L’Oreal True Match vs. Maybelline Fit Me dewy + smooth

L'oreal True Match vs. Fit Me! Dewy + Smooth via Besotted Blog

Gosh, you must think all I do is sit around all day trying BB, CC creams and foundations. I have written my fair share of reviews on these subjects and have been quite opinionated on them all. Drugstore foundations are probably the hardest to test since color matching is a Herculean task and who has the time to return a used foundation? Ah, but the sheer glory of finding an amazing drugstore foundation that actually performs like a luxury one? Well, that feeling is hard to put into words.

I am going to give you the pro’s and con’s on each of these as I always feel like that helps to balance out a comparison review.¬† My skin is dry, there is so many things wrong with dry skin but the worse is that make-up can easily look cakey and exacerbate the look of lines, not a look I am trying to achieve. My goal is always to look as ‘non-make-up-y’ as possible. I want enough coverage so my skintone is even, but I still want to maintain my skin¬†texture (I don’t want a foundation ‘mask’). Maybe because my skin is dry I prefer a more ‘glow’ (think J.Lo) to my look and veer away from anything that is matte. Both True Match and Fit Me! Dewy + Smooth were highly recommended for dry skin and since I was in the market for yet another foundation I thought why not give them a go?

I have raved about the L’Oreal Magic BB Cream, the drawback on that product is that it has no sunscreen, I love the feel of the BB Cream, almost like water, like you aren’t really adding anything to your skin. Both the True Match and Fit Me have this same unique watery/light consistency, which gave me hope, the cons on both products is that they have no pumps, application gets messy really fast. The True Match was a near perfect match for my skintone and I found it infinitely easier to find a shade via their quick quiz. The Fit Me was impossible to color match, I ended up taking in my True Match and holding up the bottle to the Fit Me to find the closest color. When I first tried the True Match I thought I may have found foundation nirvana, it feels as if you aren’t wearing anything, the color was perfect, the coverage was nice, I loved it, it even had a nice glow to it. Not even half an hour later it set in as a very matte finish, my face looked like a craggly desert. The worse part is I had gone to a client meeting like that–gasp! The Fit Me on the other hand, even though the color was not perfect, it was very, very close, it also stayed dewy all day (even in this blistering heat). I am going to say if you have skin on the drier side and want a glowy finish than I would go for the Fit Me! If you have normal to oily skin there is another Fit Me! option called Matte + Poreless, my MIL tried it and I can attest how radiant her skin looked. I am going to be using the Fit Me! for the rest of the summer and then who knows what discovery I will make next?

Have you tried either of these foundations? Do you know of a better way to color match a drugstore foundation? We would love to hear if there’s a drugstore foundation you are loving right now!

P.S. I found this site that helps you find foundation colors based on what you have bought before!


L’oreal True Match Foundation

L’oreal Magic BB cream

Fit me! Dewy + Smooth

Fit me! Matte + Poreless

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4 thoughts on “L’Oreal True Match vs. Maybelline Fit Me dewy + smooth

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    Thank you for sharing information.

  2. All these products are very effective, one is used by me and other one by my sister. Both are effective.
    Thanks for sharing this. And also the other one mentioned in comment.

  3. I’m 43 and my skin has all the issues of mature women. So far I’m happy with L’Oreal but saw a deal on Maybelline and for wondering if I should go for it.

    1. Hi Maggi, I really like the ‘Fit me’, I have since purchased it a few times. I also LOVE the L’oreal Lumi, it has a pump which I prefer. The Lumi isn’t as good of a color match for me as the Fit me, but I own them both. The Lumi also has a higher SPF if that matters to you.

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