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I am sure you are dead sick of me saying how much I hate the word blogger, which means I most likely can’t stand the word blog either–correct. In our recent on-line marketing foray for Foto Rx I have found that many of my once beloved blogs have abandoned ship, some have left without even a good bye? For shame. Even though I understand with some blogs why they may have closed shop (the inspiration blogs without original content have been taken over by Pinterest for sure) on others I am perplexed? I see a lot of successful blogs leaving to work on opportunities that their blogs afforded them, it almost feels like a virtual slap in the face to blog readers to just quit without even an explanation. Am  I wrong to think that you’ll need/want your blog when your project finally launches?

You see, I believe in the blog, I think there’s opportunity here, room for you to finally have your shining moment in the blogosphere. How?  Well, it’s really very simple, without information the internet doesn’t exist, we have become dependent on Google for answers, we need this information and you my friend as a business will give the people what they need, right?  Does the world need another DIY post?  Probably not (but they are very pinnable). What is missing then from blogs?  It’s so obvious to me it makes me cringe when I don’t see it–perspective. What the what?  I’ll give you an example; if you are an interior designer I want to know more about the who, what, where, when, why and how! I don’t want to see inspiration pics from Elle decor’s site, I want to know about how you got into your business, what your day looks like, the intricacies of your business, the things you take for granted would be tasty gems for a design-a-phile! Speaking of gems, my friend Sofia was asking about what she should write about on her new blog and I was excited because there is so much she could write about, she’s getting her masters in gemology that alone is interesting, but she is also an excellent treasure hunter and finds the best vintage jewelry.

My unsolicited suggestion? Write about your experiences, your adventures, the how’s and why’s. I believe everyone has within them a wealth of information, things they take for granted that others might find wildly interesting, things people are Googling. I am a native Californian, born and raised in Los Angeles basically an anomaly, if I was smarter I would have written more about my City of Angels, because it is such a special place, these are the types of things that make you different and unique, mine your personal knowledge and experiences it’s the one thing that will set you apart from everyone else.  I love the pretty pics and the DIY’s but what I really want to know is more about how so and so got to where they are (and yes, pretty pics are super important). I want details, nitty gritty, show me, tell me, explain how, ask questions, start a dialogue! I don’t think blogs are dying, I think certain types of blogs are and I do think that the ‘celebrity’ blogger is a dying breed, but if you have valuable information (and I 99.9% guarantee you do) there is a chance that your specialized information could be what drives people to your blog and in turn your business. So tell me your thoughts, if you have stopped reading blogs is there a reason why? Do you believe me when I tell you that we all have something interesting to share?  Have you noticed the max exodus of big bloggers abandoning their blogs? How do you feel about that? I am very curious to know where you are going (and why) if you have stopped reading blogs. Myself?  I have never read blogs like most people, I have always been a Googling fool, if I am going to take time away from my ‘real’ life I want to feel like I have accomplished something, that I have walked away from my computer a little bit richer (in knowledge), truly inspired and not dejected (easy to feel that way in the blogosphere, comparison the thief of joy and all), I want my time spent in the cyber world to effect my reality positively and enhance it, never take away from what I cherish most.

P.S. I just looked up Alt Summit (the blogger conference mecca) and it doesn’t look like they are slowing down anytime soon, at an almost 1K investment per attendee I would say that blogging isn’t going away anytime soon…

Author / Miss Tristan B

Miss Tristan B. is the co-creator of the world’s best + easiest product photography editing tool-Foto Rx | Shopkeeper’s Helper and one of the writer’s of this delightful blog. Her lofty goal here is to make this a creative resource repository and to inspire you to fall truly, madly, deeply in love with your life.

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  1. I could not agree with you more! Along with ‘bloggers’ abruptly abandoning their posts, I think there is also a legion of readers who abandon certain blogs because it is evident that they’ve just become one, big advertisement for products that the blogger is getting gratis.
    Readers are in search of information to improve their current situation whether it’s how to perfectly paint a midcentury dresser they picked up at the flea, or it’s how to coordinate different clothing patterns so they don’t end up looking like a clown. You are on-point when you say that the audience is out to gain input from those who are in the know. Some of my most favorite sites to visit are those where I’m learning something; Something like millions of Martha Stewarts for a new, online generation.

