I had been complaining to my Fancy about the light not being good enough in our apartment as I desperately need to finish shooting my products for my website. I do own this light set-up, which is great for product shots and consistency, I highly recommend.  I also own a nice flash that makes your photo’s look like they were shot in natural light, but I guess I am both a complainer and a procrastinator. I want natural light (also that means I don’t have to bring out extra equipment, talk about a lazy bone Jones).  The Fancy suggested why don’t I shoot in the bedroom, we have very beautiful light in there. Then I wondered how could I be so dumb?  I even shot in the bedroom last weekend (the bed and night stand, which no has nothing to do with my website).  I really never even considered setting up my shots in the bedroom, why? because there’s not a table in there. Who am I?  Really I had to kick myself in the bum for being so short-sighted and not coming up with this idea on my lonesome. I mean it’s not like we don’t have about half a dozen little side tables here and there and if worse came to worse I have not one but two painted wood boards for shooting.  Sheesh, common sense is not so common.  Luckily for me I am great at making up for lost time, as seen in exhibit A above, a fine specimen of my bedroom light if I have ever seen one.  Now I must get back to shooting products and not the props.  Wishing you a happy + productive weekend!

5 thoughts on “PASTEL PEONIES

  1. Thank you, thank you ladies! The light is pretty amazing and I will promise to stop being lazy + dumb and just move my makeshift ‘studio’ into the bedroom.


    Miss B.

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