The London Toy Co.

Rare Bird Font Foundry Specimen IV via Besotted i

Just a charming little mock branding using Specimen IV by Lisa Mavian. We love this faux company so much that we want it to exist. On my Instagram I wrote, “London Toy Co.- Purveyors of Childhood magic, where mice sleep in cushioned matchboxes that hold secret maps to the stars and fairy dust is not optional.’ I so want to walk into that toy store!  The photo is from a shoot I did for a Spanish children’s clothier, I can’t wait to share some of those images, the clothes are so darling and well made.  We just wanted to pop in and thank you all for being such a huge support for our foundry launch!  It really is about community and we feel so lucky that we are a part of one that is so diverse and creative (from all around the globe no less!) Thank you!


Rare Bird Font Foundry

Specimen IV (test it out here)

Edited with Foto Rx actions (First Aid Kit ) and presets (coming soon!)

photo by tristan b.