I have admitted prior that I have a a very classic closet, some may read that as boring, but whatever, they are one day going to regret the photographs of themselves in neon leggings or whatever the latest trend is. How do I know that?  I have some seriously blackmail worthy photos of my poor wardrobe choices of yore. Yes, that was a scrunchy or banana clip, bad perm, Keds and weirdly slouchy socks that I owned and proudly displayed to the world. No longer. I chose Kimberly Kennedy today as my Pinterest curator because I love her simple taste in fashion, simple is not shapeless and unflattering mind you, Kimberly’s choices are simple, classic and dare I say sexy?  It’s subtly sexy.  Her wardrobe choices feel like I wouldn’t be wincing at them say 10 years from now.  If you want to be one of those women that just always look pulled together and effortlessly chic this board is for you and maybe befriending a French woman, gosh darn do French women have style. I know not one French woman that has a photo of herself with a scrunchy, crackly perm and slouchy socks.  Check out Kimberly’s other boards as well, she has great taste and I think you will be happy for the introduction especially since she is my current ‘secret’ not a lot of people know of her yet and we are about to change all that right?  You can visit Kimberly here and if you want to see what my latest addiction is you can visit me here.


  1. Just what I needed this morning…You made me laugh out loud. I can completely identify with your mistakes and your current fashion sense. Wholeheartedly. It seems we flounder a bit before finding ourselves. While I am not a “pinner”, I do love to browse through your selections! Kimberly Kennedy is amazing. Thank you for this post and for my most wonderful stamps and all things Besotted!

  2. Kathy, I am glad I can make you laugh. If you only knew the horrible choices I made to be ‘on trend’, sigh…Pinning is VERY addictive so consider yourself warned to not spend to much time there or you may never see your family or friends again, lol.

  3. WoW! I was just having lunch with my husband and remarked how my Pinterest had so much (unusual) activity this morning… and then, I came home to find this! I really am honored you chose me as I have always admired your elegant style, voice, and keen editing ability. It is remarkable that out of 3,000+ pins, the 6 images you selected for this post are so perfectly “me”. I just love that my secret little pastime (addiction) has found some new friends. And I gotta say, I’m loving “Kimberly Kennedy, Curator”. What fun! Thank you for sharing my little page with all your followers- you made my day!

  4. Thanks for the great post on Kimberly Kennedy. I have had her book since it first came out, and even accidentally purchased it twice. That’s how much I love it!

    I love her timeless style, and it’s nice to see that others have found her. She was even nice enough to answer an email from me regarding some of the products shown in her book. Obviously a classy lady all around!

    And now I get to stalk her Pinterest boards too. You made my day!

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