Am I the only one marveling that holiday is here, right now, this very sec?!  Per usual I feel a little behind, thankfully everyone else in the world has been preparing and thus all is right in the world. I have been supremely fortunate to be featured in a couple gift guides this season, In Honor of Design has a Gift Guide-cum-magazine and the little ol’ faux wax seal initial is featured. I actually have a cool d.i.y. coming out with this stamp next week, perfect timing! The price featured is off by oh, $31 dollars but to make up for that ‘gah’ inspired detail there is a nice discount code beside the feature, yea!  I was asked a few months ago by the super talented Hope Wallace of Paper Relics to shoot a holiday card d.i.y. spread for Heather Bullard’s Souvenir Magazine. Ask Hope, my husband and any of my friends, I was a total + complete wreck because I wanted it to be just perfect. I probably will never be asked back because I was so neurotic, so I urge you to buy the publication (it’s an on-line beauty with a print edition option) and revel in my maybe last editorial masterpiece. There is of course so much more to the holiday issue than my bitty contribution so it’s well worth a peek. To top off all this holiday reverie I visited Creature Comforts last night to see that I was featured on one of Ez’s awesome of awesome-est Gift Guide’s (the one for ‘Her’). Be still my beating heart!  If you aren’t following these guides, please go and visit, you won’t be sorry. Not only does Ez have an amazing eye, but she chooses a lot of easy on the budget items like Susy Jack’s amazing Recipe cards + box, just brill!  I feel so lucky to be included, I am usually like Rudolph and never get to join in any Reindeer games, but look at me now!


As a designer I am always on the hunt for new + unique resources.  I pride myself on being able to find things that others may not, it’s my graphic design gift/Spidey sense, although I would trade it for natural drawing ability any day. When I get an email asking me where, how, can I, etc.?  I have to kindly reply, I don’t usually share my resources and I don’t, not usually.  It’s what makes me a horrible candidate as a Blogger, because we all know ‘sharing is caring’ and I hold it close to my vest.  I make exceptions from time-to-time, especially when I feel sharing a resource will help an artist/creative generate an income so they can then make more of what I love.  That’s how I feel about the foundry FOUNDFONT™, which in their words is,”dedicated to typographic archaeology as well as the use of found typography within design. We create complete type sets based on found examples.”  Don’t you just love the term ‘typographic archaeology’?  This is my lettering love this week, I have so many vintage fonts I would love to see come into fruition and thus I am going to go against type (pun intended) to share this resource with you.  This company is such an amazing foundry for those like myself that like to infuse authentic vintage aesthetic into their work.  I bought the full set because I felt that it would help the cause and I’m all about helping the cause, but the fonts individually are only $10! How awesome would the Postal Gothic be for a faux postcard project? I really like the Grain-O, it’s a nice sans-serif and feels like a vintage Futura Medium meets Brandon Grotesque to me, just nice + simple. I hope you enjoy and if you use these on a project I would love to see what you create, I am so nosy like that!


I love, love, love listening to podcasts while I work. I have tried to listen to audiobooks, but for some reason it isn’t as pleasurable and of course there’s cost factor, I would go through a couple books a day with the hours I log in the studio.  I am always interested in suggestions for new ones because I can go through a whole series in a week and then I am stuck listening to my thoughts, not as much fun at the moment as a podcast. When I saw a recommendation from Itunes for ‘The Dinner Party-the all- book’ episode I thought it sounded intriguing enough, I love books and have been known to partake of the party.  I was hooked show one. It has a really nice pace, almost course like, it starts with an ‘ice breaker’ a silly joke usually told by a luminary, a quick wrap up of the weeks news, an interview with a journalist from an indie publication that will inform you of ‘news you haven’t heard’. There’s a bit of history thrown in to coincide with the week the show is being aired (the idea being things you can discuss at your next dinner party), a cocktail created from this historical trivia, a guest of honor and my favorite ‘your etiquette questions answered’.  Listener’s write in with their etiquette questions and either Emily Post’s great, great grandchildren answer, or someone like Henry Rollins does, either way it’s enjoyable. The hosts end the podcast by asking an indie band to choose their dinner party music. It’s all very entertaining and informative. I listened to almost 200 episodes in a row.  There is one odd thing, there seems to be a lot of repetition of guests from previous episodes, not that they come back, but the same interviews. I don’t know if it’s how they edit but it makes me feel like I am going bonkers (and anyone that listens to a podcast for nearly 48 hours straight must be). I still think it’s well worth a listen, you can find it here. I hope you enjoy!
…And the winners of the tiny hand-lettered ‘to’. are Vanessa Correa, Chiara, Tanya M.  Please email me with your shipping address so I can get you your stamp in time for your holiday gifting:) Thank you everyone for playing!


Hello, and good Monday to you!  I am not here, I am being swept away by my husband to the Appalachian mountains, have any of you seen Deliverance?  If you haven’t do, but don’t, it’s seriously intense and disturbing. I will wax poetic another time about Jon Voight who stars in it (one of my top 3 favorite actors), but today on this fine Monday morn I think I should be giving away a set of the new stamps, no? I am adding an awesome stag silo, we have a ton here where I am currently living, so I felt duly inspired. For the record, they are much bigger in person than they seem in the media, the same can not be said about the Kardashian’s.  I met them last year (the Kardashians not the stags) and the tiniest one is absolutely miniscule and the one everyone thinks is ‘large’ is totally perfect; I digress.  I also have a snowflake in  the shop  I have a seriously cute striped bow that I haven’t had a chance to shoot for the shop (did I not mention I have been whisked away?).  I am kind of crazy for it, I did take a shot with my Iphone here. I have much more to shoot, I have some new wood box sets, and some super easy but chic d.i.y’s. Can someone please let me know how holiday came so fast?
If you would like to win both the stag and the snowflake together and start on your holiday cards + gift tags, then I shall choose one winner on Friday (time is of the essence, you need to get ready for holiday gifting and what not).  All you need to do is re-pin this or leave a comment below, I am easy, whatever you are up for.  Btw, I so want to see how crafty you get if you win, k?
Tomorrow I have a new podcast addiction that I think you will love being introduced to! There’s maybe 173 episodes and I may have listened to them all in one day, maybe. I will also announce the winners for the ‘to’. stamp, thank you to everyone that played!


This as some of you may know is my 3lb. dog George. George is a girl, in case you didn’t surmise that from her name.  I am celebrating because a week ago at this time we found a large marble size tumor on her side. We took her to the vet and the prognosis was grim. I allowed my mind to go to some very dark places while we got her ready to go into surgery and have the tumor removed. It was a surgery that was very expensive and something we hadn’t anticipated but this pup has been my constant companion for 11 years (her birthday is Monday) and if this lump was going to be detrimental to her health I would have sold my car to get it removed.  We got the call yesterday that she is going to be a-ok!  I couldn’t imagine my life without her and have often threatened my husband to have her taxidermied when in the very far future she passes on, he will have none of my crazy talk; I am kidding of course (kinda).  She looks a little like ‘Franken-pup’ at the moment as she had a few things removed and her side and belly have stitch marks all over them. So sad, yet I am so happy!
We are also celebrating our one year anniversary next week, I can’t believe it’s been a year since we eloped!  We are going away for a couple days to Asheville to celebrate, which we keep hearing amazing things about, I am so looking forward to the adventure. So much to be grateful for this week and as always I am especially grateful for you of course, that goes without saying, right?