Rare Bird Font Foundry Launch!


Rare Bird Font Foundry has launched!  Cue the confetti, let go of the virtual bouquet of balloons, pop the champagne! It’s official, we have a font foundry folks! Not just a font foundry, the world’s most beautiful font foundry. Thank you. very. much.  You will now have at your fingertips the hands of some of the most talented lettering artists today. We are so proud of all of our artists that have worked so hard to make this happen, and of course over the moon with our launch artists-Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls, Karla Lim and Lisa Mavian. Our desire is to continue to have a mix of lettering superstars and up & comers and to always add typefaces that we feel an individual could utilize in their work be it the DIY enthusiast to the art director.  Please come visit our new nest-Rare Bird Font Foundry.


6 thoughts on “Rare Bird Font Foundry Launch!

  1. Congratulation Tristan! This is amazing and you should all be incredibly proud of what you have just put out in to the marketplace. An added plus for me is that you launched on my birthday…..so I just bought myself the best present ever!!!! Enjoy much deserved success!

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