seattle mapIt took me a bit to decide, I did get a little swayed by my New Orleans trip and put a bid in with my husband to add Nola into the mix, but he was having none of it. I had narrowed it down to the Bay area & Seattle then my former boss thew in a curve ball and offered me my old job back for the salary he originally gave me before he cut it in half because of the decline in the economy. For a split second Los Angeles was back on the table making my decision making even more complicated, but then I counter offered and my former boss told me to basically kick rocks barefoot, which obviously stunted any further negotiations. Obviously, it was a little relapse in better judgement on my part but my husband did allow me to indulge myself.

So back to the Bay area & Seattle. I really, really wanted the Bay area, I miss California desperately but with our new budget/savings not being what it was prior to our move out East I knew that we wouldn’t be able to get everything we wanted/needed in a place (mainly a washer + dryer, total deal breaker for me) in the Bay area.  Being so secluded in the country it was also very important to me to be able to be in a area that I could walk to places and that I could get around my new city without a car. In Los Angeles and outside of the areas we could afford in the Bay area that wouldn’t have been an option. I had a nice little list running of things I could not live without and things that would make me miserable if I couldn’t have them (wood floors, a non-fiberglass bathtub). When we started to add all the pro’s versus the con’s Seattle really was the winner. It’s affordable, beautiful, walk-able, on the West Coast and the food is outstanding.  There’s great architecture, it’s cosmopolitan, people are nice, it’s super dog friendly and I couldn’t be happier!  I have spent a lot of time in Seattle but my husband has never been (gasp!) I know who does that moves nearly 3,000 miles to a place they have never been?  I am not as brave as he is, but he LOVED Portland so I think Seattle is going to be perfect for him. We only have a couple more weeks left here in the South and we are so excited for our new adventure!

vintage seattle map print

And the winner of last weeks bestowal of the custom logo stamp set is Brianna Morrison! I also need the vintage globe winners to please email me because I’m moving and they need to go to new homes (announced the winners here), I will choose alternate winners if I don’t hear from the current winners this evening.

Author / Miss Tristan B

Miss Tristan B. is the proprietress of Besotted Brand and the writer of this delightful blog. She recently re-located to the country with her handsome husband and two pups and will be re-locating back to the city in the very near future.

42 thoughts on “THE BIG MOVE REVEAL!

  1. So very excited for you and the next chapter of your story Tristan! I know that wherever you settle, you will make it beautiful, and it will become home (fingers crossed that you have a gorgeous clawfoot tub awaiting your arrival too). Here’s to all the adventures ahead! Safe travels! xo Ez

  2. I am DELIGHTED that you are moving to my hometown!!! I live in a suburb outside the city, but you will probably move to the city area. Ballard is a SUPER cute, very artistic area. I would move there in a heartbeat!
    All the best to you! If you need any reqs about Seattle or any questions, please feel free to email. I would be happy to give you some tips etc.

    1. Thank you Ursula, I think Ballard is wonderful, I have a little list of places that we like Ballard being one of them, Queen Anne, Capitol Hill, Green lake. I am excited to explore the areas!

  3. Wherever you go, I will follow you !
    4 years ago, we left Paris for the love of an old house in the countryside ; I ♥ moving and begin a “new life” in a new place. In my dream, our next stop would be New-York. Perhaps one day ?…

    1. Anne, I love the French countryside, I lived in Provence one summer and it was heaven! The lavender, oh the lavender! New York is great if you are young and can handle ‘roughing it’. If you are a little older than it is great if you have a nice income because even the most humble of apartments are very expensive. I lived there once and had an apartment with no kitchen and one room and it was three times the amount of my current house! Also, they have a brokers fees and huge deposits. Just a thought, but New York can be a lot of fun if you are open to ‘roughing it’ and having a fun story to tell in the future!

    2. The problem of renting apartment is the same in Paris : it is awfully expensive ; one of my friend had to pay one year of location in advance for a small apartment, it is completely crazy ! The only solution for me to live in NY for a year is to swap my 4300 sq ft house with a little apartment in Manhattan ; we live in Burgundy, on the road of Vintage wines, it could be a great deal ; )

    3. Anne, that’s a brilliant idea! I bet someone would do that with you in a heartbeat! Have you heard of AirBnB? They have an apartment share program and a good reputation! I would switch if I had an apartment in NYC, your images of your home look beautiful. I don’t think this is an unreasonable dream, I hope it comes to fruition!

    1. I love California because it is my home state but I am ready for a new adventure, because moving cross country wasn’t enough of one (I jest). I am glad to be back on the West coast it will make visiting Cali so much more accessible:)

  4. Yayyy Tristan! Seattle is a great choice, kind of a nice mix of everything. I have been dying to ask you where you are going, but didn’t want to be rude since I knew you would announce it soon enough. Too bad we were state neighbors for so long and never had a chance to get together in person. Embrace the last of your time as a Southerner – meaning wear some pink pants while you still can :) xo

    1. Paige I am sure if I had a chance to visit Charleston I would have changed my mind:) I LOVED how charming Nola was and it seems Charleston has the same sweet architecture. I guess I will just have to come visit you!

