Around here : MUSE | BLOOM Edition

Ruffled Peony via Besotted

Last week we featured artists in different disciplines with the same ‘muse’, the series launch is Muse | Blooms. We hope that this inspires you to find your own muse, or if you feel the muse of blooms calling that it inspires you to discover your own unique way of sharing your vision with the world…Psst, I forgot to post this Friday;)

For further exploration and fun we have included some more links, let us know if you have any to add!

Floral mandala’s

Suspended gardens

We’ve written about Iphoneographer/florographer Ashley Woodsen Bailey before, but here are some of her newest additions…

Photographer Kari Herrer has created a whole series based on her floral photography paired with her pencil illustrations, such an amazing idea!

You really need to Google Image Ellie Cashman’s dark floral wallpaper to get the full impact!

photo by Michelle P.

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