    1. Cathy, I realized after I wrote this that I would know it was truly the end if no one commented, so thank you;) I couldn’t have articulated it better. I would love to know what are still some of your favorite’s! Thanks for the visit:)

  2. I’ve noticed this, too, and actually, I’ve been feeling very “over” blogs recently. The word I use to talk about what’s missing is VALUE. There used to be value in DIY posts. I learned how to do things that I wouldn’t have thought of or be knowledgeable about prior to reading. But then we became inundated, and everything turned into pretty photos over content. When the world seems so saturated, I have to know that a blog is still giving me something new and of value to keep reading.

    1. Hi Ashley, ah, I didn’t even think of the oversaturation factor, but I can see that. Value, yes, I agree time is a at a premium so if you are going to visit some place it should feel like it is adding to your life/enjoyment. Thank you for your thoughts today, this subject has been rolling around in my brain for awhile and it’s nice to be able to discuss it with others and get feedback!

  3. Intriguing post! I am so conflicted because I have burned out trying to keep up with the blogging joneses and once I stopped updating so frequently my traffic went way down. I don’t like the word “blog” or “blogger”…I’m a writer and that’s what I like to call what I do…however, the word “blog” is instantly recognizable and I haven’t found a good substitute that fits best. I know many people use the word journal; I’ve landed on “stories” but it is a little nebulous. Stories? Like Hansel and Gretle? It can be confusing. I’m trying to focus less on keeping up my RSS and more on providing content via ebooks / ecourses but it took giving myself permission to do that because it goes against some weird inner “should.”

    I’ve not contributed anything helpful here, but I’m grateful for the conversation!

    1. Hillary, I think maybe you did hit on something, the comparing yourself to others (in the blogging realm) which I do think is an easy trap to fall into instead of just having a blog because it’s enjoyable. I am going to speak to SEO (search engine optimization) and blogging soon, blogging for business (not as a business). I think blogging as a business is very, very difficult and it’s a small percentage that can be afforded that luxury. And yes, I too wish I could coin another term besides ‘blog’ it sends shivers down my spine, I just detest the word! Thank you for adding to the conversation!

  4. As a blogger who’s left the blogosphere (I did say goodbye, even if abruptly!), I miss blogging. What I don’t miss is the never-ending pressure to create, create, create, to constantly post the original, new, and valuable to keep the readership flowing in an oversaturated environment. For me, the self created pressure was robbing me of the pleasure I get from creation. Should I ever come back to the Internet, I’ll have to come back in a more realistic way that provides value for the reader AND for myself, stats be damned!

    1. Hello Miss Suzonne! I am glad you said good bye, there are so many that just left with nada. I do understand the self-imposed pressure, especially if you are trying to make the blog a business. I think my timing was off for that. I may have wished it would happen (sort of like I wish I won the Lotto but I don’t play, lol), but I never took those steps to make it happen. I think you are wildly creative so I would love to see you come back some day, you have a TON to talk about that I think people would gobble up (I know I would). When I am doing my consulting work I tell my clients to just be consistent, if you are only going to post once a week or once a month, pick a day and do it and be consistent about it. I think it goes a long way and choosing a manageable amount to post is key, quality over quantity. Of course I think if it doesn’t enhance or add to one’s life than dump it, this here blog has been so good for me on a personal level, it really has helped me be more disciplined, something I need because I tend to want to do everything (at once). Thank you for popping by, miss you!

  5. GREAT POST. I agree with the “b” word thing, I have a blog, but don’t in any way consider myself a blogger. It’s purpose is to be a portfolio for my business which serves a local clientele. I have no reason to try to build a readership, or attract sponsors, or get a book or deal, which seems to have become a goal. I suspect that many people find the pressure to satisfy a huge readership and sponsors with something fresh every day is harder than they imagined and ultimately not worth it. Also, have you ever read the awful things that people feel free to write in comments? I still love to browse through my feed, but it’s mostly full of the “mom & pop” variety blogs where real people share their creativity and personality.

    1. Pam, yes, it’s so funny that one of the things I used to do in my professional life was develop names for brands/products and this one– the ‘b word’ that I am obviously deep into alludes me, hah! I think what you are doing is very smart, keep it simple, keep the overhead low, it shows what you do, done! I also understand the allure of wanting to become the next Cinderella of blogging, but I truly think the days of the super blogger are gone, I could be so wrong (it happens, lol) but it’s just my gut feeling!

