Realistic handwriting font with ink blotches

handwriting font via besotted blog

Carefully considered letters written long-hand, sealed in an envelope and sent across continents were once the only connection for distant friends and lovers. Dear Sarah is a type that evokes the emotion of those handwritten messages. Using alternates, ligatures and a complex system for randomization and natural connected characters, Dear Sarah seeks to push the boundaries of digital type.

Dear Sarah is a very interesting font indeed, it has programmed into the font algorithm (I actually just made that up, but stick with me), the ability to randomly place ink blotches, contextual ligatures and various lowercase letters that gives the font a very human and realistic hand. I think this could be the future of handwriting fonts! At the very least it’s an amazing experiment. You can check it out here.


2 thoughts on “Realistic handwriting font with ink blotches

    1. Dawn you are telling Noah about the flood! I think that everyday, how am I ever going to fit this all in, in one lifetime?

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