I am currently having a torrid love affair with Pinterest.  I can’t pin fast enough and the Fancy has exclaimed, ‘oh great, another place for you to catalog cute things,’ (said in a tone that isn’t that far off from sarcastic). I would be annoyed at him if I wasn’t so engrossed with this new outlet of my desires.  I had a hard time adopting to Twitter, I did finally and I do like it more now. Facebook, well I go on about once every six months, it just doesn’t have the same pull as Pinterest. I feel like Pinterest has a vibrant community of individuals that know exactly what I am missing on my virtual inspiration boards.  I am currently decorating my imaginary dream home, stock piling on industrial chic wares, creating a custom cute menagerie and the list continues.  I thought I would just be on there to try to help hock my goods, but oh no, that’s not likely with my being so distracted by shiny things and all.  Speaking of shiny things, I made a pit stop to the craft store to pick up some of Martha Stewart’s new ‘paint on virtually anything’ craft paints. I rushed to the craft store because it looked in the ad that the metallic paint was really metallic, almost like a foil, but alas that is not the case.  Of course it didn’t stop me from buying the paint (Martha needs a new wing at Skyland I’m sure). I still am eager to try the paint out and with holidays coming up and tons of Besotted Brand tutorials to do I am sure the paint will be a welcome asset to the craft tool box, right?
P.S. Don’t forget you still have time to enter to win here, here, here and here!  Please link your pins so I can check out your boards and procrastinate even more.

7 thoughts on “PINTEREST ANYONE?

  1. I have friends who keep trying to sway me toward Pinterest … and I just know, that’s ALL I would get done! So far I’ve been brave in pretending it simply doesn’t exist.

    And I must say, the mere thought of that Martha Stewart paint makes me giddy. I’m not even an artist … but should I suddenly pick up some talent, I could paint on ANYTHING!

  2. Amy, when you finally move over to the dark side Myself, Susan, Dawn and Natalie will all be there (along with hundreds of thousands other Pinterest addicts) to really monopolize your time….


    Miss B.

  3. I am so addicted to Pinterest. So many ideas and lovely things. Now I just have to start creating and implementing…but I can’t because I’m on Pinterest looking for more lovely things!

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