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I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving (or Thursday for our non-US friends)!  I enjoyed a simple + sweet one with my petite family, albeit I do have a pinched nerve in my back (it’s like a bad 70’s sitcom). As I am wont to do I am trying to look on the bright side of this situation, even though at first glance there doesn’t seem to be one.  I am going to reach and say that the bright side to this is being forced to take it slow (real slow) in the hustle +bustle and usual self-induced stress of the holidays I am reveling in all the little things-being able to sit, stand, hold my baby. Maybe it’s just what I needed, but I sure do hope this passes soon and never returns-ever!

Michelle and I have been working behind the scenes here per usual, brainstorming, coming up with big plans for the coming weeks and 2015 and of course wanting to bring you something that we would like to read ourselves and hope that means you would love it too! One of the ideas I threw out there was a week of artist Jen Huang (I am a fan), many of you may know her as a talented photographer but that’s just the tip of her iceberg, Jen is a true creative and business person, an individual that is truly admirable and someone that I find an inspiration and hope you will too. We are looking forward to sharing Jen’s interview (that she kindly answered even though she’s going to give birth any day now!), showcasing her work, discussing her inspirations and a giveaway!  We will be back later today, we can’t wait to share and hope you will join us!

photo by jen huang

P.S. Our friend Susan of Fleurishing is doing a week of giveaways (oh, la la!) the first is a Francophile gift guide giveaway and there’s a little itty bitty Besotted Brand token in there, you can visit here!

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