This sign by Wordbilly sort of sums up my feelings today.  My shop’s site has had some sort of weird bug (like its mama) and decided to get all wonky on me, no photos have been showing up.  We have been behind the scenes for nearly a day trying to figure out what in the world I did to it, what in the world could be wrong. Honestly, I did nothing but my Coder seems to believe otherwise; I can read into emails like nobody’s business, you?  I see that his ‘let’s try this or that’ actually is a trap to see if I haven’t already tried ‘this or that’ on my lonesome. I am a doer after all so it would make sense that I would try something, but I am terrified of repercussions of fiddling with my sites, that’s why this here blog still does not have a simple subscribe feature. One day.  I found Wordbilly above via Twitter’s Tweet Deck (I downloaded yesterday).  I mentioned earlier this week I am not much of a Tweeter (is that even the proper verbiage?) but Meagan Camp (you must visit) gave me the sweet advice of being more Twitter active for my little shop, she obviously does not know how absolutely boring I am. So, on this Friday morn I am going to ask all of you about this Twitter thing and see if you can give me any tips + tricks, links to figure it out.  I feel like I am in the vortex of cacophony and I don’t want to get sucked in and feel like I am just adding to the noise and not adding to the conversation, if that’s what it is– a conversation. It seems like people are just photographing their breakfast a lot, but please help me see the light.  With much appreciation.


The tiny hand-printed gold heart stationery is one of our best sellers hands down, people like tiny, me probably more than most. Handling a stamp that diminutive in size is difficult at best, I like to make things easy for our clients.  I tried multiple variations of heart sizes before I settled on this big heart.  It has a nice weight to it and when you stamp has an almost wood type/silk screen effect to it.  You can dress it up or down and each time it will give you a beautiful impression.  I found it didn’t want to print as opaque as I would have liked on the muslin bags, but on paper it is sublime. I have had it for a few months now using it for the shipping boxes and such and it has handled like the champ that it is. I am not sure if I am going to keep it in the line or keep it for myself, only time will tell.  If you would like yours you can grab it while it’s still in the shop– get your big heart hand  stamp here.
P.S. And yes indeed, this is our tiny heart enlarged!


Here is the follow-up set to the original glam ‘Hello’. I like to think this is the Little Black Dress of stationery it has all you need for an impromptu hello, thank you or ‘just because’. The stock is uber thick, even thicker than our original cardstock (which is quite weighty).  I love the simplicity of this set; these won’t be going out of style anytime soon and makes a really easy + practical gift. Since you know ‘people’ in high places you my dear get a special 50% discount on this set for the week, enter code GLAMII at checkout.


This has been a much requested tutorial and for such an easy process it was surprisingly a lot of steps  to photograph!  I assure you this is the easiest way that I have found to be able to stamp an impression in the middle of my stationery flat.  I tried other equipment made specifically for stamping in the center of your cardstock, but found it a little complicated. I am also of the camp that believes less is more, if I don’t need to purchase any special equipment I won’t. So let’s gather our simple supplies. You will want to have the following supplies at your ready, we are going to create a template:
  • Piece of blank paper larger than the cardstock you want to center stamp on.
  • Writing utensil, preferably a pencil in case you make a mistake and need to erase.
  • A ruler
  • The cardstock size you want to be able to center stamp on.
Neatly trace your chosen cardstock onto your paper.  You are going to be using your template over and over again so if you want to use a weightier paper or even a thin cardstock as your template by all means go ahead.
Remove your chosen cardstock and there you have the very beginning of your template, which I know just looks like a penciled rectangle, but it shall become much more with a little tweak.
Now comes the hard part (I jest).  Find the center and draw a vertical 1″-2″ line. You have now created your center guidleline!
Ink your stamp, put your chosen cardstock on top of your template and you will see your center guideline clearly. Gently, but firmly press your stamp where in the center you would like your artwork to be, lift up (do not rock or jiggle). You should have a beautiful + centered impression!
For those of you who don’t want to use a ruler to find the center, just bend your cardstock in half and then use the folded center crease to create your guideline.
As always if you have any questions just ask them in the comments and I am happy to answer away.


This is one of my all time favorite rooms from Elle Decor.  I am crazy for floor-to-ceiling shelves lined with leather bound books, but to do something as decadent as add a formal dining table to the mix just slays me.  I am constantly dreaming of the day when I will have a room designated as the ‘library’. The thing that will please me most is to know that the books on my shelves won’t be there for mere decorative purposes but because I have read them, spent time with them, shared a laugh, a cry and many of them I have wanted to stay with longer and not wanted the story to end. Do you know that feeling of both wanting to get to the last page of a book and that feeling of total dejection when you finally finish? I think that is the definition of bittersweet.  I read a lot of non-fiction and often books with a scientific bent, it’s to be expected from a girl that has a subscription to the Smithsonian magazine, right?  My reading is not usually what one would consider light. I like to be challenged + awed and want that feeling of wanting to learn more.  I think a good book sets you to researching, let the treasure hunt begin!
I caught a bad summer flu the day before yesterday, it side-swiped me out of nowhere, at around 3p.m. that afternoon I had buckled to the sensation of my bones feeling like they were replaced by rubberbands and my brain feeling like it was on fire. I crawled into bed and stared at the ceiling unable to sleep.  I decided to read, but didn’t have anything new on my nightstand or on my Kindle. I looked around for something easy and light in the Kindle bookstore, something that would take my mind off of all the work I needed to be doing instead of the general state of malaise I was in. I got the hankering for a thriller/mystery.  I ended up downloading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynnthat had mostly glowing reviews, it was on the New York Times Best Seller list and from the excerpt that I read it seemed that it would be an easy and enjoyable read, and it was until–the end. Not in a bittersweet way either, the end was terrible.  The end was so terrible that I had actually assumed that perhaps the last chapters of my book had not downloaded, that it was an error, there was no way that a book could end like this, no way, but it did.  I am still reeling from it.  I read all the 1 star reviews after not finding my ‘missing’ chapters which there were many (although the 5 stars out weighed them) and the reviewers all had the same lament, how could she end the book like that? In the mystery genre there is an unspoken code that authors adhere to and that is to wrap up all the loose ends and let the reader have their ‘aha’ moments, this author took us on a wild ride and then basically opened the door and shouted ‘tuck and roll’. I couldn’t believe I spent hours with this book, in high fever even and it ended like it did.  I think my disappointment is more in the fact that Flynn is a good writer, the story had a lot of fun twists and turns and although the characters were not particularly likeable you still found yourself wanting to know how on earth they were going to get themselves out of the situation they were in. Alas, it was never resolved, just like that.  I do not recommend this book unless you want to torture yourself or know how not to ever end a  book. Do you have any book recommendations?  Books to read, books to avoid?