Amore Pacific Color Cushion Control Review

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I am loathe to write about a beauty product that is on the spendy side, but Michelle, that vixen, brought me a sample of the Amore Pacific color cushion control compact (say that 3 times fast, tongue twister..) and I decided to give it a whirl.

My thoughts?  Firstly, the packaging alone is worth the buy, it is so darn good looking! But let’s talk substance, this ‘foundation’ feels as the company claims ‘lighter than air’. It’s so light I wondered if I had even applied any product, for those that despise cakey feeling foundation you’ll love that this feels like you aren’t wearing anything. Some reviews I read wrote that it felt oily, I have very dry skin, so I just felt hydrated (which I liked), Michelle didn’t feel like it was oily either (she’s super sensitive so her ick meter is high).  It comes with a puff to apply, but I used a beloved beauty blender and application was indeed flawless. I was able to build coverage, which I liked because I do have hyper pigmentation on my cheeks that I am self conscious about. There’s not a ton of color options available, but I think that this product is such a winner that I am sure they will be expanding their color offerings soon enough.

So, let’s talk some downsides of the product–as mentioned color options are not plentiful, it is expensive coming in at $60 USD, which is not unreasonable for a higher-end product, but for this drugstore loving product junkie it feels like an investment for sure (but in good news I would say that it as good as the Giorgio Armani foundation, which I love and bonus it’s much, much lighter and less expensive!) there is a distinct scent upon first opening the product, it’s not bad, but it is distinct, for those sensitive to scents this could be a deal breaker. The scent dissipates quickly and I actually thought it smelled nice, almost citrusy so I didn’t mind it (and I AM sensitive to scents). Michelle got the samps from Nordstrom, which I would recommend if you buy, because they have a terrific return policy if you found it didn’t work out for you, but it is unfortunately working out for me, gosh I hate when I fall for a spendy product, but it did prompt my husband to say, ‘You look beautiful today’, which after being together for over a decade speaks volumes to the effectiveness of this product.


Amore Pacific Color Control Cushion Compact

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4 thoughts on “Amore Pacific Color Cushion Control Review

  1. i have really wanted to try this, so was happy to see your review, since i trust your makeup opinions. i will have to wait until i’m in the states b/c the scent issue has me concerned. but glad to hear it’s a good foundation. xo

    1. Jane, I think it’s worth getting a sample and trying for sure, but to be honest the scent may scare you away, but I felt it went away pretty fast:)

  2. Your current favorite blender links back to the Amore compact. I am so curious,…just gotta know. What is your favorite blender?

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