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Our grand plan was to have this tutorial recorded yesterday, but there’s a little thing called time that seems to endlessly get in our way–le sigh… The quickest and easiest way to clean your illustrations?  Well, our Lettering Rx set of course!  Firstly, let me address a couple things. It is Lettering Rx, don’t let the name fool you, if you are a lettering artist, chances are that you are creating motifs as well, hand drawn logos, maps, etc.  We didn’t think it was necessary to try to sell you a whole new set when Lettering Rx would do just perfectly, thank you! Think of it as two awesome tools for the price of one. Secondly, yes we are pushing our goods BUT I have thought of this ad naseum and if we didn’t create this product and we discovered it we sure as heck would be sharing it like crazy. I almost wish we didn’t let you know we created it so we could freely enthuse about it without feeling a bit full of ourselves or sales-y.  We are so excited though and we want everyone that has been partaking in lettering and illustration to be able to easily clean and digitize their work to share with the world or even better to start making an income from their creative endeavors, after all that’s one of the main reasons we write this blog is encourage you to pursue your passions, indulge in your creative interests and hopefully you will find a nugget here to generate an income from your creative bliss.

Clean and digitize your illustrations create product mock-ups

One of the fastest ways to be able to sell your lettering + illustrations (and not deal with sourcing, production and shipping) is to use your hi-res cleaned artwork (top tip: scan or photograph your artwork with a high resolution) with a company that allows you to create your own products using your artwork  (like pillows, t-shirts, totes, prints, blankets, etc.) Resources are linked below to some retailers for you to explore and of course all the tools you may need to get up and running! I seriously could get my artwork from scanned, cleaned, digitized and for sale in a matter of minutes. Ah, technology! Please feel free to leave any questions or let us know of any other resources in the comments!



Brush pen-This is the ‘magic’ brush pen I used for the bunny illustration–LOVE!


Software: Photoshop / Lettering Rx | Paper to Pixel

Frame mock-up in post


Cafe Press

Designs by Humans



Society 6


Spread Shirt


P.S. Sorry for the overzealous intro to the tute, taping them is SO nerve wracking!

Miss Tristan B. is the co-creator of the world’s best + easiest product photography editing tool-Foto Rx | Shopkeeper’s Helper and one of the writer’s of this delightful blog. Her lofty goal here is to make this a creative resource repository and to inspire you to fall truly, madly, deeply in love with your life.














6 thoughts on “Digitize sketches, illustrations, lettering | Start selling in minutes!

  1. What a game changer! Can’t wait to get this in my hot little hands. Quick question, will these Actions work across all older Photoshop versions ? E.g. CS6, CS5 etc or just CC?

  2. Hello Jess! Definitely CS5 and CC. C6 has so much new functionality that a lot of things don’t work in it yet, but on our to-do list!

    1. Thank you for your reply and thank you for making such fabulous resources. I haven’t made the leap to CC yet – still operating CS6 but as soon as (either way) I’ll be snapping them up :)

      1. We have been loving CC because it makes it so much more feasible for people to be able to have access to Photoshop! Especially for a lettering artist that may only need to take advantage of only a specific set of features CC is a game changer

  3. Hi Tristan! Love this tutorial! I’m stuck though. When I click actions, I don’t see Lettering Rx. Is this something I need to download? Is it part of a package you’ve offered in the past?

    Thanks and keep up the amazing work!

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