You can almost miss the jet colored Bailey if you blink but the namesake for the Bailey Doesn’t Bark brand is laying calmly on a pillow beneath the table above in this amazing styled image for the BDB site.  I think I let out an actual squeal of delight when I spotted this. Such creativity  must of went into putting this image together and it all looks so effortless.  I hope to one day own one of BDB’s creator Rin Je Lee’s creations or at the very least have the opportunity to meet Bailey in person and share some Eskimo kisses.

4 thoughts on “BAILY DOESN’T BARK

  1. Thanks Amy! Oh, I am glad to hear Melis that Bailey is a smoocher the name of the company makes my heart sing, it’ so darn sweet and Rin Je is some kind of talented, she really, really is.

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