job pretty much full-time which is the walking on a tight rope in high heels part. I did a soft launch of apothecary yesterday at a school holiday sale. I thought I was sharing a booth, but my booth partner never showed up so my inventory looked a bit  anemic. I asked for a smaller table which then made me look like I had an abundance of product–nice. I had no sales  (that’s zip) for nearly THREE hours.  I watched as my booth neighbors signed sales receipts left and right, I wondered if I had a dud on my hands. I am happy to report that by the end of the day I nearly sold out of everything (remember though that I didn’t have much inventory to begin with, so not as impressive as it might sound). It was still rather exciting. It was a great test market for the apothecary offerings both product + packaging, even though ideally I would have tested first with the ladies who so generously signed up to be my testers. I couldn’t exactly grill my customers about all the questions that I was dying to prod them with. The name of the apothecary offerings didn’t go over very well, it confused potential clients (again this is something I would have posed to my testers). For a branding professional such as myself I should have predicted this pitfall. It seems that only a few strange souls had an appreciation for antique science shorthand, go figure? Back to the drawing board on this one little (big ) thing.
I wanted to mention to you yesterday that I wrote a guest post at Melissa McCardle’s Reverie Daydream blog. If you have ever read her blog and wondered if she was as nice, optimistic and pretty in ‘real life’, I can assure you that she is all those things ten fold.
photo by::tristan b.


This was just a quick snap on my husbands (yes, it will be in italics for awhile, at least until I get used to saying it) camera phone by our extraordinarily talented photographer. Yes, a mobile phone folks. I did tweet this but I know not all of you participate in the hijinks that are Twitter. I am in charge of editing the wedding photographs, a charge that I am anticipating with gusto, uhm, when I have a free moment to breathe. It’s been busy in these parts. This is what I suppose is a tease of images to come. Thank goodness handsome got rid of the ‘stache before the nuptials, right? For the record, I knew my hair was long, but I had no idea that I was freakin’ Rapunzel. If we needed to make a quick getaway from that balcony this photo was taken on I could have swung my ponytail over the side and we could have have climbed down.  Have I gotten a haircut since? No. I do plan on it before I accidentally choke myself in my sleep.


This little fella appeared in my inbox a couple of weeks ago courtesy of Anthropologie.  A couple of weeks ago I wasn’t interested in ornaments, although truth be told, I am always interested in Narwhals.  Who isn’t? The sea unicorn as they are affectionately called are quite the specimen.  If ‘Sea Unicorn’ wasn’t already taken as a shop name it would have definitely been a contender for what is now Besotted Brand. I also considered the name ‘Butter’ because I think butter makes most everything better, but we were discussing ornaments…I always admire these ornaments at Anthro, but never ever get any because A) they are cost prohibitive in multiples and B) what am I going to do with one rogue narwhal on my Christmas tree? I prefer symmetry, like Noah before me (see A.)  Then I had a stroke of genius (okay, maybe not genius, but honor roll student). What if I get one every year? Just one. If I had done this prior, all those years Anthro has been tempting me with their sweet ornaments I would have quite the collection, but no I was stuck on my A & B reasoning. This year I will buy one, just one, maybe the narwhal, maybe a whale?  Who knows, I might even do something crazy and get a polar bear. Happy Cyber Monday!


I ordinarily wouldn’t put up a special here that I have shared with my mailing list, you see those smart people should be rewarded for my intruding on their bulging in-box, no? This isn’t everything they were privy to, they had a few extras like upgraded Priority mail shipping (w/tracking no less), a gift with purchase and they can get the Pretty Parcel above for a steal, seriously worth having me bug you with an email every now and then. Being the genius that I am I sent out this email with the wrong code, yes, WRONG CODE. The only response I have for this is–GAH! My sincere apologies, it seems the cart code does not accept ampersands, who knew?  Not I.  With my head hung low, I am hoping to not have to email everyone individually but put this up here, admit my dumb mistake. Lucky for you if you aren’t part of my private party which is my mailing list you now have one of the perks!  Happy shopping my dears.
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