The Making of a Jess Brown Doll Part I

kiki and coco go to paris via besotted blog ii

My toddler daughter and I are currently having a major love affair with the Nina Gruener & Stephanie Rauseer books Lulu & Pip and Kiki & Coco in Paris. They are simple stories that are easy for young ones to memorize, the photos are visual treats and the ‘co-star’ the Jess Brown doll is now a hugely wanted commodity in our abode. I did a little research and the designer Jess Brown wrote a book and describes her process and there’s even a template to re-create a version of her doll!

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In her book she mentions the best way to personalize your dolls and she suggests starting with the eyes, although I really love the signature star eyes on her dolls I thought it would be fun to try my hand at creating my own stylized eye (I may end up doing a version of hers). The only obstacle being that I don’t know how to embroider. I did have some embroidery supplies in my craft closet, because it seems at one time I thought I would learn, so I pulled those out and started Googling. Above is my first efforts (stem stitch, satin stitch, back stitch) and I have linked to all the resources that helped me learn the basic stitches.  Now that I started, I am going to need to finish, because my daughter is anxiously awaiting the arrival of her dolly. Hopefully, I will have another update for you soon! Have you tried your hand at a Jess Brown Doll or any other rag doll making?  I am actually surprised at how creative an endeavor this is turning out to be.



Lulu & Pip

Kiki & Coco in Paris

Jess Brown Designs


The Making of a Rag Doll


Embroidery hoop

DMC floss

Embroidery Needle (the lower the number the larger the needle)

Perle Cotton (currently my preference, #12, check your local craft store for less expensive options)


Note:  I am linking to multiple videos, some on the same stitches, because sometimes we just need the right teacher to get a technique down;)

7 Basic Embroidery Stitches

Embroidery Basics

10 basic stitches


Softie Doll Kits (everything you need, just sew!)


These dolls are already stuffed and ready to go!  All they need is your creative genius to decorate and make your own!

Doll bodies primitive (a set of 3!)

This one comes with a watercolor set!

This is a set of 4! Gender neutral too!

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