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When we were preparing for baby (almost 3 years ago now!), my husband had read an article on a family that saved a ton of money by buying second hand clothes and lots of baby clothes from Craigslist. I was of the mind that it was not sanitary enough for a baby and kept her (in reader suggested) onesies for most of her infant life. She wasn’t crawling or walking and I wore her most of the time so I really didn’t need any cute frilly dresses or outfits at that stage. I am glad I didn’t give into temptation and just kept her wardrobe to the very, very basics.  As she got older, more active and started growing out of clothes at an alarming rate, I needed to think of a more budget friendly solution without sacrificing style. My husband found a consignment store for babies and kids near his job and I told him I would look, just look. What I found was a secret world of goodness, racks and racks of clothes, some of them new with price tags still attached and some barely worn at all and better yet I could sell my current clothes that no longer fit and either get cash or credit, this was the best thing ever!  The problem I have now was that getting everything in gear to go to the consignment store was a pain in the butt, newsflash, toddlers hate clothes shopping, in fact they hate any errand that takes longer than 30 seconds to complete so there was that. So one night I when I was in bed, I wondered if there was an online consignment store and I ‘Googled’, Thredup came up and I started reading reviews and started poking around. I liked what I saw.  I ended up placing a small order of $50 and had a pretty full parcel of new and ‘like new’ items being shipped to my doorstep that week. The package arrived fairly swiftly and came in their branded box and each item was carefully wrapped in tissue paper, all the items that were marked ‘like new’ were exactly as described, some looked like they were never worn at all. I bought all brand names for twofold, there usually is quality that you are familiar with in known brands (I bought Ralph Lauren baby, Marie Chantal, Petit Bateau, Baby Gap) and also when you go to re-sell a brand name is important for consignment. I was happy with almost everything I ordered, two items were too small but returns were easy, you print a receipt on line and have your choice of paying for shipping and getting your card reimbursed or getting credit to your Thredup account.  I opted for the latter since I figured I’d be using them again soon, I was happy with the experience.

They do have a program where you can send in your old clothes and if they accept them you can make some extra cash. I looked at their estimation calculator and unfortunately as convenient as it would be to send all the clothes that don’t fit any longer, I felt I would get more if I took them to a local consignment shop, which again is not as convenient (and most only take seasonal clothes so you are stuck with all your extra summer clothes until the following spring). This may not be a problem for most but closet space is at a premium here and it would be nice to have the extra room, but again I didn’t feel it would be worth the return value.

Now you may be asking yourself, what about me?  Oh, indeed they have plenty for a grown-up and especially lucky if that grown-up does capsule wardrobes or wants to buy classic pieces, because let me tell you finding a creamy turtleneck in the stores is near impossible. If you are interested this link will get you $10 to shop with, there are plenty of items that are under $20 so it should help if you just want to try Thredup out.

Let me know if you have tried Thredup or if you know of another online shop like it, I’d be curious to know about others and your experience!

P.S. If you are wondering this is NOT a sponsored post. I wish it was, because that would be awesome to get paid to write this but alas, I am just a mom and consumer that is both budget (and style) conscious and also loves the idea of a less disposable wardrobe. Enjoy!

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