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floral installation by artist Rebecca Louise Law ii

Rebecca Louise Law Installation

This week we are featuring artists in different disciplines with the same ‘muse’, the series launch is Muse | Blooms. We hope that this inspires you to find your own muse, or if you feel the muse of blooms calling that it inspires you to discover your own unique way of sharing your vision with the world…

Rebecca Louise Law is an artist whose medium is flowers, now that is taking the bloom muse to a whole new level. Of course there are wonderful floral designers (and I often wish I was amongst them, it’s one of my many ‘in my wildest dreams’ careers), but to be an artist that actually uses the blooms as her ‘tool’ is a whole new level. The concept is to embrace the ephemeral nature of the flowers, in that respect the installations will change over time, exploring life and death. Personally both Michelle and myself find the dying bloom to be just as inspiring as the freshly pricked, it’s a new dimension of beauty to explore.

As you can gather from the few artists that we have featured thus far this week, there is a myriad of ways to express your bloom muse, to take a subject that is so ubiquitous and re-envision it in your own signature way. The suspended garden installations that Law creates are so epic in their proportion and vision, there is no reason that you can’t find your own creative seed of inspiration from this or any of the other featured artists. My belief is the world needs creative people, there is room for you and your explorations, if not just for your own personal fulfillment. The goal for most that have a burning desire to seek to do something creative is to be able to do it for a living and I do think there are opportunities that abound, what will make your vision unique? Is your art timely or timeless? The three featured artists we have featured, their work is both, meaning that it feels very current, but I don’t imagine it being something that they or a collector will ever cringe at years from now. I have been guilty of that in the past with the early stages of my design business, doing what was on trend and what clients wanted, but not following my gut and doing what I knew would be timeless–lesson learned.

Author / Miss Tristan B

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