  6. I need to work on my B-word. This little post has freshened up my outlook on what to do with it. Share my experiences. I have seen some of my favorite blogs disappear. I do understand burn out. However, I also get frustrated when designers post glorious, beautifully done pictures on their blogs that have nothing to do with themselves. I want to see the real. The real way they do things, how they design, not search for a shiny photo that would look pretty. Who cares. I’m not living in that world and I don’t know many people who do. If they happen to have funds to have that lifestyle, they don’t do it. I like to see how people take their everyday and make it super fantastic.

    1. Lisa, I think Pinterest really took over the inspirational, or maybe I should write, ‘aspirational’ blogs. That I completely understand and I think those blogger’s that really had a passion for it are doing gangbuster’s on Pinterest. Bliss Blog, which I always loved and I think she always found great things really authentically moved from one platform to the other seamlessly (and I do follow her on Pinterest), but I don’t follow her blog anymore, so I can see where having both may be redundant. I want to see the ‘behind the scenes’ of a beautiful project, I want a tip on why the designer chose X,Y,Z. But I always, always want to learn something new, that’s my social media parameter!

  7. I’m not a blogger but a blog reader. I’ve seen a lot of my favorite blogs disappear, and I *wish* people would say goodbye. Oftentimes I am left hanging not knowing if they just post infrequently or if they’ve given up. After a long time of silence, I will finally delete. I also agree with content being important. I don’t like posts with just pretty pictures – but would love to hear why the picture was inspiring or many of the background, real things that you wrote about. If a blog looks too “pretty,” full of unattainable things for my lifestyle (like “gift guides” full of really expensive fashion or home goods), I have also stopped reading. But I love a good suggestion from a blog post and have also bought many things I read about on blogs when they are attainable to the common woman. If a blogger seems particularly narcissistic (many pictures of themselves, seen often on fashion blogs), I will stop reading. Also, has anyone noticed that a lot of DIY blog posts these days seem to be too simplistic? e.g. I put a few pieces of washi tape on a vase and voila! – then wrote a “DIY” post about it. (Though I love washi tape, but still!) So it seems that recently I’ve had fewer and fewer blogs to read…I still come back to yours though!

    1. Suzie that made me think Of Creature Comforts gift guides, they were always so awesome and many under $20! ‘Keep’ a new app does a lot of very inexpensive gift guides, it’s a little too much for me consumer wise, because they really do have good things, lol! I think a lot of fashion blogger’s use themselves because models are hard to come by, seriously! I think their brave for doing it, I would be a wreck! I have been wanting to shoot some creative portraits and my husband has been the only willing ‘model’, it wasn’t my vision but what I have on hand, lol. I do get it though and with new plug-ins for Instagram that help monetize posts fashion bloggers can do their same thing there which is probably more efficient. I would love to know what you are reading though (and trust us when we say we are so grateful for your visit!) I am just curious and think we should support those people that are still writing good content (or just writing, lol). I know I used to never comment because I would feel like I have ‘nothing’ to add, that’s why I love asking questions here because I feel it helps with not having a one-sided conversation (which it can feel like a lot of times when people don’t comment) we appreciate the dialogue!

  8. dear miss tristan … i have read blogs only since 09 and in early 10 started my own with the idea it would be monotized ( not knowing anything what so ever how that would take place ) so i took a couple ‘how to blog’ classes, spent $ on setting up my blog and then had ‘life’ fill my time with many unexpected things … over time i realized that ‘monotizing’ a blog is not easy ( at all ) and what i also did not really get was the ‘relationship’ aspect of blogging … i am older and the whole computer thing does not come easy … so i took time off from blogging and read and commented and then kept noticing blogs i read having fewer posts … most have turned to instagram which again i did not realize right away as i was quite slow to catch on to that too … so i now follow them on instagram and Pinterest but it does not have the personal interaction of the blog in any of the same way … i would still love to grow my blog readership which would not be hard because i probably have 3 readers ( i also do not know how to understand anilytics ) but i still am not consistant as you point out is helpful … so the blogs i read … posie gets cozy , lala lovely, decor8, yours and a couple others … i also don’t know how to set them up in a reader, but like you i am a googler and research fanatic so i am sure i can google and figure it out … one other thing … I have also gotten a better camera and took photo classes because I am drawn to beautiful photos on blogs so wanted that to be part of mine too … so everything in little steps, but sometimes i think i have done all this and missed the boat … i am an interior designer so will take your thoughts on board :) epic comment sorry

