Ah, Jane, how I adore thee…I do, sincerely. When I create these boards I usually have to delve deep and create a word or phrase of what I believe sums up my fave curators style. Jane Potrykus is so efficient, so edited and such a class act that she has done that for me (and you). She has trademarked the term ‘Utilitarian Luxe’ and indeed that is her style to a ‘t’. I have been a Jane fan for many moons. In fact when I am designing my line I have a handful of dream ‘clients’ that I ask myself, ‘would _______ like this offering?’,  Jane is always top of mind. I love Jane’s pins because she also takes it to reality, where she will pin places she has either visited or will be visiting, it’s arm chair traveling at it’s finest. She has a board dedicated to coffee, which makes me smile , who else would be willing to curate the most beautiful places in the world to grab a cup? Do you see what I mean about Utilitarian Luxe being so perfectly fitting? Jane does veer towards minimalism, but she definitely has a great sense of humor and you will find elegant animal finds sprinkled throughout her pins in completely delightful ways. I urge you to visit her boards and discover some simple + pretty finds to add to your own inspiration archives.
P.S. Happy Halloween!


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