I added some more stamps to the shoppe yesterday. I think I photographed and edited for about 21hours straight (I did stop for lunch, thank goodness). Speaking of straight I realized that my ability to align items when I style is way off. The majority of those hours was spent trying to make things look less lopsided. I wanted to give up about a thousand times but I know myself too well if I did then I would just get distracted by something shiny. I am happy to add new items even when I get overwhelmed by how many I still have to upload, it’s exciting for me to see which designs people are gravitating towards. There isn’t a clear favorite that I can see yet, I know in my last shop it was my manatee card which yes, is coming back, most of the Bella Bella Co. cards will be added to Besotted Brand but as a set. Shipping one off cards was not the thrill I thought it would when I first started but I know I will be over the moon to offer the sets and those sweet manatee’s will be able to go to good manatee loving homes (but of course).


  1. Oh how frustrating. I wouldn’t have even thought about the aligning part.

    I just love that name stamp. Do you also accept orders of type that is not a name? Maybe I can do something for my christmas mailing using one of your amazing stamps.

  2. Oh, thank you for your nice comment on my blog. I intended to write you a mail, but now you’ve discovered the post, without my help and I’m glad you like it. My readers are thrilled about your work too :) Have a nice weekend, greets from germany, caro

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