    1. Hi Dawn! I think A LOT of people went into blogging for monetization of the blog, which I am afraid was probably why there were so many disappointed bloggers, lol. Firstly, let me tell you I am late to everything, I completely missed Myspace which now I think was probably a good thing, I never did Livejournal or forums, I am terrible at Twitter and Facebook? Gah! We will get into Facebook for business in the coming weeks as we start or own (very late) foray into that for Foto Rx! I think I mentioned in the comments about blogs + SEO (how us Googler’s find folks) and I definitely want to speak to that. I think now if you want to build an audience for your business you need at least one of the extra’s to get people over (the extra’s being Instagram, FB, Gooogle+, Pinterest, etc.) BUT once you get them over it better be darn good info one offer’s up or else they probably will lose that person forever. I am so glad you joined the conversation and were so honest, it really helps us develop posts, because we LOVE helping people and I think we can add a little of our knowledge + experience to this!

  9. I enjoyed reading your thoughts here today. I am a style blogger and wardrobe stylist and in my blog posts I try to not only put good imagery but teach women a few tricks/tips along the way. I love content but I find that the attention span of readers is getting shorter and shorter every day. This was a good reminder to continue with my content despite the pressure write less. I appreciated your thoughts and agree that everyone has a story to tell!

    1. Conni, I think if you LOVE something it translates well in social media. It seems to me you have an engaged audience and as long as you are enjoying it and others are as well that’s all you need in the blogosphere. We appreciate your visit!

      P.S. I liked your post on finding your own style;)

  10. Hi Tristan,
    I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed this post. I have been wanting to start a blog for years. Yours is the only blog that I read and subscribe to. I was thinking why?… Probably because you have always kept it insightful and provided me with a lot of inspiration, new people, fonts and photographers to ogle at. You send me new discoveries right into my inbox that I probably wouldn’t have found without you. I really appreciate how you have given a just little of yourself but yet kept a purpose for us to follow you. I hope to aspire to your kind of blog when I finally get brave enough to start.
    Aurelia x

    1. Aurelia, thank you so very much for your kind comment. I think what you do would be ripe for a blog, you could show your process and how to use your digital art, freebies that would get pinned, etc. You have a big following on Etsy and I bet people would love a place where you could show off what they did with your art in your gallery. Again, I am definitely going to get into my thoughts on blog + business for SEO in the coming weeks:)

  11. Hi Tristan,
    I see what you mean about models being expensive for fashion blogs…so I was thinking, why do some of them seem narcissitic to me? It seems to me that professional magazines that photograph models will have 1 photo of a model in a particular outfit, but some of the fashion blogs I have happened on will have multiple photos of the blogger in the same outfit from different angles and close-ups etc. And maybe sometimes a blog post will include a complaint about their body, so inevitably the comments say things like “You look beautiful!”

    As for what blogs I read besides yours :) – Cup of Jo, Oh Happy Day, Hello Sandwich, Paper Source, Be Crafty, Simple + Pretty, Studio Carta, Boheme Circus. Mostly craft/paper/some photography/travel oriented. Seems like a lot but some post more frequently than others, so the daily blogroll isn’t that much most of the time. I used to follow a bunch more, including Creature Comforts, and yes I loved those gift guides!

    I also love that you personally respond to your commenters. I know that is not always possible but it’s great to know comments are being read!

    1. Ah, I see what you are saying, that may be youth, it seems like I would say a bunch of disparaging things about myself when I was younger (and trust me I wish now I was ‘that fat, ‘ugly’ etc. as I was back then, lol). I think it’s a subconscious ( maybe conscious) way to illicit positive response. I think I have just done that myself in the former sentence, ah, bad habits die hard, tsk! Thank you for coming back with your faves, those are some of mine too;)

  12. I read your post via email yesterday and have been waiting to get back to my studio to chime in. Like most folks here, I also dislike the word “blogger” on so many levels. My blog has changed over the years and is now so very neglected. It has always been my least favorite thing mostly because I’m not one to feel comfortable saying “look at the cool things I’ve done,” which I feel is how so many blogs are, so the concept has never resonated with me. I agree with you that I only read blogs that I feel enrich my mind and/or abilities. I despise the rabbit hole of nothingness where time is wasted away with nothing gained. I have spent a lot of thinking time figuring out how I can contribute in an enriching way on my blog and social media. I’ve got a plan that I am excited for…and it will happen in time. There is only so much one can do in a day! Like Aurelia, I only subscribe to your blog for the very reasons she offers.

