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Oh, hello there friends!  How have you been?  We have been pretty much mired in all the things that need to be done to start a new endeavor and wrap up loose ends.  It has felt completely and utterly overwhelming. Once I have one thing checked off our mammoth list I get to see which of the other bajillion items I need to tackle next. Le Sigh.  Add to that potty training, school starting and I am about to sit in a corner and rock silently back and forth for the rest of my life. I have been busy photographing items from the shop for my massive sale (and I mean massive). I am practically giving things away!  I am putting up new things as I get the photos edited, so check back often.  The biggest part of the sale is on custom stamps.  I had a bunch of inquires from people that wanted custom stamps before we closed and I just decided to open it up for custom stamp orders.  I will place large orders on September 12th and September 20th.  It will be the last time we take any orders and I am pricing as a HUGE thank you to everyone that supported the shop!  Custom stamps of your logo at 1″ x 1″ were $50 and now will be $18, SERIOUSLY! If you are a lettering artist I will do bulk discounts (so even more discounting!), this is the time to get your business stamp, get stamps of your lettering done for clients, custom stamps for gifts and stamps for resale, NOW is the time! There will be ‘Studio Grab Bags’ that will be just that a little goodie from the studio (unused or gently used items, samples, research, etc), unlike a regular grab bag I will preview most of what will be in it!

I will also be selling off resources.  What does that mean?  That means if you wanted to start your own custom stamp business I will sell you my resource for THE BEST custom stamp manufacturers around–wood stamps with engraving, wood stamps for resale, unmounted red rubberstamps, clear stamps that include the plastic packaging for resale.  These resources took me YEARS to research test and find.  It’s an extremely profitable business and the resources are a goldmine!  Just send me an email to get the fee for this.  I am only selling to 3 individuals!  Yes, I will sell my wood box and twine resources as well.  So, if you are ready to start a shop or take your stationery shop in a new direction shoot me a line!

What else?  Well, when Michelle and I were sweating our brains off trying to find our focus and what we needed to cut out in order to do so, Michelle brought up an interesting point even after we cut most of the fat we still had multiple projects out there some that we couldn’t (or wouldn’t) give up (ie. being a full-time work-at-home mom! It’s a TON of work). Next post I am going to share with you how I was able to make over 120K with a side hustle.  I don’t know why I didn’t share it before, it seems like something that I would have but I have been BUSY and obviously not that focused.  I thought I’d share because once you find something you are going to focus on you may want some income coming in, right? It’s not for everyone and it’s only passive-ish, but it’s been a ton of fun, super rewarding and a great learning experience.  I will get you all the details soon!

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  1. very sad about your shop closing! also cracking up over your “sit in the corner and rock back and forth for the rest of my life:” comment. :) xo

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