Besotted with…Our current faves


I. Michelle just finished ‘The Little Book of Talent’, 52 tips for improving your skills, she’s giving it a thumbs up so I am downloading tonight! This is the 2nd in a series, here’s the first one.

II. Instagram has announced IGTV, basically it’s Youtube in a vertical orientation filmed on your mobile device, here’s the ultimate guide to IGTV.

III. After working relentlessly for over a year, Foto Rx is going to roll out our first set of professional Lightroom presets for photographers. If you want to up your brands visuals you are going to want to get in on this!

IV. Are you using Instagram Stories?  You can now add GIFS (the rotating images) to Insta Stories with this tutorial.

V. I LOVE podcasts, but I don’t usually have time to listen except when I am cooking dinner, this also happens to be the time my daughter likes to hang out with me. I was looking for a podcast that we could both enjoy and stumbled upon this great one by NPR. We have listened to the one about water and owls vs. bats (which is going to be made into a new child friendly debate podcast). They are filled with interesting fun facts that we can later discuss or delve deeper into if she is inclined.

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