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Paper Artist Tiffanie Turner via Besotted

There were many outstanding floral paper artists to feature, really the talent is shocking. The metamorphosis of humble paper into these realistic blooms has an almost alchemical feel, it just shouldn’t be so but it indeed is.  Tiffanie Turner’s giant and tiny works truly blew my mind (and I hope you are equally enthralled). Turner has a gorgeous collaboration with photographer Simone Truong, which I think is worth mentioning in two respects, one it’s awesome and two, collaboration can be a beautiful thing! Something to consider if you are wanting to try something creative but not in your skill set. Besides working with another creative can be like a shot of creative espresso. I feel like I should just let you visit her instead of keeping you here, please do, it’ll be such a treat!


If you are interested in this art form:

Turner does teach workshops!

I have taken a few classes with Livia Cetti and have really enjoyed her easy teaching style.

Cetti also has a book that would be a great addition to any craft library.

The ever creative Rebecca Thuss wrote Paper to Petal, which I own and love!

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3 thoughts on “MUSE | BLOOMS Tiffanie Turner

  1. Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful series and this very post is awesome! I’ve just started my way in paper flowers making so this post is of great help and inspiration. I just couldn’t believe that such miracles can be created from paper! Thanks for the book links – definitely going to buy them.

    1. Sasha, thank you kindly for the visit! I do hope you start to post your creations, I too am in awe of this miraculous transformation and how realistic they can be! We should have a lot more links to inspiration tomorrow for our ‘Around Here’ round up!

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