I feel like I have written about photographer Sue Bryce prior but I couldn’t find the post so it seems it is worth another mention.  I am a HUGE fan of the ‘Before’ & ‘After’ and as you may know already I am a bit of a photography buff, when you put these two together it’s like inspiration manna from heaven for me. Sue Bryce does both exceptionally well, if seeing is believing then you must visit her ‘before & after’ gallery and be prepared to be amazed. I have been a fan of Sue Bryce for awhile, but after recently watching an interview of her telling her story it just resonated with me. I was so inspired and I felt that what she was saying about how she created her success was not just relegated to a photography business but any life goal. I think it’s important especially when you work alone to have a burst of cheerleading that you can do it, but I think that just may be true in general and that everyone can use a good pep talk every now and then. For the record I totally believe in you!  I hope that you visit Sue’s site and are as amazed by the beautiful transformations as I have been, she’s such a positive individual I am hoping you walk away from her site feeling a little more beautiful yourself.


  1. Um wow! I need Sue to take my photo stat! Those Before & After images really are amazing! What I like best is that the women still look like themselves. Like Sue just drew out the goddess within each of them and let them shine!

  2. Sue’s work is amazing! Being a wedding and portrait photographer myself, I am blessed to work with many talented makeup, hair artists and stylists. So when I noticed that she did not credit these gifted individuals, I was a tad dismayed. Clearly photo editing, skilled photography and good use of lighting went into the portraits…but how about giving some credit to the other artists who prepped these individuals?? I would not feel good about passing a collaboration such as this off as my own without giving a shout out to my team.
    Either way, gorgeous shots!

  3. Ez, I KNOW! I love the stories and how she can make women feel + look beautiful. She is VERY generous with her info and how she created her images.

    Maren, Sue has an on staff full-time make-up + hair artist under her umbrella company-Sue Bryce. The woman was originally her receptionist! So she is super loyal to Sue. Sue is the stylist and she is a ninja re-toucher, definitely check out some of her interviews this woman is definitely about sharing her ‘secrets’ and about helping people, which I really love about her and I hope you find that as well and aren’t as disappointed with her after viewing them:)

  4. i can not believe it. my husband and daughter left town mid-afternoon…and i’ve scoured the sue bryce website, vimeo, you tube, simona janek…you name it…hook line sinker, i researched it all. didn’t get a thing accomplished in my family’s absence, but was it ever a relaxing, totally indulgent day. ah. thank you. oh, and yesterday, it was your make up recommendations i was looking into. i must practice better discipline!

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