  5. How exciting! I missed why you are leaving the East Coast but this sounds like a great move. Ive only been a couple of times but I’ve always loved Seattle (i happened to visit during great sunny weather so Im sure that helps).

    1. Mrs. Limestone, we are moving because we had come out here for a potential business opportunity for my husband that ended up not coming into fruition and we gave it a year to see if it was for us and it turned out it wasn’t for me. It seems I am more social than I thought I was and need to be around people (we are in the country now). I am happy for the experience because it really made clear what I need/want in a city. Btw, the rain shouldn’t be a problem the weather report here is rain all week (which means storms), the weather report for Seattle, sunny all week. It rained every day this summer here and pretty much every day this winter so I feel like I was a little indoctrinated into the rain to come:)

  6. Excellent choice indeed!! The water, walking + biking out the ying yang, ferries, REI, seafood, arts, doggie friendly … what more could one need!? Very very exciting …. tail wags too. ~moose

    1. Super dog friendly! When we were looking in the bay area it cut down our search considerably. It is a healthy city + there are a tons of creative people, I hope I can find a local letterpress class though or I may have to come out for an intensive weekend workshop! I am excited about the ferry (even though I have been known to get seas sick) but I think that good photo-op’s can be had on a ferry, no?

  7. woooohoooo! congrats!!! anywhere you go, home is where the heart is! so excited for the adventure that awaits you!!!! {um, yah, i still need to get back to you with that thing you requested, but with the stationery show looming, i will need to get back to you later than sooner!}

    1. Debbie, how exciting to go to the stationery show, wishing you tons of success! Take your time, I am in now rush my dear! I hope you have been writing young lady!

  8. No way! So excited that you’re moving to my city! There are so many great neighborhoods (Ballard is one of my faves, though I live between Fremont and Wallingford and it’s also super lovely. I loved living in Queen Anne too!) I’m a native L.A. girl so it took me a long time to get used to the Seattle weather, but now I can’t imagine living anywhere else. Good luck with your move!

    1. Sanae I am going to have to invite myself over for a much needed sewing lesson! I haven’t busted out my machine in so long but I thoroughly enjoy it!

    2. Would love that! I also know the best coffee shops in Seattle and have a feeling I can recommend some fun places that I think you’d love….

    1. Well, I hope it is:) I love the PNW and the West Coast, will be happy to be such a short flight away from my family in California!

  9. So happy for you guys! I know you made the right decision, for selfish reasons I wanted you to pick the Bay area, but I totally get it– At least we will live in the same time zone and you are only a 2 hour flight away! xoxo

  10. Congratulations on your final decision! I am a native Californian but want to live on the east coast for at least a portion of my life. I don’t think you ever regret giving something a try, but you would have regretted never making the move at all. I have raised my kids to be more adventurous than me just for that reason. Now I have one in LA ,one in SF and one in CT. They are young so who knows where they might end up but even if it’s back in SO. CAL they have experienced so much living somewhere else…and made great friends along the way.
    I think you will love Seattle. I have a few friends who have moved up there and they love it, rainy weather and all. Here’s to a safe move!

    1. How cool that you taught your kids to be adventurous! I used to be more adventurous, but I developed a serious case of fear of the unknown as I got older (I actually moved to France the day after I graduated highschool). I could never imagine doing that again, lol.

  11. Tristan, You’ll be welcome in the Pacific Northwest! Once you get bored with Seattle :), you can travel over the Cascades to Yakima for some mighty fine wine, beer and LOTS of sunshine. Best of luck with your move!

  12. Hooray, Tristan!! So excited to see you heading out to Seattle! I hope to grab coffee or something with you and Michelle when you get settled in. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to make you feel at home in the PNW. Safe travels to you guys!!

    1. Charmaine you are going to make me feel comfortable by being one of my friends, lol! Can’t wait to see you again:)

  13. Seattle?! Yay! I am so excited for you and this next great adventure! I think Seattle will suit you perfectly :) And I am so jealous you will live in the same city as Michelle and Charmaine! I will have to come visit you all! Enjoy your last few weeks in the South, T!

  14. Nice choice! Seattle seems like a lovely city with a lot to offer, I did quite like it when I visited a few years ago! Too bad my husband is such a surf bum–I can’t convince him to move too far north, even though I love that part of the country. I wish you all the best with your upcoming move, looking forward to blog updates from the Pacific Northwest!

  15. you’re going to love it! i’m from oregon and washington is like it’s sister state! i’m like you’re husband…i drove 3000 from oregon to portland, maine to live sight unseen. best decison ever! but i still miss the west cost and i hope you enjoy all the beauty seattle has to offer. dance in the rain for me! xoxo

  16. Just catching up on my favorite blogs after a little lapse, and was so thrilled about your move. My husband and I just moved here in March. It was for his job and supposed to be temporary, but we are going to stay. It is an incredible city, and though we are a little lonely still, those things take time. Eek! xoxo

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