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Lately I have been dipping my toes into brush lettering waters thinking it would be easy or easier than the pointed pen (oh, contraire).  Honestly, I spent many an afternoon wanting to pull my hair out. I realized with brush lettering, not having a set in stone outcome is the best way for me to enjoy the process, there’s definitely not as much control as pointed pen and the media to get there– the brush, paper, inks, gouaches etc., all seem to have a better idea of outcome than I do. It truly feels like a ‘go with the flow’ technique and once you do things do fall into place. If you have wanted to try this medium but didn’t know where to start, what supplies to get, etc. or if you have been doing it for awhile and wanted to pick up a few techniques, or like me are feeling frustrated, then we have a serious treat for you! This week will be dedicated to Brush Lettering, we will have giveaways: classes, supplies, tools and tons of lettering artist secrets revealed!  This is going to be a very special week, we hope you join us!

To launch this week off with a bang brush lettering darling Jenny Highsmith will be generously gifting her e-course. If you search Pinterst for brush lettering chances are one of Jenny’s pieces will pop up in your feed (that’s how I found her!) She is beloved on Instagram with her monthly lettering challenges and is just an overall lovely lady! The e-course includes the following:

-10 videos, tons of examples, and 15 guided activities. In these 9 Lessons + 2 BONUS lessons you’ll learn:

-The basics of lettering
-What tools we recommend
-Guidance on finding inspiration
-How to develop a style that is your own
-The how-to’s of lettering and modern calligraphy
-Adding flourishes with style
-An in-depth look at Jenny’s style and rules
-Tips and tricks for laying out your lettering
-Putting it all together with your own artwork

– – PLUS – –

-A step-by-step guide in how to digitize lettering for print
-Tips on adding illustration to your lettering
-Extra linked resources, tool suggestions, books, and websites

We really, really wanted to get an interview in (ask Jenny how many times I manically emailed her) but timing was off, I felt such a rush of appreciation when she offered the e-course, it’s actually one that I plan on taking! We are super excited to give one lucky reader a chance to win the course and we are going to give you two ways to try to win. The first is to answer the question below in the comments OR you can try your hand at brush lettering this week (we are partial to the word ‘besotted’), it doesn’t matter if you are a pro or just starting out, we want you to give it a go! Tag your images with #BBlettering so we can find you! We will announce all winners from Brush Lettering week on Wednesday July 6, 2016!

What is your favorite letter or word to letter?

For those that are curious I love ‘C’s’ and ‘E’s it was a strong deciding factor in why I gave my daughter a name that started with an ‘E’ and not an ‘I’ because that is my ‘worst’ letter that I do!

P.S. We are on Instagram now @besotted_co

Miss Tristan B. is the co-creator of the world’s best + easiest product photography editing tool-Foto Rx | Shopkeeper’s Helper and the fastest way to clean + digitize your lettering and line art –Lettering Rx | Paper to pixel and one of the writer’s of this delightful blog. Her lofty goal here is to make this a creative resource repository to inspire you to fall truly, madly, deeply in love with your life.

18 thoughts on “Learn to Brush Letter like a pro!

  1. “A” for my son’s name, Andrew is my favorite letter. I would love to win the opportunity to take the class.

  2. I don’t know why, but I love the letter “m,” even though my name doesn’t contain one. Good thing I have lots of family and friends who do!

  3. I have a love/hate relationship with the letter g. I love making the lowercase letter g, but can’t stand making the capital letter G. Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. I love the cursive letter F. I never have a reason to write it other than From on a gift tag really but I just think it is so gorgeous and fun.

  5. I have a strong J, but I feel like that’s a letter that most people do well. I like how my letter M flows, but I strongly dislike how my I and P look. In fact, P is my least favorite letter when it comes to typography. It seems like no matter who does it, it looks kind of poopy.

  6. I think my favourite letter would ‘B’ – so many possibilities! From elegant to grunge and everything in between it seems, plus it’s the perfect letter to add all the flourishes :)

  7. How perfect is the timing of this post and giveaway! Recently I’ve been trying to learn some brush lettering on my own. I love to write the letter S in calligraphy. It reminds me of the treble clef in some ways. I used to be a musician.

  8. S is my fav. Yes, it’s my first initial, but I know it so well. When I was younger, I tried to mimic my teachers in school because they did such fancy cursive S’s, and now I’m trying to switch up my signature as I’m getting married in December and taking his family’s name.

  9. I’ve moved from copperplate to a more modern/casual style recently and love the lowercase s! so fun and free.

  10. I love lowercase L! Words with a double-l are the best! I like to write “hello” over and over and over…

  11. I’ve JUST started learning and practising lettering, but so far my favourite letter is “B.” I also really like writing my daughter’s name, Lane. :)

  12. Lately I am loving the letter “r” because it seems to surprise me a little every time I make it. I have also warmed up to “s,” which initially challenged me so much!

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