Maybelline The Colossal Big Shot Mascara Review

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The world feels like it’s coming to an end and all I can talk about is mascara, it just doesn’t feel right. Currently, I am trying to sort through all my thoughts and feelings and the way I am coping is by throwing myself into work. I do want to address what’s going on in the world, but today I will be addressing your lashes, it’s what I know, it is my comfort zone. Speaking of comfort zones though, I totally went out of mine with this product shot, I love me some bright white backgrounds, but I went for the glam, because this mascara deserves it. Maybelline is known for mascara, almost every makeup artist ever claims they use Great Lash, but it never worked for me. I used to be a die hard L’Oreal mascara fan and I have been known to splurge on occasion with Tarte’s ‘Lights, Camera, Lashes’, but now is not the time for mascara splurges. I’m not sure if it’s me or if L’Oreal reformulated but I always end up with racoon eyes and/or flakes whenever I wear it, since one of my new year’s resolutions was to wear more makeup I couldn’t forgo the mascara now could I?  I’ll be honest, I bought this on a whim, it was shiny, it caught my eye; when you are shopping with a toddler there is no such thing as leisurely strolling the aisles, you need to shop faster than you can breathe, the consequences are usually much worse than buying something you’ll have to return later, trust me on this.

I would recommend this mascara if you are like me and you want volume, length and curl. I am not a fan of mascaras that give you length without volume and vice versa. This is glam mascara, if you are trying to go for a natural look than this is not for you. I am trying to channel my inner Posh spice girl, so this fits the bill. I find the brush is great for covering your lashes without clumping,  I never feel like I have gobs of excess mascara on the brush or wand which I like since I tend to be one to wipe off and waste lots of mascara before application. It lasts pretty much all day for me, but I have found that I have been putting my palm to my forehead and rubbing my eyes more than I have ever done before, the news has not only messed with my brain but has aided and abetted in the breakdown of mascara, causing me to look like Alice Cooper’s long lost daughter. If I wasn’t doing the aforementioned I am sure the mascara would last longer. I haven’t had any problems with flaking either. It’s easy to take off, I wear contacts and I hate mascara that doesn’t budge when I want it to, this washes off no problem. For under $10 this is a steal of a product and I would absolutely buy it again.

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Maybelline Volum’ Express The Colossal Big Shot Mascara

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  1. I too love the Colossal Big Shot Mascara! I bought it on a whim and now I’m in my happy Mascara place! I use waterproof, due to allergy eyes, but it really makes my lashes stand out! Excellent product!

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