    1. Nikkol, I have to tell you I always, always felt awkward about promoting my shop Besotted Brand which is silly, I know. With the new Foto Rx I feel SUPER excited about the product and it makes it so much easier to share. I don’t know if it’s because it’s not just me (I am great at promoting other people, lol) or that I know it’s a something that is extraordinarily beneficial. With my BB shop, it’s a luxury item, it’s not ‘needed’ but it’s nice to have. With the new product I know it’s useful and could be a game changer for many people and I think that’s what we have been trying to do here provide resources that could make a difference in a person’s life. I think with social media it’s about picking one that is do able and enjoyable. If it’s no fun to blog, then try Pinterest (my personal fave and I so wish that it had more of a community vibe!) or Instagram or? We are doing a little toe dipping right now in other social media waters that we are going to discuss, I have to say with Facebook not feeling comfortable at all! My friend Meg said that’s where most people find her business so we thought we would give it a go. I would love to hear your insight and see what you end up doing, we of course always wish everyone huge success:) Thank you for the visit, I feel like an airline pilot, ‘we know you have many choices of travel and we thank you for choosing us to fly with…’, lol.

  13. I’ve been reading your blog for about 6 months now and I’ve bookmarked it and often have it open on at least one of my screens. I also write for my own blog and whenever I have to be absent for an extended period I always let readers know that I just won’t be available. The pressure to feel I must write to keep connected with them is real but then I always come back to what I told myself when I first started writing, “I write first and foremost for me, then for those that will read it.” Always in that order or else I lose focus. I read this post with relish as well as each and every one of the comments. Love your blog and your vibe and wishing you all the best!

  14. Just found your blog today and enjoyed your post. I also have stopped reading a lot of blogs, although I hadn’t thought of the reasons other than I grew bored. Many for the reasons your pointed out are it — same commercial inspirational like Elle Decor site photos, etc as the content, post after post after post. The other reason is, and I do understand why bloggers take on sponsors, is that I read the same thing everywhere. Example: of the limited blogs I do still read, 3 bloggers posted about the joy of their sponsored Blue Apron within two days. A 4th blogger posted a day or two later. They even blog about Blue Apron again not longer after. Nothing against Blue Apron, but I roll my eyes whenever I see a Blue Apron post… and skip the blog. I don’t complete reading (or skip entirely) many sponsored posts especially the lazier ones who obviously cut and paste the supplied PR copy.
    And I am also a bit sad when a blogger ends a blog without a good-by. I know many intend to write again, but procrastinate. Still. It’s usually the writer I connect to, so perhaps I take it a little personally. Like I got dumped. Ha!

    1. Kate, so sorry this response is so late! I LOVED reading your very thoughtful (and thorough) comment. I think as a blogger it also helps to get feedback about how to deal with sponsors for readers. We haven’t really delved into the realm of sponsorship, but if we ever do we will always try to keep it relevant, authentic and share. Maybe I am just immature but I secretly cringe when I see ‘so and so’ blogger just got a new free ‘X’, I know it’s stupid, they obviously have earned it but I want a free ‘X’ too! Sharing is caring after all;)

  15. I like #2 and #3 the most. But I also like the Sew Sew Mama one a lot too! Hmmmm, need a new logo for myself. I like my tagline, a blog about being a wife, a mom, and everything in between…but I have been thinking about somehow addind in the word creative, since I feel like my blog is more a creative blog than just a mom blog.

  16. Fantastic tips! I have the Canon T3, but I only have the single lens that came with it. I want to get more. I also take like 100 pictures for every one that I think I’ll need. I still have a long way to go before my pictures are great, but at least they’re getting there!

  17. Great message! I’m pretty sure that for me blogging fulfills my life long interest in money and helping other people with how to properly handle it.

  18. Fantastic tips! I have the Canon T3, but I only have the single lens that came with it. I want to get more. I also take like 100 pictures for every one that I think I’ll need. I still have a long way to go before my pictures are great, but at least they’re getting there!

  19. I’ve been reading your blog for about 6 months now and I’ve bookmarked it and often have it open on at least one of my screens. I also write for my own blog and whenever I have to be absent for an extended period I always let readers know that I just won’t be available. The pressure to feel I must write to keep connected with them is real but then I always come back to what I told myself when I first started writing, “I write first and foremost for me, then for those that will read it.” Always in that order or else I lose focus. I read this post with relish as well as each and every one of the comments. Love your blog and your vibe and wishing you all the best!Hawaii SEO

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